My second buck a nice 8 point

by joey
(loxley , AL )

sometime in late January, I was hunting on private land in loxley, Alabama. I woke up that cold morning and headed to the woods. I got to my plot and climbed the tree, sat down and got settled in. About 6:30 that morning a small forked horn buck walked up to the tree looked up then turned around an walked away. Then a few mins later I stood up to use the restroom and a nice buck stepped out. I threw my gun up and shot and he dropped. I was so happy I climbed down the tree to check him out an he was a perfect 8 point I was so happy I killed him.

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Nov 12, 2011 Good ethics !
by: B.R.Y. Thanks for not shooting that small fork horn. I’ve been reading to many stories of people taking smallish bucks. I know I have in the past but now I know its not good for the deer population. Although when there smaller they seem to taste alot better ! Congrats’ !
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