Third time lucky- The too excited dad!

by B.R.Y.
(Athens PA)

When I hunt with my sons I get way to excited.My oldest son can shoot like a sniper,I dont know where he got it from probably all the video games.On his first hunt we headed out to the field,a big 200+ acre field with a stone wall up the middle.So we see this big buck 4 points on the left, a triple brow tine with one long beam on the right.I am so excited we jump out of the truck and ease up to the stone wall. He has a 25-06 and I have a 30-06. I grabbed what I thought was his bullets, but they where mine. I jammed my 30-06 shell in his 25-06. I was pretty pissed at my-self! So I handed him my rifle which he never fired before. He is such a good shot I was telling him to shoot him between the eyes, as he was looking right at us, I know I’am stupid! Should have waited till he turned broadside. So he fires at about 175 yards, and he drops- for about 2 seconds -he jumps up and his right beam is dangling. He takes off through the field at hyper-speed. I was so freaking pissed at my self! My son so disapointed in me for my bad instruction, can you blame him! So we climb to the top of the hill in the deep woods where we seen that buck headed, right at the property line.We where sitten’ in this stand shaken’ off the bad vibes. I remember trying to make him laugh so he wouldn’t be so dissapointed. I was saying” here we are the mighty hunters, hunting the dangerous elusive forrest turtle” That made him laugh! All of a sudden we hear shooting. Here comes that buck, with his antler still dangling,limping. He had been shot in the leg. He seen us and turned on the turbo chargers, he was coming right at us.My son couldn’t get a shot as he never tried to hit a running target. so I took the shot and blasted him, he fell right there. I remember Wyatt “my son” saying damn that 30-06 does some serious damage. The next year as we were heading out on the first day of rifle season my 80 year old uncle says,”don’t shoot the antler off a buck this year” So what do you think happens? As we come up to this drop off we see this buck lying down looking right up at us. My son takes a shot and the buck goes rolling down this hill, hes laying there we can see him. I tell my son we should make sure we dont have any bullets in the chamber as we head down this steep inbankment.All of a sudden the buck jumps up , he has one antler boken off. We struggle to put one in the chamber, but he was up and running in a flash and was gone, We never found a drop of blood, but we did find his broken antler.We still got it, its kind of a trophy. So the next year in archery. I put my son in a great stand where I have got 2 bucks and a doe from. He practiced all summer and was shooting great.I sat in another stand where I could see him but not give him bad advise or get to excited. So around 5:00 I see this buck coming right at me, I’am like no no go towards my son.All sudden the buck, turns and heads right for Wyatts stand, I see him stop right in front of his stand. I here “WHACK” I see the buck kick out and start running. I could hear my son whistling for me. I get down and head over to his stand. I looked up at my son” I told him not to climb out untill I got there” I said did ya’ get one? Hes like he is right there. That buck only ran 20 yards.He blistered him with a double lung shot. He got out of the tree and we walked over to his buck” a nice 8 pointer” I was so damn proud I was cryen’ like a little girl! Hes like dad calm down! I was so happy #1 he did it on his own. #2 I wasnt there to mess him up!#3 I finally got to pass what my father taught me onto my son. My father passed away years before and never got to meet my sons.I could feel him with us that day! Now I hope my youngest son Waylan doesnt have such a crazy time getting his first buck! I just have to remember not to get so excited!

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Feb 16, 2012 English Teacher Fail
by: SCH That is the correct us of the word too for that sentence and meaning. The definition of the word too is that it’s used to express a higher form than desirable. Also to show excess of emotion or act.

Nov 28, 2011 Still get the gitters !
by: B.R.Yanney Hey Oliva thanks again. Seen big bucks all pre- season. the first day of rifle in PA was mon. nov. 28, Saw nothing but 4 @ 6 pointers. Where not allowed to take them now unless there 6 pointers. Pulled up on a small 6 pointer and decided to let him go. After he moved out of site my legs began to shake. Neat ! I guess that never goes away, and if it does I wouldnt want to hunt anymore!

Nov 28, 2011 Funny!
by: Olivia Atherton I really enjoyed this story…I went hunting alone this year and had a large buck walk right pass me and second guessed myself and didn’t pick my gun up. I now have to prove to my brothers I can hunt alone:( I just got too excited and couldn’t shoot…oh well maybe next time:)

Nov 21, 2011 Calm down man !
by: Brr Black Like a sniper? more like a crack pot! Man I’am glad I’am not your son!!!!!At least your son can shoot a bow- You probably didnt teach him! By the way its the wrong to in the title, too -means “also”. Should read ” Third time lucky; The to excited Dad”. Jee wiz man !
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