stuck in a rut

by matthew
(corydon, in. )

i live in indiana are season opens oct. 1st. i had seen numerous bucks 150 class and up … nothing … i know bucks have a home core area they stick to before the rut , then move…. and travel far off… what id like to know is will they come back to there home core area or make new homes where ever they roam …. not seeing much of anything now.. some helpful insight would be very help full thanks .

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Nov 29, 2011 to answer your question, yea they’ll be back.
by: deer chaser To the same safe haven they have make home.

Nov 29, 2011 home is where you hang your rack.
by: deer chaser Yea it can be a tough time, most bucks are chasing hott does or searching for them. But them bucks don’t get that big traveling more than a mile or two, just too risky for them and unsettling for their nature. Suggested idea for your future hunts, hunt the does, and you will find your trophy. Good luck.

Nov 24, 2011 Game Camera
by: Personally I would set up a game camera with time and date, to help you patern there movement.

Nov 21, 2011 What ya do is——
by: Brr Black What ya do is take off your clothes and go running buck naked through the woods whooping and hollering—– Just kidden’! Maybe try a mock scrap, ya’ know find a smallish tree in a funnel area and scent it up with estrus, doe pee , and dominate buck pee, from a couple diffirant brands. Hanging little rags or scent dippers of the branches. Scrape up the tree, shuffle some leaves around at the base of the tree, put some scent there. Maybe a tarsel gland, and some calming scent. Re scent it every couple days being carefull of not leaving to much of your own scent. There is books sold on this site with how to take a buck of a liftime, Those are good for new ideas and technics. Good luck !

Nov 18, 2011 Ya’ never know – !
by: B.R.Y. It depends on who you ask or what hunting show you watch. I think deer are like people. Some people move away and never come back, some leave for a while and some never leave. I think it depends food plots, estrus does, hunting pressure, coyotes, some buck go nocturnal etc etc. I know of a few bucks I hunted dissappered on the farm but we found sheds, and showed up 1-2 years later. I hope that big buck your hunting shows up so you can knock em’ down. Good luck !
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