Deer Stomping: What Does It Mean When They Stomp Their Feet?

Deer Stomping And Snorting

Outside of Disney movies, deer can’t talk, so they have to find other ways to communicate. Whitetail deer have a lot of ways of communicating, but one way that hunters commonly encounter is the stomp. It looks like the deer is taking a very deliberate front step. It picks up its front hoof and snaps … Read more

Deer Sounds – The Guide To Understanding Whitetail Communication

Deer Sounds

Whitetail deer have a complex language that allows them to communicate emotion and information amongst the herd. By understanding what these deer sounds are and what they mean, a hunter can use this information to help them understand deer behavior.If you want to get an advantage in the tree stand, why not learn what the … Read more

Do Deer Chew Cud – Digestive System Facts

Whitetail Deer Buck Chewing Cud

Have you ever heard the expression, “You chew like a cow!”? I have, thanks to my chewing habits, but that saying comes from a place of truth. Deer, as well as cattle, sheep, and giraffes belong to a class of herbivorous animals called ruminants and ruminants chew cud. In the video below, you will not only see a … Read more

How, When, and Where Do Deer Sleep? Answers To These Questions and More

White tailed deer sleeping in thick cover

How do deer sleep? When do deer sleep? And most importantly, where do deer sleep? These questions about the habits of fawns, does, and mature bucks are common for new hunters and curious nature-lovers. Ready to learn more? There are many types of deer, and these questions will apply to most of them, but we will focus … Read more

Types Of Deer – Species Facts and Information

Whitetail Deer

There’s more to deer than just antlers, there are a number of different types of deer all around the world. Deer species can be divided into several classifications and divisions. Ranging from the Whitetail Deer who are among the most popular big game animals in North America to Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Elk, Moose and … Read more

Are Deer Nocturnal?

Nocturnal Deer

Are deer nocturnal? We get this question a lot from hunters and non hunters alike.The answer is no, deer are not nocturnal. At least not most of the time. Deer are active at night sometimes, but nocturnal means only active at night. There are some times of the year when some of the deer may become nocturnal … Read more

Can Whitetail Deer Whistle??

Do deer whistle

by Karl Triple (Ilion, New York) While hunting in the Adirondacks this weekend I had a very strange thing happen. I tracked a large buck for over a mile when I came upon an area of thick cover. I thought the deer was close and the cover was so thick that I decided to try … Read more

Deer Noise

Deer Noise

by Kim Fontenot (Lake Charles, La) I was recently hunting in Missouri when I had a 10 point chasing a doe. Every now and then he would make a deer noise that I had never heard a deer make in the wild or on video. I have heard this similar sound from a barnyard goat.. … Read more