Wet weather buck

by Kenneth

On the opening morning of Pennsylvania’s buck season years ago, the rain started as I was driving to my spot.I hunted a mountainside farm that had lain fallow for years.It had treelines across the grassy fields.Because of the occasional showers, I stayed in the treelines and returned to the car when it rained and managed to stay dry.The hunters up in the woods got wet and left by noon.I saw some does and hunted until 5:00.The rain ended overnight and I returned early the next morning.I had the place to myself!I went up into the woods to a deep ravine with a spring in the bottom.As I approached the edge in the quiet woods, a stick snapped in the bottom.I backed off and moved higher on the mountain for a better view of the area.Later, a buck moved uphill in the ravine,feeding on acorns.I took an 80 yard shot with my 30-30 and he ran off.I followed and found him lying on his side.He lifted his head and looked at me until he died.I did not want to shoot him again as it had been a good lung shot.He had 16 inch main beams with a 4 inch brow tine and a 3 inch brow tine and no other points.He was a legal buck at that time.

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Oct 03, 2011 A trophy to be proud of !
by: B. R. Yanney

A trophy to me is a good shot , and a great memory . With the bonus of having venision in the freezer.Its nice to have a place all to yourself sometimes. congrats my fellow hunter!

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deer - October 6, 2015

good story good memory

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