Still Trying To Fill the Doe Tags

by Shawn
(Schuylkill haven Pa)

Hello there everyone, it’s the hunter from Pa. I am still trying to fill the doe tags and not having very good luck. Since the last time I wrote we have got 2 good snow storms and lots of deer signs in the cut down corn fields and under my two tree stands. There has been about 8 or 9 deer beds and during the day light the deer vanish. I have seen tails and some quick bodies in the thick brush but not out in the open. I tried hunting on the south side of the mountain, on the creek bottom, in the pines and off the corn fields. It is public land so it gets hunted hard but I just cant seem to locate the deer and Im trying to calm down and I’ll walk for days to get a shot but I’m running out of time to fill those tags. If anyone has any hints tips or ideas I would be very gratefull. So once again I’m heading back out into the woods to try to locate the elusive white tails. To all god bless and happy hunting.

Comments for Still Trying To Fill the Doe Tags

Oct 21, 2011 Its cold in PA !
by: B.R.Y. Sometimes it so darn cold here in PA ya’ gotta’ get up an move or you’ll freeze! Even if ya’ wanna’ sit still. Good luck filling those doe tags. Doelicious!

Jan 15, 2011 thanks
by: Shawn so due to work i wont get out till tuesday. bur that is ok cuz monday night their is a storm coming with snow sleet so ill be in the stand over looking the corn waiting for the deer 🙂

Jan 14, 2011 Get the doe
by: Anonymous You are walking too much. Sit near food in the late afternoon and sit in the bedding areas well before daybreak. You will shoot a deer.sit…sit…sit…play the wind and sit.. you will score!
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