Can Whitetail Deer Whistle??

by Karl Triple
(Ilion, New York)

While hunting in the Adirondacks this weekend I had a very strange thing happen.

I tracked a large buck for over a mile when I came upon an area of thick cover.

I thought the deer was close and the cover was so thick that I decided to try to coax the deer out.

I did a few grunts and rattles but to my surprise I got not one but several whistle back.

Now mind you I am 3 miles from the nearest road.

At first I thought I had stumbled into another hunter.

After a half hour wait I went in to the cover to investigate. To my surprise the only tracks there were from the deer I had been tracking.

I have heard some old timers talk about deer whistling.

Has anyone out there heard of this or actually heard a deer whistle.

Click here for a guide to deer sounds and what they mean.

Comments for Can Whitetail Deer Whistle??

Mar 27, 2015 It scared me
by: Katie I never knew deer’s could whistle until 15 minutes ago. Me and my mom were on our front porch while 3 of our dogs when outside and we heard 2 whistles, and then while I was waiting for our third dog to come in I heard about 5-10 more whistles. My mom asked my uncle if deer’s whistle he said yes…….. I glad I know what it could have been a whistling deer even though I didn’t see it but I’m still a bit shaken up.

Jan 19, 2015 bunch of juvenile deer more barn this year than any year before
by: Anonymous me and my dog went for a stroll 330 in the morning at a local park that but up to the woods and there’s a huge rock quarry that was mine for years back in there anyway there’s a big family of deer probably 80 or 100 acres for some reason I’ve seen more young deer this year than any year before there must have been extra horny or something this year but my dog was walking around close to the edge of the woods and has a chain around his neck sounds like a little bell when he walks DJ 7 month old Doberman any way. as I made my way to him to hook the leash back up and start making our way back home could have swore I heard something whistle so we started making our way back home after about 20 30 steps plain as day scared the shit out of me but sounded just like a bunch of little kids playing game on someone but I knew it wasn’t little kids at 3 in the morning anyhow my two cents worth I can vouch for the whistling to as I heard it multiple times last night here in Michigan funny thing is my dog didn’t bark and usually he will bark and go crazy over any little noise almost like the pitch was something maybe a dog food in here I don’t know I would guess if I can hear it he should too last year though I got really close to a couple young dear with the mother up on the hill then another big large deer back in the woods scared the shit out of me that fucking deer let out a sound like a bull elephant exactly like a bull elephant it was so loud you could feel the sheet metal on my Jeep slightly vibrate never in my life heard a deer make a sound like that before and I spend a lot of time in the woods just walking around with my dog

Dec 15, 2014 Can deer whistle?
by: Anonymous Heard some loud whistling just now and went out on my back deck. We have deer all around and see them quite often. However, this sounded like a Big Foot snoring and whistling, or trying to whistle. Immediately I came in and looked this up and found this page. My family has been acid hunters all my life but I’ve never heard a deer whistle like this! Kind of cool but I doubled checked all the locks just in case!!!???

Nov 17, 2014 Irondequoit, NY (Rochester suburb)
by: Mary I heard it twice overnight – the soft sound of a deer whistling. It sounds like somebody trying to whistle through their fingers for a taxi, but quieter.

Oct 13, 2014 Dr. D
by: Anonymous I was spending time in northern Michigan’s farm country this spring, when I saw a doe and 2 fawns standing in a field. I whistled to the fawns and they immediately started running my way. They ran towards me for about 50 feet when suddenly they stopped and returned to there mother. She might have told them that I was not a deer.

Sep 05, 2014 Relieved:)
by: Anonymous Thank god!!! I was about to call the cops! 5 am dog barking go out to get him and someone sends a crappy whistle out way!! We have deer all over our property. Good now I can go back to sleep!! Haha

Aug 05, 2014 Deer Whistles
by: Tabasco59 I recently bought my house and have heard constant whistling from the woods that are on 3 sides of me. There is a nice 12+ point buck and a few juvenile males and then a few does and at least 3 fawns this year. One of the other posts described it perfectly, sounds like someone who can’t whistle so good. Well I can’t whistle either and it just so happens that my whistle sounds just like what I’m hearing. Last night at dusk I heard it so I returned the whistle and this went on for about 5 minutes. My girlfriend didn’t believe me but another 5 minutes went by and then there was the doe and one of her fawns.

May 30, 2014 Whistles in the trees
by: Anonymous Heard em told about them with wired looks.they seem to sit on the corners of the blocks close to parking.and when you get out of truck they do this.also heard them from stand.seems its more often than not a doe with juvenile.but during rut you hear the shrill pitch of the bucks.most times it’s on it’s way out or around you as you enter a block.scouting these noises out during bow season puts you in the kill zone.use to think it was monkeys that got loose till one came and just before it stopped to lay for awhile it whistled.

