Snow Doe

by Ken

This hunt took place when Pennsylvania had separate buck and doe seasons.Two weeks of buck season followed by two days of doe season.We had ten inches of snow on Sunday,doe season opened on monday.I climbed the mountain in the morning and pushed through snow looking for deer sign.By late morning I was tired.I went down to the van ,got my lunch and a folding chair.I went into the large meadow across the road to the old cattle barn.I sat in a protected corner under the overhanging roof.I was almost finished with lunch when I saw two deer on the opposite slope.They were in the woods beyond a low stone wall.The visibility was good due to the snow cover.They came to the wall and stopped before entering the meadow.The largest one was behind the wall with most of the body exposed.It was a long shot for me.I sat down in the snow with elbows on knees.I was shootng a 1958 Winchester model 70 in .243 caliber.I held high on the shoulder and squeezed off a shot.She jumped over the wall and collapsed and spiraled down the hill.The right front leg was at an odd angle.I climbed up to her and checked the entrance wound.The bullet had entered the upper leg,then the chest,then the heart which was split.I marked the spot where she had been standing.I returned with a friend who had a range finder.It was 270 yards,The longest shot I have attempted.

Comments for Snow Doe

Dec 11, 2011 Oh well. no buck !
by: B.R.Y. Got my second doe, but no buck. Seen lots of small bucks, maybe they’ll still be around next year but a bit bigger.Seen HUGE fresh rubs. So I’am thinken’ with all the hunting pressure this year, the 2 big bucks I was seeing went nocturnal. My Mom walked out of the house in the morning and seen a big buck running through the yard , while it was still dark ! Still got the late season archery and flintlock! Usually just to darn cold for my old bones! Ha !

Dec 07, 2011 Reply to B.R.Y.
by: Ken No wild pigs yet.I think some escaped from a hunting preserve in western PA.They are a real nuisance in the south.

Dec 07, 2011 Do they have pigs in sothern PA yet ?
by: B.R.Y. Just wondering if there is a wild pig problem down there yet ? We actually had a couple killed up here in our area. I think they just may be escapies from local farms. The game commision says its ok to kill them, but I’m not sure we have the wild ones yet.

Dec 06, 2011 Hunting Area
by: Ken I hunt several areas in southcentral PA.Perry,Franklin,Juniata and Huntingdon counties.

Dec 06, 2011 To Ken
by: B.R.Y. I hunt near Towanda/Wysok area 3B. On my Great uncles farm. Surounding French Asylum.Thats where Marie Antoinette was going before they lopped of her head ! My uncles doesnt let me bring my friends so sometimes gets a little lonley. But after 18 years of hunting there I’ve gotten used to it. Kinda feals like my own private hunting reserve, especially in archery.The deer used to be really thick there, but not so much now that they are drilling for gas on every sticken farm in the area ! Brings money and jobs into the area, guess you cant have both peace and prosperity at the same time. Where do you hunt ? Its hard in PA if yer’ hunting public land, did that in the 80’s and got shot at ! In 09′ sat out the whole year in a wheel-chair. If ya’ read my story on here ” Be careful moving yout tree-stands” Thats the only year I never got al least one deer. But I usually take all my vacation in 1/2 days and just hunt in the after-noons. Ya’ still got a couple days- hope ya’ get one ! Good Luck !

Dec 05, 2011 Reply to B.R.Y.
by: Ken The law of averages is catching up to me.Last year in two days of hunting,about 8 hours total in the woods, I collected a doe and a broken antlered 9 point.He should have been an 11 point.A basic 8 point frame with 3 large sticker points.This year-zip,zilch,nada.Which WMU are you located in?

Dec 05, 2011 Finally !
by: B.R.Yanney Finally got a doe tonight 12/5/11.About 70 some yards with trusty ol’ Remington 30-06. My dad bought it new in the mid 60’s. Seen so many bucks just not legal, maybe one but he was just so small.Let him go till next year, maybe get him in archery if my hands heal up.How’d ya’ do Ken , hope you got a big’un !

Nov 30, 2011 Opening Day
by: Ken I drove 2 hours to my favorite spot.I heard about 40 shots by 9:30.I saw a doe and fawn in the morning and a doe in the afternoon.I saw three bucks that were taken.A one horned 3 point and two 6 points.The largest spread was about 14 inches.

Nov 30, 2011 To Ken
by: B.R.Y. Saw big bucks all pre season. Saw nothing but small bucks opening day. Pulled up on a small 6 pointer, decided to let him walk. Now with the antler restriction cant take anything smaller than a 6 pointer anyway. He had a real small rack and small body, but still a 6 pointer. Seen 4 pointers with bigger bodies. The nieghbor shot the big 8 that was hanging around. Oh well. Theres a couple other big bucks around but our farm is by the susquahanna river, they can swim out to some islands right by us,there hard to hunt but it can be done.Got to get out the boat. Ya’ have to have a few drivers and a few sitters to get the job done.Still Tryen’ ! Good luck to ya’ !

Nov 27, 2011 Opening Day
by: Ken The truck is loaded and ready to go at 4am.Breakfast will be hardboiled eggs on the road.I’ll have to watch the wind or the deer may detect a little “scent”.Ha-Ha.

Nov 27, 2011 Opening Day
by: Anonymous I’m going to hit it hard tomorrow and sleep in when it rains later.Good Luck BRY.

Nov 27, 2011 From another in PA-Good luck Ken !
by: B.R.Y. Packed up my stuff, ready to go. Just wanted to get pumped up by reading through the storys on this site, noticed you where from PA. Just wanted to say good luck tomorrow. Supposed to be cooler with rain or a little snow. Never mind that sacastic douche Brr Black, hes got something stupid to say about every story on here!

Nov 12, 2011 .243 Winchester
by: Ken I love my .243.With scope it weighs 9 lbs.Heavy to carry but steady when I shoulder it.I use it as a watcher on deer drives and have taken more than 40 deer with it.My two longest kill shots were 180 yds on a buck and 270 yds on this doe.I have a Ruger M77 in .243 with a 16and 1/2 inch barrel.It has a laminated stock and stainless barrel.I carry it in wet weather and when I am the driver on a deer drive.So far I have taken two doe with it.

Nov 12, 2011 A 243 at 270 yards !
by: B.R.Y. With a 243 at 270. Nice! 243 is a hellava’ gun. I love hunting in the snow. Sure is pretty here in PA in the winter.I think my longest shot was about 110 yards uphill with a 30-06, on the last day of doe day. There was also a little snow. but not 10 inches. Congrats’ my fellow PA hunter !
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