Super Deer

by Jared Peglow
(Defiance, Ohio)

I am 14 years old and this happened when i was 11. My neighbor told me to come hunting with him sometime. Then a week later i called my neighbor up and we went early the next morning (btw i didnt have a gun). So we set up in a 40 acre woods and i loved it. We did not see anything because it was the last day of the season. Next year for christmas i decided to get a mossberg 500 bantom 20 gauge. It was my very first time going hunting and a big buck which had to be about 10 to 12 points had walked to our salt lick 30 yards away. I took the shot of course and missed. He stood still. Popped another shot and the deer dropped but was still kicking. So from the blind i shot him again. He was still kickin. We walked up to the deer and i shot it again right where its heart should be. It stopped kicking and we went back to get my tag which i left in my wallet in the blind. We walked back to the deer and all we saw was a big circle of blood but no deer. We tracked him out of the woods and into a cornfield which we thought it layed down in. My neighbor called a bunch of his friends to walk from the other side of the field to jump the deer out. I was set up on the other side of the field. My neighbor screamed my name and the deer was running towards me. Until…it turned back at the last second. We ended up tracking the deer for 6 hours but never found it.

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Jan 08, 2013 Story
by: Huleo I know this boy and you didnt ask permission man its rude
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