Apr 15, 2014 Whistling deer
by: Black Elk I was traveling home from northern Wisconsin last summer after an unsuccessful hunt. I saw tracks that ended in the mud of the lake, as if a doe had swum away into s small pond but ended there. It was a hot night and I had rolled down the window of the truck for the breeze. I was going probably 40 mph and thought I saw something in my headlights maybe 100 feet ahead on the side of the road. I passed the area slowly and heard a clear whistling, like the sound “John-ny.” I expected someone to step out but saw no flashlights or anyone at all. I sped up from there, a little cautiously, and then suddenly noticed an animal running just as fast as the truck was going, keeping pace with the truck right outside the passenger window. It looked like a deer but the head looked more wolf like and it turned and looked right into the passenger window at me. I stepped on the gas and checked the rearview mirror to see it behind me on the road after it disappeared but didn’t see anything. It was a strange experience and concerned me a little because it was fairly near my house. I never did find out what it was. I’d like to think it was something natural like a deer, but it left me with an eerie feeling. I didn’t sleep well after that and dreamt of hundreds of deer spirits that were threatening to break through an old barbed wire fence to come and knock me over. Hearing a human-sounding whistle is not a noise that a deer naturally makes. It’s something of the spirit world and should be regarded as a warning. Take care and retreat indoors if you should hear this again. It’s a bad sign.

Mar 26, 2014 Deer Whistlin’ Got My Undivided Attention
by: Horace I was out on my front porch, just finishing up a smoke and was about to walk back in the house. As I turned to open the screen door, I heard what I would swear was someone who couldn’t whistle very well doing so to get my attention. Well, it’s 02:45 and several miles from what might be considered the outskirts of town…iow, who the hell has walked up to my driveway (no car, no light, etc) and am I even gonna hear the shot that they’re surely about to fire? . Then, I remembered my older brother telling me about deer whistling. I’ve been a deer hunter for maybe 35 of the 42 years I’ve been on this earth, and I’ve never heard one do it. Still, we have lots of deer around, so I turned off the porch light and went back out with a headlamp to see if I could see a set of amber eyes…none. So, to set my mind (as well as the hairs on the back of my neck) at ease, I came in here to cross-reference my brother’s claim with the all-knowing Internet. I feel a lot better having read the comments on the subject. No doubt about it, I were skart!!Horace

Dec 16, 2013 Yes they whistle – sounds human
by: Anonymous Yes, absolutely white tail deer whistle. There is a buck that hangs around our house and his whistle sounds human. It’s incredible.

Oct 29, 2013 So glad I found this
by: NC_Camper I was camping this past June in the Piedmont of NC. I am an avid camper, and not easily spooked. At about 2 am I awoke in my hammock to the distinctive sound of a whistle. This was a first for me, and it got my heart pumping. I’m also a deer hunter, and have never heard a deer do this. I heard it several more times as it got closer. I swung there in my hammock, 40 S&W in a death grip in my right hand, my butt swinging in the breeze for what I was sure was about to be Bigfoot’s next meal, then I heard grunts – very close to me. Gulp. They didn’t sound like typical deer grunts you hear during the rut, but after reading these posts I am now confident this was a deer. Whew. I am not concerned about a deer making a hammock burrito out of me.

Oct 11, 2013 Anonymous
by: Anonymous Yes I was hunting into the late morning when I heard a whistle coming my way n to my amazement it was a mature doe.

Jun 27, 2013 Can Whitetail Deer Whistle
by: Karl Tripple I am amazed by all of the comments my posting has had over the last several years. But the latest comment about the doe whistling to call her fawn to her, makes the most sense of all.

Jun 26, 2013 springtime cooing
by: Dr D 2013 has many new fawns being born across the nation. This spring and summer is the most prime time to hear the mother doe cooing or whistling to her offspring. This is also when all deer learn mothers call. If only we could capture this event on video! Pictures are worth a million words.

Jun 11, 2013 Awoke to deer making whistling sound
by: Anonymous While camping in the state forest in my home state, I awoke as the sun was coming up to the sound of a deer running through my camp area no more than 4 feet from my tarp tent. Next came the sound of a second deer running towards camp but instead held up approximately thirty feet away. What came next was a whistling sound repeated 4 or 5 times. I scrambled to get up and out of the tent but both were long gone.

May 21, 2013 still hearing them 🙂
by: lisa m Since my first posts, I regularly hear deer whistle. I often see them while they do it. I wish I had time to record it. People still don’t believe me. 🙂

May 21, 2013 whistling deer in Nova Scotia
by: Anonymous I was outside on my porch just before 5 in the morning and I heard 3 short whistles and a snort. We have a lot of deer in our area so I’m sure that’s what it was, but I’ve never heard a deer whistle before. It was really neat to hear.

