Trophy 10 Point Buck in 08

by Denny Hicks
(Newnan, GA)

My first year of deer hunting at 40 years of age with my son in Union Springs Alabama produced a 130 inch perfect 10 pointer at Super Tree Farms.

A life long friend of mine’s dad owns the qdma managed property. I was in a stand they called the driveway box about 3:00 in the afternoon.

This stand was just off of the main driveway, overlooking a 12 foot wide strip of green rye grass 200 feet long. I had enough time in the stand to eat an apple, then out of nowhere, 100 ft away, eating grass, stood my trophy buck.

With a perfect shot to the heart from a 300 win mag, he dropped in his tracks.

I can’t wait to return on January 16, 2009. I really hope my 16 year old son will harvest his biggest deer ever.

Thanks to my guide Kent and his dad Doc at Super Tree Farms.

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