The running buck

by Sarah Molnar
(Dexter, MI)

A good friend of ours is a magnificant bow hunter for whitetails. On his birthday 2 yearsago, he was sitting in his tree stand and a beauty of a 12 pointer came strolling in…He shot the 12 pointer and it went like 20 yards and fell. Mark decided to stay in the stand and see if anything else would come out. About an hour later, a nice 6 pointer walks out and he shoots that buck too!! Mark then calls us up tell come help him track the 6 pointer and drag the deer out. As there was like 5 of us walking through the woods, I was the one that went a little farther. My dad had looked in these thick trees but I went around them and I screamed, I see the deer! I see the deer! Mark and everybody came running over. The deer was just laying by trees, like nothing was bothering it. Mark got out an arrow and shot it,the deer got up and ran! We followed the blood trail and it took us into a thicket that the deer had been laying in. Mark finally took his last arrow and hit it in his heart. The deer luckily died and we cleaned it and dragged it home along with the 12 point. I will never forget that day. It truly was something else.

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