The Athens County Story Teller CYBER DEER HUNTING

by John Evener
(Athens, Ohio)

With all the new tecnology out there today, and people moving toward food plots, night vision cameras on their feeders,automated feeders, etc. I just wonder if we will soon hear about a record Buck being taken from the comfort of your home via the computer! Yes, cyber hunting can be done without too much effort. I was thinking about this the other day when I heard a guy complaining that people don’t hunt like they used to. All a person would need to do to set up for a cyber Buck harvest is to purchase a Nanny cam system, which is used to monitor children at home while you are at work. Mount the Nanny cam on your gun or crossbow scope, then mount the gun or crossbow on a radio controlled swivel base at your feeder, using servos from radio controlled airplanes. All you would have to do then is test it on targets witin the limits of your feeder area.Instead of waiting on pictures, you could go live to your feeder and select the Buck you want, even zoom in!

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