The Calm Before The Storm

by Shawn Kondash
(Schuylkill Haven Schuylkill county Pa)

Dear fellow hunters and readers, hello again from eastern Pa, Schuylkill County. Well tonight is Jan 5th 2011 and tomorrow I am going out to the woods to try and catch sight of the white tail deer. There is a snow storm that is moving in either late tomorrow night or early friday morning. At this time the deer should be getting back into their herds and running together. Plus with the front comming I am hoping that it makes the deer move a lot and come out to eat early and for a while. But either way just to get out into the woods is 1000 times better than my best day at work. I will be back and let everyone know how I did and I will upload any and all pics that I take. Well to everyone out their good luck and god bless

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