The Unexpected Deer kill

by Caleb
(Montcalm county, MI)

It was the second day of rifle season in central Michigan when my dad and I decide to go out for the morning hunt.

My dad drove me to my spot that I would hunt that day. The fog was so thick that it was impossible to see more that thirty yards in all directions.

I was sitting on the ground up against a tree; tired after the 4 hours of sleep I got the night before. So I decided to take a nap.

I had just fallen asleep (or so I thought) and my dad pulled up in the suburban next to me on the road waiting for me to come back to consciousness.

So I slowly got up and got in the truck. We had just started to go down the road and before we knew it just outside my grandpa’s pines there was a doe and a fawn standing 125 yards down the trail.

I quickly grabbed the gun and jumped outside to take the shot.

I thought the doe was facing me as I rested the crosshairs just below the neck on the chest and squeezed the trigger. Boom!

She fell over, dead as doornail.

I walked back to the truck and my dad had the biggest smile on his face I had ever seen.

He said that we should go to the house and get the deer carrier to get her with. So we drove one mile to the house and got the dragger to get our deer.

We loaded it up and went to get the deer.

We got to the trail and slowly crept down it incase we jumped a deer out of the tall grass.

We got to the deer and were blown out of our minds!

To our amazement there were two huge does lying dead literally on top of each other!

We tagged them both and took them home.

When we got home we checked them out, and to our amazement the holes lined up and the bullet was in lodged in the opposite front shoulder of the second deer.

The gun I used was a 7 by 57 Roberts, with a hornady 175-grain bullet.

It sure did the trick!!

Comments for The Unexpected Deer kill

Dec 12, 2012 good shot
by: Anonymous Thats pretty cool 2 deer 1 shot, well good shot anyways.

Oct 07, 2012 Why?
by: Marti So, why would you shoot a doe that had a fawn with it? That doesn’t seem right to me.

Apr 19, 2012 Hyper.
by: Anonymous I was really hyper as we were walking out to the deer. but when we got there i just went with it because my dad told me that he has done that too.

Apr 13, 2012 Amazing!!
by: Olivia Atherton That is so neat…I have a question what went through your mind when you saw the two deer? I mean really! Thanks for sharing that, that is the coolest story ever. You got two for the price of one:)
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