My half rack

Half rack Buck

On November 30 2011 I shot my second deer. It was also a half rack.

Heres’ how I got him.

I just turned 12 so I couldn’t get my adult license, but I got a mentored youth program license.

It was a very bitter morning. It was snowing and I was very cold.

We hadn’t seen a deer all year so I didn’t know how it was going to turn out.

My dads friend, Jim Orr was going to put on a drive. I was very confident that he would push us something.

We were there an hour and a half and we didn’t see a deer. Jim ended up walking right to us. i was very surprised we didn’t see a deer.

We talked about what we were going to do next when Jim said he brought a good luck charm a little card with me and my dad and Jim’s close friend, Bob Korlewitz who had recently passed away.

We went down to a river bottom after that and Jim was going to push a rocky hillside.

About ten minutes in I saw two deer to my right. The second one was a half rack buck. He came right to us when someone shot at the deer.

It panicked and ran toward us!

He ran right under us when i shot him in the neck and he fell right over.

Jim was the guy shooting and he said he was sorry.

It was really a great ending to a great day.

Comments for my half rack

Dec 16, 2011 To Mr. Half Rack Buck !
by: B.R.Y. Thanks for your comment on my story ! Your new nick name should be Mr. Half Rack ! My oldest son called me Feeds the Coyotes one year as I made a bad hit on a buck in archery, tracked it about 400 yards. Decided to let him sit over-night as I’d seen hunters do on various hunting shows. I found him the next morning all I had was the antlers and hide ! Dang coyotes ate the whole thing ! Thanks again – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you good sir !

Dec 11, 2011 Good Luck Charm
by: B.R.Yanney I am 46 years old and your story really hit home for me. The part about the picture of your family friend that recently passed away being your good luck charm. My father died while he was hunting, and I always carry something of his while I hunt. His watch, knife or picture, I even use the gun he was carrying when he died.I have a story on this site about my dad called “My Father the Hunter” hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your story. Congrats’ on your first buck, welcome to a life-long quest, for more and bigger deer! Your only 12, I didn’t get my first buck until I was almost 30. Thanks for posting !
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