Whats Up With That?

by David Swanson
(Asheville NC USA)

Ok, I know some of you will laugh at me but I’m gonna ask anyway…

What is it that makes the older Bucks so darn smart?

How do they know when you are under-equipped and make a pass just out of range of the capacity of whatever you are hunting with. I have had two different occasions in 2 different states where I had to hunt with borrowed stuff. The first time I went from day one with using my own rifle and having a beauty casually eating out of range. Then on the very next day I had to borrow a shotgun and use a slug. Same spot, same Buck, same result… he was a heck of a lot closer but was just out of range.
I could swear he looked up at me and sneered at me!

Do the older Bucks have mind reading abilities or something???

Comments for Whats Up With That?

Apr 18, 2012 Smart deer
by: Anonymous

well no one really knows why but,I think they have years of experience.All they have to do
is run.

Feb 12, 2012 So many things !
by: B.R.Y

How much scent did you leave coming in? Which way was the wind blowin’? Where you scent free? How much noise did you make? Then again you may have done all those things right! Did you ever get in a situation that just gave you the creeps and you decided to go home or go a differant way . You probably chalk that up to experiance. Might be the same with a big buck something just wasnt right and he decided to do something else because of his own unique experiances.Maybe he smelled a human once and didnt think much about it then he got shot at maybe missed altogether or nicked by an arrow. The next time he smelled a human he new it ment danger1 Just a thought.

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