My first deer!

by Noah

It was the second day of rifle season I had woke up really tired after I fell out of bed during the night. I hadn’t had much sleep as me and my dad drove our truck to our blind. When we got there I got in the blind and sat down while my dad went off to throw some bait. When he came back we got settled and sat about 15 minutes. That’s when my lack of sleep set in I just had to sleep but when I tried I was to cold. So I layed on the ground curled up with the heater. Shortly after I fell asleep my dad shook me awake saying he just saw movement about 300 yards off so I sat up and looked around contently I took out my call and bleated twice then about 150 yards off I see a deer step out I put up my gun right away and see horns I then told my dad it’s a buck. I watched him until he came in the bait about 80 yards off that’s when I squeezed the trigger on my .270. We saw him run but not drop so we went to track him there wasn’t much blood walking to him but that’s because there was no exit wound. He ended up being a 6 pointer weighing 150 pounds. I shot him at age 11 and I ended up winning buck pool champ at my camp and I also won cribbage champ!!!

Comments for My first deer!

Nov 30, 2014 Great Story
by: Scott Great story! This is one story you can tell your kids and grandkids!

Oct 08, 2012 Thanks
by: Noah Thanks for finding interest in my story and good luck this year! By the way how big was your buck?

Jul 21, 2012 great buck
by: Anonymous This was a really great story. Congrats on your first buck. Im 12 years old and I also got my first buck when I was 11. Although it wasn`t as big as yours! Good luck next year.
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