Still the Same

by Dianna Ware
(Galveston, Texas USA)

As a child my father would go deer hunting in Hondo, Tx. I was the oldest of 3 Daughters. So I would get to go out hunting with him. Back in those days their weren’t blinds to hunt out of; if their were I never seen one. We would find a gully and just hang out to see if a Whitetail would come by. He always told me I had to be really really quiet and I could not move. It was hard to do that as a child and quite boring. It’s not like we seen very many deer. I love being back to nature; listening to the birds or maybe watching squirrels. He would talk to the Game Warden and ask if he could take his 3 daughters out with a spotlight – just so we could see the fact their were really Deer on the lease. He said sure; just don’t take a gun. Needless to say as a child that was the most exciting part of going deer hunting!

Later in life I became an avid Deer Hunter with my husband. We were on a pipeline lease in East Texas. We had an opening on the lease and I ask my Dad if he would like to have the spot. He said yes; I was really excited!

One deer hunting season the spacecraft had blown apart and killed our Astronauts and the spacecraft had blown apart and came down in pieces somewhere in North East Texas. My Dad had told me: “Now Diane when you are out hunting and walking around be sure to watch out for anything unusual in case parts came down to the ground at our lease”. I said: “thats true; I will”.

An evening hunt was coming around so I ask my Dad if he would like to go out hunting with me and he said: “sure”. I was so excited! We had a deer blind built out of wafer wood located on a corner of two different pipelines. So he and I rode the 4-wheeler out to the blind and I climbed up to open the door. It had rained and the wafer wood had swollen up and I could not get the door to open. So I told him: “Oh well, lets just sit underneath the blind and see what happens”. He said: “ok”. As we sat there I started talking to him and he said: “Now if we are going to hunt you are going to have to be quiet”. I said: “ok Dad”. Reminded me of when I was a child out hunting with him except he pulled out some cheese crackers and begin to open them. The celaphane made all kinds of noise. Then he pulled out a couple of Oatmeal snacks and began taking the celephane off making even more noise. I just laughed to myself and of course; I stayed quiet and very still. We did not have any luck to see even one deer. But, it was fun sitting there with him.

Well the weekend had come and gone and it was Sunday night and we were all going to head home. My husband and I were in our truck behind my Dad in his truck. When we got to the gate my husband was going to get out and unlock the gate for my Dad. All the sudden I remembered what my Dad had said about watching for things on the ground since the spacecraft had exploded. I looked down and seen some Bubba Gump teeth from Halloween that my step-daughter had left in the truck. I told my husband watch this! I placed the Bubba Gump teeth on a piece of paper. I got out of the truck and walked up to my Dads truck. It was dark; so I told my Dad: “Dad turn on the light so you can see what I found out in the woods”. He turned the light on in the truck and I stuck the piece of paper with the teeth on them right in front of my dad. Oh my God, my Dad was trying to back up while sitting in the seat of the truck; trying to get away from the teeth! It was hilarious! He thought they were real! We laughed a lot over that one! When he would tell Deer hunting stories he always told that one! My Dad passed away June 1st and I am really going to miss him and all the good times we had. I loved him very much and he helped to make me the person that I am. I hope to do the same with my Grandchildren.

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Mar 08, 2015 Made up story
by: Anonymous Sadly this is an untrue and made up story. Nice but fictional.

by: Anonymous LIVE THE LIFE
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