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Dear Friends,

In this year that has just begun, we are going to realize your hunting dream. How?

Inviting you and your friends to have a great time at our hunting safari “Hunters Cave” in La Pampa, Argentina.

We would like for you to send this e-mail to anyone that you believe would be interested


Julio Samek & Javier Suarez

Dates available

March 15th to April 30th.

Our package has a price of 3500 dollars including the hunting license.
It also includes A red deer, and a pig.
7 days of demurrage with complete service.
Transfers from internal Santa Rosa towards the field and movements.
Individual guide the 7 days
The transfer from Buenos Airs to Santa Rosa is in a land transport and costs is 300 dollars. Its a roundtrip with service on board and it take 7 hours to get there and 7 hours to return.

Extra Hunting.

They are possibilities to hunt other animal outside the package that you bought.
Antelopes 800 dollars.
Buffalo 2000 dollars.
Wild boar with dogs 1500 dollars.
Duck hunting 180 dollars.
Extra Red Deer 1500 dollars.
The cartridges are bought aside. The purchase of the package does not include air plain tickets to Argentina.

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