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Welcome to DeerHuntingGuide.net!

We are a team of real hunters with a passion for helping others. Our team puts in the hours of hard work to bring you the best knowledge and products available today.

We are outdoor writers, pro staff, field testers and contributors with a very simple mission.

Our mission is to share our vast knowledge with other hunters and help to make hunting more enjoyable for everyone so that our sport can grow.

Perhaps the most important segment of hunters are the youth hunters. Let's all share our knowledge with the youth hunters and beginners so that our hunting heritage can live on for centuries to come.

We hope you enjoy our hunting tips, gear reviews, deer hunting stories and more.

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Meet The Team

Below you will find our team of passionate hunters that are responsible for bringing you the high quality content that you have come to expect from DeerHuntingGuide.net.

John VanDerLaan Editor

John is the Founder and Lead Editor at DeerHuntingGuide.net. He has a deep passion for the outdoors, and deer hunting in particular. He is what you call a year round deer hunter. He is in the whitetail woods year round preparing for the next year's season and he loves to share the knowledge that he has gained over 40 years of chasing the wily whitetail!

You can reach John at john@deerhuntingguide.net

Shawn Lentz Bull Elk

Shawn Lentz is a freelance outdoor writer, avid bowhunter, and fish hatchery specialist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. He regularly writes for online and print publications such as deerhuntingguide.net, Wide Open Spaces, Fair Chase Magazine, Stone Road Media, and more. For more info go to www.shawn-lentz.com

You can reach Shawn at shawn@deerhuntingguide.net

Ron Parker

Ron is an archery instructor and expert bow hunter that lives with his wife and kids in central Ohio. When he is not teaching archery or in the woods bow hunting deer, he is writing informative articles for DeerHuntingGuide.net.

You can reach Ron at ron@deerhuntingguide.net

Jesse With Scar

Jesse is a member of our pro staff and a frequent contributor to DeerHuntingGuide.net. He is obsessed with hunting deer and big bucks in particular. He has a knack for obtaining permission on the best private land to hunt big bucks. He is constantly testing out new equipment and providing feedback for our reviews and gear roundups.

You can reach Jesse at jesse@deerhuntingguide.net


Kyle Rogers

Kyle is a member of our pro staff and field tester here at DeerHuntingGuide.net. He is from upstate New York and travels across the country frequently in search of both whitetail and mule deer.

You can reach Kyle at kyle@deerhuntingguide.net



Dalton is a contributor to DeerHuntingGuide.net and is an extremely passionate deer hunter. In Dalton's own words "This isn’t just something I do! This isn’t just some hobby! This is my passion! This is my love! This is my lifestyle! This is what I live for!! I am … A DEER HUNTER!!!!

You can reach Dalton at dalton@deerhuntingguide.net



Luke is a contributor to DeerHuntingGuide.net from the great state of Ohio. He comes from a family of deer hunters. Luke's dad killed the Ohio State Record Typical Buck (201 1/8) in 1986 with a recurve. Luke has consistently scored on big bucks year after year.

You can reach Luke at luke@deerhuntingguide.net



Dan is a contributor to DeerHuntingGuide.net and an urban bowhunting specialist. He has been known to squeeze a tree stand in on the smallest parcel and consistently harvest whitetails. Dan is a founding member of Whitetail Solutions and is credited with establishing the Hunt To Feed program in Connecticut.

You can reach Dan at dan@deerhuntingguide.net



Joe is a contributor to DeerHuntingGuide.net and is known for his ability to arrow bug bucks in urban settings. Joe is an archery instructor and a bow hunting instructor with the state of Connecticut. Joe is also a founding member of Whitetail Solutions and is credited with establishing the Hunt To Feed program in Connecticut.

You can reach Joe at joe@deerhuntingguide.net