My Very First Deer

by Justin Mishler
(Howell, Michigan, United States)

My Very First Deer

My Very First Deer

November 16th 2008, a day after the opening day of deer season.

I was 14 and I really never went hunting before but I really wanted to.

So around 2 o’clock my dad and I walked to our hunting spot just behind my house.

We sat for about an hour and I just set my head down and closed my eyes for a few minutes.

I raised my head to look around, I looked to my left and then I looked to my right when I saw the most beautiful buck I have ever seen.

He was coming out from behind a couple of trees and was walking my way.

I was shaking like no other as I raised my 12 gauge.

When he was walking in front of me he was only ten yards away.

I Shot him just above his left shoulder and he flew to the ground.

My dad and I ran up to him when we both realized that he was a 10 pointer.

I had to shoot him a second time to finally kill him.

It was the most awesome experience of my life.

He was just a beautiful buck.

Comments for My Very First Deer

May 25, 2010 me too
by: johnny i as well shot my first deer on nov. 16th 2008. but i got a three point:) good luck this season

Mar 04, 2009 nice buck
by: jessica nice buck Justin u gotta love deer season I bet u had buck fever bad lol good luck next year:) Jessica

Mar 02, 2009 Awesome Buck!
by: Awesome buck Justin! You are the future of deer hunting in this country and we love to hear stories like yours! Thanks again!
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