What is the deal with all these deer hunting clubs that have set there standards so high a member never kills a buck.

I have deer hunted in Alabama for 35 years and can count the 130s on one hand. Whats wrong with killing a deer when you spend your time and money hunting them?

Alabama clubs have turned into deer watching clubs where members can’t shoot anything.

Everyone wants to kill a monster but how many monsters are out there. No matter what you do in Alabama it will never be Kansas.

So why spend your time waiting on something that will never come. Go out there and have fun, if something comes by you want to shoot shoot it.

Then save your money and go hunt monsters where monsters are like Kansas or Illinois .


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Jul 13, 2012 That is a very uneducated and hypocritical statement
by: Anonymous I agree with the statements that its about the thrill of the hunt and that is most important. And yes venison in the freezer is half of it also, or should be if you call yourself a hunter. But on the other hand I believe that for some people including me the bigger the deer the more thrill the hunt brings me as I believe those Club Members would agree so essentially they have the same goals as you people that just want to kill any deer regardless the size so you shouldn’t criticize their angle of getting “The Thrill of the Hunt”, saying that they are doing something wrong in your opinion is completely hypocritical!!!!! For they essentially have the same goals as you do. And my opinion is not biased for my father and uncles are “meat hunters”. Also for me the more deer I get to watch walk by means more time I get to spend in the woods thus experiencing many more thrills nature brings than just a couple day hunt to put meat in the freezer and in the I end I STILL get to do that.

Yes some states don’t have the food and habitat to produce giant deer but if more people waited for big deer there would be more because no matter if they will be Booners or not they WILL get bigger as they mature, so if you have the attitude that their is no big bucks in your area and just shoot whatever they will never reach maturity and no you wont have an opportuntiy to shoot big deer, its only common sense logic. But suit yourself, I will enjoy my 80+ days in the deer stand next season and chances are will get a chance at a Monster buck but if not it will still be a success in my book!

Sorry for the spelling I am a hunter not a speller.

Jan 04, 2012 the trophy is in the eyes of the beholder
by: mark t In my own opinion I feel that weather a monster buck or a does its still a successful adrenaline rushing harvest. I know as an avid deer hunter I’m thrilled and blessed to successfully harvested one the many free wild ranging animals that god put on this earth for get to the point its not about the size of your harvested deer its the thrill,excitment and memory of that hunt weather on a solo hunt or with dad grandpa whoever those will be memories that will never die .

Dec 23, 2011 Amen brother !
by: B.R.Y.Amen brother ! I’d never have any venison if would have past up smaller bucks. I mean you dont want to shoot small bucks, but whats with this big , bigger, biggest thing !
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