Ohio Doe

by Jared
(Defiance Ohio)

It was a morning hunt and it was cool and breezy, lots of fog and 10 minutes later it started to rain. I sat because i figured oh the deer will be moving for cover. I waited and waited until about ten o’clock and i started to hear snorting. It turned out that my neighbor had been hunting and the deer smelled him because, he does not know how to hunt haha. The deer continued to come my way figuring that it would be safe. I watched and all i saw was a 3 fawns. I waited even longer for the bigger deer to follow. 45 minuted later i see a giant doe come in about 50 yards behind me. It started to come my way and i grabbed my bow. I went to stand up and i guess my stand wasnt tight. The bottom of my stand went tumbling to the ground. I had my harness on luckly and managed to get back down just by the top of my treestand. I went in and ate and went back out at about 4 o’clock and i waited. i was seeing no deer and just about to get down at about 7:15 because the sun was starting to set earlier. I went to grab my string to tie up my bow and i happened to glance behind me. There was the same 3 fawns and the doe. I didnt even bother to stand up this time and i took the shot and i had used the wrong pin. It went right over the does back. It ran behind a thicket and i never saw the doe again. Always check your gear especially if you have a climbing stand because i dont want any of my fellow hunters to get injured. Good luck hunting people, its a hard season.

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Oct 24, 2011 You’ll get em’!
by: B.R.Y. I wish you luck sir! Be carefull in those tree stands. I broke my arm and leg fallin’ out of a tree!
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