Virginia Bow season

by Robert

This coming Saturday opens up Deer bow season. I have been getting ready and think I have my stand site picked out. As we hunt public land I have a few spots picked out just in case someone is there and I need to move. They are in a bit and off the beaten path. We usually don’t see to many hunters in these areas but you can never tell. I have checked my list but still think I am missing something that I will wish I brought. My son is ready and set on his spot. I am still thinking on how to enter my new spot. The deer are usually coming from the right to left. Bedding off to the right and feeding on a field 100 yards to the left. If I come in from the field, which the woods is easy to get through I may leave to much scent for the deer to go that way. But if I come in from the back the woods is a little thick and I am afraid of making to much noise with my stand on my back. We never have had good morning hunting so we planned on getting in to our stand locations around noon before most other hunters come in. Just still thinking on the best approach.

Good luck and straight shooting to everyone.

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Sep 13, 2013 rubberbootsinatree
by: Anonymous TreeStand rubber boots and a highly traveled trail off it to the nearest edge of a thicket and you will bag one…….

Sep 24, 2012 What day was this posted?
by: Anonymous What day was this posted?
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