The lucky deer that used a post for a shield

(Cottonwood, Alabama)

I was hunting down in north florida for whitetail with my dad and one of his college buddies and i was excited because it seemed like it was a good day to go hunting. I was hunting in the afternoon in a box stand that was in a thin patch of hardwoods with a rye plot on my right and a rye plot on my left. About 4:30 some does came out and I watched them for about 30 min before I decided I would go ahead and take a shot before it got to late. They were only about 100 yards away but they were behind a fence. The fence was tpost and barbed wire. It was really getting dark but I put the crosshairs just behind the deers shoulder and pulled the trigger. I was hunting with a 270 so I knew this was a really easy shot. Right after I shot I hurred the strangest noise like dropping a pot on the ground or something I thought what in the world but I climbed down to go find my deer. When I got there I looked for a good 20 min and called my dad to come help me look but then I looked about 10 yards infront of where the deer were standing and i saw that Ihad actually split the teapost! It was REdiculous that sound I heard was my bullet hitting the thin piece of tposT! That was one blessed dear and that post didnt taste near as good as that backstrap would have!My dads friend joked around with me and said he would need 40 $ to fix the fence and post that I had shot!
Good Hunting and God bless- kyle

Comments for The lucky deer that used a post for a shield

Nov 29, 2011 Yummy Posts !
by: B.R.Y.

Mmmm posts good with butter and garlic ! Funny story. I liked it !

Nov 28, 2011 🙂
by: Olivia Atherton

Love this story…told my brother and they all laughed.

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