Pike county deer hunting

by james witherson
(owens borrow In)

It was 4:30 am on november 13, 2010. i was anxious because i had never really shot a nice buck. It was thirty minutes before light when i climbed into my deer stand and really cold. About forty minutes later I heard some noise coming from the east and a doe and a yearling came out.I passed on the does because i didnt want to spook any nice buck in the area. the morning went on without any more action, so i went back to the house to see my dad and grandpa and tell them what had went on. It was around twelve thirty and from past experience i knew that mature bucks move all day during rut, so i got on my grandpas four wheeler and went about two miles down the road to a hollar that my neighbor owned and let me hunt on. I parked the four wheeler and walked about a hundred yards. About that time i saw two whitetails running throught the woods. i grabbed my 12 gauge remington 870 and shouldered it. then about sixty yards away a nice nine pointer stood up in the open and that was the last thing he did. My three inch buck hammer caught him right behind the shoulder and shut him straight down. i walked over to my deer and was couldnt believe that i finally got my big buck i always wanted. i went back to the house and got my dad and grandpa. it took about an hour to get my deer out.

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