Ready for November!

by Stephanie
(North East Wisconsin)

I was introduced to wonderful activity of hunting later in life. The first time I ever shot a gun I was 19 years old.

No one in my family hunts or even owns a firearm besides me. I was introduced to hunting by a former boyfriend. Well he’s long gone, but my passion for the sport is stronger now than it was before.

I tried one year of gun deer hunting but was unsuccessful.

I took the next year off because of lack of time due to school and work.

Last year I tried again.

A good friend from high school lent me his first gun, a Remington 870. It was a 20ga with open sights.

We had “deer camp” the night before the opener and that Saturday morning we were up before dawn and waiting in our stands.

I had seen one doe walk through but was not confident that I could make a clean shot, so I let her go. I didn’t see anything until Friday late afternoon.

A group of three does walked into range. I had all the emotions someone taking a first shot a deer had.

My heart was pounding as I shouldered my gun. When I was ready, I slowly squeezed the trigger… and missed.


That was pretty much the end of my 2012 gun-deer season. But I was not about to give up the sport completely after two unsuccessful seasons.

I now own a brand new Mossberg 500 20 gauge shotgun. I also splurged and treated myself to a Redfield Revenge scope.

This past weekend a I took it out to get it sighted in.

I went from barely being able to hit the broad side of a barn to hitting my targets dead on!

I have a lot of faith in my new hunting equipment to help me bag my first deer.

I can’t wait to hit the Northern Wisconsin woods in two weeks!

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