by bill cress
(southern indiana)

Hi my name is Bill cress. I hunt in southern indiana where the river bottom deer are giant. I have been hunting this twelve pointer for a while.i watched it all summer on the game cameras and saw it two weeks before season when i was hanging my stand. october first had came and gone without a trace. i was beginning to think that i had spooked him earlier in the season.I had taken a medium size doe by november 1st and was ready for horns. november third was a slightly chilly morning wih a southwest wind of about ten. early that morning i had seen a couple of does and and a basket rack eight. around nine thirty i saw the buck that i was going to shoot. it was a wide nine that i had seen with the twelve the summer before. it was hot on a doe coming straight to me. the doe disappeared behind me and the buck stopped in its track and was looking to my left. to my surprise the twelve pointer was fifty yards away and closing in. at thirty yards i drew back and released at twenty. i hit the monster right in the lungs. the buck ran about fifty yards before it retired. i could nt believe that i shot the buck that i had been after. it dressed 215 and had a 18 inch inside spread.

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