The deer I should have jumped on!

by Kyle
(Cottonwood Alabama)

I was hunting on one of the last days of the season and I was quite honestly bored with hunting. I had made it up in my mind that deer no longer existed around south alabama despite how many were killed just a few miles from where I hunted. It was one of the most boring seasons of my life and I just seemed to repel deer. My dad told me I was hunting in the wrong place so we decided to move my stand. After we moved it to some heavy deer trails i got up in it hunting with my shotgun and slugs and was just about to go to sleep because i was slam burned out on hunting when I heard something tromping through the water. Immediately I had an adrenaline surge when I looked up and saw a doe just trudging through a creek nearby my stand, She was probably 20 yards away when I threw up my gun and fired she jumped and took off in my excitement of finally seeing a deer I shot again and then was out of bullets because I only brought two slugs! I was about to climb down and look for blood right when i was going to climb down I heard something crashing through the woods so i sat back down. 10 seconds later a 6 point ran out and circled all around my stand sniffing the ground. it looked up at me trodded around the area then came to the base of my stand and sniffed all around it. I could count every horn and got a sick feeling in my stomach that i had shot my bullets at a doe instead of being patient. I wanted to just jump out my stand and choke slam him but after 5 minutes of torture he trodded off into the woods. I climbed down to go get my doe but i wish it could have been the buck! God bless and Good hunting- Kyle

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