Shortest hunt,Best Buck

For decades 3 inch spike bucks were legal game in Pennsylvania.The most common bucks in my area were spikes and y’s.I took my share of them along with a few small racked 6 and 7 pointers.A few years after PA instituted antler restrictions I had only taken does.This season was bucks only for 5 days followed by 7 days of buck and doe season.Saturday was the first doe day.I had hunted a few days earlier with no luck.I could get away for the afternoon and drove to a friends farm.I hiked across the fields to a wooded ridge and placed my stool next to a large tree.It was 1:30 when I sat down to watch the ridge line above me.Hunters were active in the next valley and I hoped for deer to come over to my side.Later,I saw a large bodied deer moving uphill in brush to my left.I saw 3 large points on an antler(the legal minimum).The next time the shoulder was exposed I took my shot.He rolled down the slope and kicked for a while.It was 1:55.He had a 16 inch outside spread,6 large points and 2 little bumps not big enough to be brow tines.My personal best.

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