Still Sick

by Randall

I was hunting the rut in Junction, Texas and had only seen a few small bucks. A couple of doe came within 60 yards of my stand when I saw movement in the corner of my eye. The biggest buck I personally have ever seen was angling toward me and the doe that had come in earlier. We had never seen this deer on any of our cameras and my first thought was this deer looks like a south Texas deer. He was close to 20 inches and had a lot of points but I didn’t count. I had what I thought was an easy shot and already had him on my wall. I squeezed off a shot and I missed. Next morning I checked my rifle and it shooting to the left about 9 inches and I have no idea why as I had taken a good 8 point with a well placed shot. Well, I was sick then and still am because I don’t think I will ever see another deer like him.

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