Still trying to fill the doe tags

by Shawn
(Schuylkill Haven)

Well Happy New Year everyone. It’s me again, the Pa white tail hunter. It’s January 2nd 2011 and tomorrow I am going out to try to find that doe that is calling for the open space in my freezer. It has not snowed very much and what snow did fall has melted and it seams like the deer don’t have to come out to the food plots to eat or go far from the bedding area, they are eating the few acorns and tree bark that is on the ground. It would be nice to have 4 or so inches of snow so they must travel. Since my last post I have been out every day I was able to and I must have walked for days on end looking for the deer. I found lots of signs and for some reason the bucks are rubbing new trees and making bigger scrapes than I have ever seen. So tomorrow I’m going to head out earlier than normal and go up in a climbing tree stand near a creek and some thick cover. I’m hoping to catch them walking the creek back to the bedding area from the botton side of the mountain. If I dont see anything I’m going to try new game lands. And not like the tv shows, I dont have private property to hunt on. I must hunt on public land, which I dont mind doing at all, it’s just with all the small game hunters and the open shooting range near by I think the deer stay away. Or even may be they are still nocturnal and only moving during the night. So till next time happy hunting and God Bless

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