Unlucky Buck, wrong place, wrong time

by Chris

Well it was about 6:30 in the morning and after we had breakfast my dad and me and his friend hopped in the truck, and we were out to see if this little 2×2 had come back yet, because the night before we had been sitting in the timber just before it had gotten dark and here comes this nice doe and a couple of bucks but they were really small and so we waited and it was towards the end of the season and so we had to fill our tags and so it got dark and we lost them and so we said:” we’ll come back in the morning and maybe they will be back,” but as we were driving to the spot not even a mile from our house we stop the car and we see this doe come along and we thought just let her go, and just as we looked ahead here comes this big wide 15 point buck and my dad got his gun ready and shot and smoked him and there he lie the biggest buck my dad had shot but his rack was nice he had a triple brow tine and 9 points on one side and 6 on the other he was a nice buck.

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