The last shot

by nick newman
(hallsville, texas, united states of america)

Being a young 12 year old boy and not having your first deer in a small town in east Texas was hard.

Everyone making fun of you taunting photos of there 9 points and other bucks in your face would make any young man wanna break down and cry. But not me i was determined that i was gonna get a buck that season, if i had to kill it with my bear hands.

My dads best-friend kyle owned a pecan farm in eagle pass and i thought his place was gonna be the best shot for a award winning buck. So the begging began “Dad Dad Dad you half to take me down to kyle’s you gotta if papa was around i would of already had my first deer come on please?” i would say relentlessly to him all day and after a week of that he finally caved and was taking me down to south Texas for a hog hunting and deer hunting adventure!
After a brutal nine hour drive and scratchy radio station we were there. Dust filled my eyes as we stepped out of the Lexus and into the dimming light of the day. I was ready, pumped and excited about hog hunting all night then going straight from that into the make-shift deer stand. kyle needed all the help he could get keeping those hogs out of his fields, the rooted up the dirt, attacked his workers, and caused 1000 of dollars in property damage each year.
I could barely hold up my aka 47 as we swepted threw the rows of pecan trees. I was riding in the bed of the truck ready to shoot any pig that we saw, only thing keeping me in the truck was a thick rope that i had rapped around my arm loosely. “HOGS!” i heard kyle scream as frantically fumbled the safety off and aimed threw the pep scope at a pack of wild hogs munching on uncovered pecan pits that my dad had spot lighted. kyle hastily sped up almost throwing me out of the bed of the truck! shoot once dropped one shot four more times dropping 2 more all while shouting directions to kyle who was driving over 45mp weaving in between trees and broken limbs all while i was shooting as fast as my finger could pull the trigger. in the end we killed a good number of pigs and rushed them back to the barn for a quick photo shoot and skinning then we had them taken off to the shelters were they would be served as the main coarse for lunch the next day. it was probable 5 o-clock in the morning so kyle hurried my dad and i into are deer stand i was to excited to even think about sleep but i guess my dad wasn’t cause he quickly shut his eyes and waited for the sun to rise. he wasn’t asleep but he was close to it a couple does popped out and i decided that i could at least pretend like they were a huge buck and i could put my cross hairs on it and pretend like i was about to shoot. well about that time my dad let out the biggest snore you have ever heard. before i could blink my chances at getting a buck that morning were out the window those does were gone in a flash like a midnight killer. i disappointingly woke my dad up and never told him a thing about it because he new how much getting a deer meant to me and i know it would of just broken his heart to know he had scared the deer away. After sitting till 12 i told him i was ready to leave, get brunch and then come back for an evening hunt he didn’t hesitate to fling open the door and call kyle to come pick us up.
After lunch we went home and slept for a couple hours then got up at 6 and were on are way to are afternoon hunt. we drove up silently and got out ready to role climbing into are stand carefully and watching out the window for any movement in the brush. we sat patiently quiet in the stand until it got almost dark my dad and i disappointed that not a single deer came out slowly i got out of the stand along with my dad who was on the phone with kyle telling him to come pick us up i unloaded my rifle and started walking slowly twords the road dragging my feet in sorrow and humiliation. i looked up and saw just a speck in the field nothing more than a bush i thought to myself i wish i was that bush that way i wouldn’t half to go back to school and look like a loser with no buck but what the bush moved. bushes don’t move i told myself and then i figured id look at that bush in my scope that bush was a small fawn and next to it a doe and next to her a large BUCK! A BUCK i excitedly whispered to my dad pointing in its direction he looked at it threw my scope and he looked back at me in sorrow he said “why nick that’s a 300yards away u cant make that shot your ust to 100 and bellow.” it worth a try tho i said back with a determined smile on my face and with that i pulled out a cartridge and delicately loaded it in my 243 carefully pulling back the hammer and aiming above the 9 point bucks back probably 5 or 6 inches and slowly let out my breath and BLAM!!!! the sound echoed threw the darking night watching the deer drop dead in its tracks and only being able to see its massive rack lying in the tall grass. my dads phone expolded with calls from kyle saying “ARE YALL OK DID NICK SHOOT SOMTHAN DID NICK SHOOT HIMSELF!?” my dad explained the hole thing as i walked over to clame my wonderful prize. i honestly can not remeber the last time i smiled that much maybe when i got my first dirt bike or 4-wheeler but all i know is that was one heck of a last shot….. can u belive im 12 yrs old and wrote this

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Oct 07, 2011 Only in Texas !
by: B.R.Y. You fellas’ are crazy down there. The part about bouncing around with a loaded gun goin’ after hogs. They’d probably throw us in jail up here in the northeast for doin that! Ha-! We dont’ have the hog problem up here- yet.I’ve heard some folks say there moving north more and more every year. Congrats’ on your first buck. Your story just confirms what I already know. Red-necks is red necks from Alaska to Flordia and from Maine to Texas. God bless us all we’re the folks that keep this country free!!!!
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