The Time Of My Life

by kristina Marie Herndon
( camden ar)

When you wake up every morning, to get ready and be on the deer stand before daylight and wait, it is totally worth the freezing weather and the wait. When you see the Biggest doe of your hunting life everything around you seems to come to a stop. I love when you see a deer and you have a buck or doe fever and you get really excited, but you know you have to wait for the deer to get broad side and then you got to wait till you get the heart, neck, or head in the cross hairs, when you sit the and wait for that you let out the breath you have and as you do it shoot… it feels amazing when you see you have dropped a 155 lbs. pound doe down in her tracks it is the best feeling of a hunters life …

-Kristina Herndon

Comments for The Time Of My Life

Oct 12, 2012 thats whats up
by: Anonymous hopefully this year will be better yes i got to kill my first buck last year with a bow i had a great tume it was fun and my emotions shootin a deer with a gun and a bow is way diffrent

Dec 11, 2011 Trophy hunters are lame !
by: B.R.Y. Yeah I’ve gotten a few “trophy ” deer- so what ! To be a real “trophy” buck has to be in the “books”, not just in your mind ! Most trophy hunters crack me up anyway. Lets see,They hunt “special” farms where there main goal is to raise big deer. The put in special crops for thier deer, mineral licks, $2000+ bows and rifels.Trail cameras,film thier hunts, dont gut, or process the deer. They might as well be shooting a cow ! Then after that the biggest bucks are usually taken by people that just happen to bump into the deer by total luck !ANY deer you shoot with a recurve bow is a trophy- because thats real skill.Go into a place you never hunted, find trails, rubs and scapes, call in any size buck or doe take em’ with a well placed and practiced shot. Rejoyce in the fruits of your hunt” the meet “. The memories ! Oh’ you’ve just got me started on this subject. Mr anonymous.Cant even tell us who you are!

Dec 09, 2011 trophy hunters
by: Anonymous hahahahahaha bunch of doe killers trophy hunting is where its at unless its your first.

Nov 22, 2011 Just wait !
by: Brr Black Your first deer is exciting. But when you get that first big buck, you’ll be over the top ! especily if its a whopper. Heck even if its a small buck. And if you shoot that buck with a bow , your emotionss will be off the charts! Not trying to bring you down just giving you something to look forward to ! Congrats on your hunt !

Nov 01, 2011 Good for you
by: Anonymous It’s hard to explain to a nonhunter.

Nov 01, 2011 I’m with you!
by: I know the feeling can’t wait for hunting season to start.
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