Opening Day Deer Hunting in Virginia

by Robert

Well opening day came and gone. Unfortunately no hunting on Sundays in Va.

We set out for our favorite public hunting land. We got there around 9am to get ready and set in. As there are a lot of hikers and horse back riders on the trails it wont hurt us to be walking in at this time.

As we were getting set up some hunters came out to take a break from the morning. We talked with them and they had come from two of our favorite spots. We adjusted our plan a bit glad to know someone was in there before we went all that way and had to relocate.

After getting in things seemed to go down hill. Folks on horses came through off the regular trails though the woods carrying on loudly.

Then there was this music coming from a vehicle all after noon even past quitting time. no vehicles aloud on this land… I did see a large doe and she was on the move. I let out a small meep sound and she paused.

I had managed to get turned as she was coming across my on my right. I just needed to rotate a little more and when I did I hit my seat and it made a noise. She jumped but stopped. I aimed in and pulled the trigger.

I shot low and she jumped and walked straight away. I knew that the shot went under her and was upset at myself for not getting in a better position for the shot. I rushed the shot.

Had plenty of time and openings, just rushed it. That was all we saw.

The late day hunters entering and horse back riders right at prime time just made for a off day.

Not to give up as we have seen plenty of deer and taken deer there.

We will hit it another day and scout out some area deeper in where most won’t venture.

This land is always changing with trails woods being cut and what crops are planted where so you have to be willing to change your plan as needed.

Good shooting to all

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