Versus Country’s Lineup of Deer Hunting Shows

by John

Don’t miss this years lineup of deer hunting shows on the Versus network. VERSUS Country’s new television lineup includes: Winchester Whitetail Revolution, The Bucks of Tecomate, The Best and Worst of Tred Barta, and Winchester World of Whitetail with Larry Weishuhn. VERSUS is also showcasing this season, talent such as: Tred Barta, David Morris, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry Weishuhn and many more. Another great feature is Larry Weishuhn’sweekly rut report. Stay up to date on the rut in your area!

Comments for Versus Country’s Lineup of Deer Hunting Shows

Nov 15, 2013 Thats a beautiful animal.
by: Anonymous Have you ever grabbed a deer by its foot or genitals and hung on for the ride? I have killed hundreds of deer in my life. They were beautiful before I killed them.When they were reduced to food, they were simply food. I guess my point is that if you can get on the ground and take any animal with what you were born with like that animal has, then I would congratulate’s become a bothersome thing to me that you need to spend tons of money to get a deer. That’s America.

Jul 28, 2012 New York bow hunter
by: speed g Hi I would like to see some north east hunting in new york,mass.& cont. & do it on some of the public lands we offer.Deer in thesr areas just do not happen by like in corn country out west.There is a lot of us who hunt in the tri state area,if u get a trophy on public land here
you really earned it.Let me tell u this there is some great quality deer with weight upwards of 250lb’s & some awsome mass.Check out the hudson valley,St.lawrence valley,Adirondacks & the Berkshires.We are loyal veiwers,quite a lot of us
& we would love to see some of our owen backyards. Thanks speed g

Nov 02, 2011 Larry Weishuhn
by: Anonymous you call what you do hunting?? the deer is trapped in a 2000 acre ranch by high fence. I have never seen a hunter wound so many animals like this guy and that stupid pistol he shoots..He needs a new set of eyeglasses,

Oct 18, 2011 Gun It with Benny Spies
by: Anonymous Best Hunting show on television! It is the only hunting show that does not bore the $@*T out of me. Its funny too

Sep 20, 2011 Let’s preserve them, not kill them
by: Ethical Hunter I totally agree with the
Truth Master. I to have been hunting all my life and still hunt on my land today. KIlling large game like elephants, lions, leopards, etc is sickening in this day and time when their population is threatened. Stop it now!Deer hunting in the south is another story, over population is a problem and I hunt them and eat their meat. I support hunting, but killing for a so called trophy only, is for jerks.

Sep 07, 2011 Baiting Animals for Hunting is Unethical and Un-Sportman like
by: The Truth Master Dear VS Country.
I have done a lot of hunting years ago when living in Wisconsin. A lot of today’s hunting shows you present, reflects the degradation of hunting as a sport. I have no problem with hunting blinds, tree stands, decoys, scent masking, camo products or even producing healthy food plots in natural settings.What I see is a real problem is “BAITING of ANIMALS” like BEAR AND Whitetails with COMERE DEER CRAP. I compare it to “shooting children playing in a playground.” It is not a sport at all to bait animals for slaughter.The natural hunt is stalking animals, in their natural setting under normal activity. But sitting in a tree stand, with a high powered rifle or bow, and only 15 feet below sits a pile of human garbage, they call bait. Using a pile of human garbage like gummy bears and grease is appalling? And shooting a Bear with his head in your garbage barrel is not a sport at all. Its the genocide of pristine animals… Like what kind of sport is baiting an animal with human crap, and filming this garbage and calling it hunting? Besides feeding wild animals human garbage, it can cause disease and unhealthy animal lines as well as this baiting only entices these animals to go seek out more human garbage in the city setting, thus risking lives to humans.. That tactic of baiting is degrading the species and the sport of a real hunt and encourages and condones other human hunters to pile garbage in the woods for this similar baiting slaughter.

The other activities I object to and see, is shooting huge animals like Elephants at point blank. Elephants live in a hierarchy, and it is an emotional trauma for the other elephants and their offspring in their family circle when killing them. They mourne for their dead.. It would be like killing dolphins here in Florida.. Why don’t you just go to the zoo and slaughter the animals sitting in a cage, with no chance at all to escape? Because that is what I compare televising this slaughter of elephants and calling it a hunting sport.

So please do not show “Hunting of Elephants or reflect Baiting of Bears or Deer” with Comere deer products, as it is just suicide for these majestic animals. Even as a kid on opening rifle day in a popular deer hunting state like Wisconsin, I quite often had deer walk right up to me. Because of my hunting skills, I could walk silent through the woods and stalk the animal in a natural setting. That’s what real hunting is. Baiting is a lazy man’s technique, and is not ethical method of hunting or should be presented as such and should be banned nation wide.

That is not a sport either or feeding wild animals human garbage to bears of like shark feedings. Its wrong and unethical and upsets the natural process. Maybe your show makes a lot of money advertising Comeredeer, but it is wrong and a lazy way to call hunting.

by: Anonymous you have show, hunting across the country the host, (BENNY SPIES). U have wasting your money,and time.HE MAKES HUNTING LIKES IT”S A JOKE! IT MADE ME TUNE IT TO WACTH SOMETHING ELES. I ENJOY WACTHING (VERSUS). i don”t now what he mite do for liveing PLEASE TELL HIM NOT TO QUIT! SOUTHERN TRADITION


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