May 14, 2013 DEER WHISTLE
by: Anonymous I didn’t have a clue deer whistled until last night. In rural Arkansas…. My dog was barking in our fenced-in backyard around 11 p.m. This is pretty common as deer frequently forage in our yard under oak trees. I stepped out to my deck to look down on my dog. I called for him and he immediately calmed down and started up to the house. Then we suddenly heard a loud series of low whistles. It reminded me a bit of a horned owl or mourning dove. My dog went berzerk and ran back to the yard barking towards the sound. After a minute of this I heard the critter dash into denser woods down the hillside away from our house. Just then, a bunch of coyotes began howling and barking way off in the distance. I suspect the deer was distressed and the whistles were more in response to the coyotes than the dog. They are probably accustomed to my harmless pekingese. I only suspected it was a deer after hearing the thumping as it dashed into the woods. Now that I found these posts, I’m confident it was a deer.

Mar 30, 2013 Whitetail whistle in Bristow VA
by: Mary Bates I once approached a whitetail by accident getting within about 10 feet before we became aware of each other. I froze, and apparently the dear wasn’t sure exactly what I was. He stomped his feet at me and I started to cautiously back away. He stood up slightly on his hind legs and whistled at me! Then he bounded away, turned and faced me again and whistled again!. After that he ran into the woods and continued to whistle as he ran away. I thought he sounded angry.

Dec 12, 2012 whistles again
by: lisa Hello again
Just wanted to add that in the year and a half that I’ve been at this address, I have now heard about 12 deer whistle.
It’s always amazing. To all non believers, it is very real. 🙂

Dec 12, 2012 Deer Whistling confirmed
by: Charlie Here in Connecticut on a December night. Went on the back deck for a minute and heard a heavy animal crashing around in the woods behind a large stone wall in our back yard about 200 feet from our house. The noise was accompanied by some very audible whistling. I went in the house and came out with a flashlight. Shined the light into the woods and locked on to a pair of eyes looking back. As I held the light shining at the eyes I walked slowly toward them to see what kind of animal it was. Turns out it was a large buck foraging. Turned around and came back in.Last night we were awakened at 3 am by coyotes in the back yard. My daughter asked me this morning what was making a whistling sound in the woods at the same time as the coyotes. I didn’t hear the whistling and didn’t know. Tonight her question was answered.

Oct 18, 2012 Deer do whistle
by: NCBasedBeauty I have heard once before that deer can make a whistling sound very similar to the sound made by blowing through one of those hard plastic flexible straws, high-pitched. I have never heard it until this morning. My 5 year old son and I were waiting for his bus to come at the end of our driveway, which is directly across from a large corn field when we heard it. Several times in the 20 minutes we waited for the bus we heard it, echoing from varied corners of the feild growing more distant with each blow. It was almost musical. It took me a few minutes to realize what it was, but I can atleast confirm that here in NC, deer can and do whistle!! 🙂P.S. I found this post when I came back in from the bost stop. I immediately googled ‘deer whistling’ and saw your post. I hope you get to hear it again!!

Sep 18, 2012 Deer whistle
by: Daniels Family My son and I were hunting a couple years ago in Wisconsin. He took a shot at a deer with his bow, but missed. After that, when we were trying to find his arrow, we heard the deer he missed and another deer making short whistling sounds like they were communicating and locating each other. It was weird.

Aug 22, 2012 I would like to believe deer whistle.
by: Anonymous I just made my way out of the woods. I live north of Silsbee, Tx in the Big Thicket area. I am glad I found this page. In the back of my head I thought I remembered maybe hearing that deer whistled. After reading the post I will feel better returning to the woods knowing it was most likley a deer and not Bigfoot. I was exploring a stream bed and had already had my suspicions that something large was near by. You cant see much threw the yopon unless you sqaut down. I was being quiet, moving and stopping to listen. I figured it was a hog, large cat, deer, or possibly a bear. When I heard the whistle (very loud, with a raspy pitch) I just knew Bigfoot was about to jack me up. Needless to say it was a long, panick filled 10min till I made it to the road.

Jun 21, 2012 They indeed whistle
by: Lisaann5600 Just wanted to add a quick note. I walked outside tonight and scared a regularly visiting deer. She pranced out in front of my porch, looking right at me. She did 4 loud whistles. On the first one I looked around to see if someone was outside. I watched her closely and it was her making the sound. I think it was quite amazing. She pranced around a little more before running off. After all my years of living in this area and watching the deer, I had never seen this before.

May 06, 2012 Deer whistling in the wetlands
by: Anonymous Last nite I scared up 3 deer from our wetlands when I went out to photograph the HUGE moon shining on our lake. While at the beach, I could hear that the deer were still near. Then I started hearing short whistles, such as my husband blowing the whistle we have for calling our dog back to us. But the sound was not coming from the house. He swears he did not blow the whistle. He is an avid hunter and he said deer DO whistle. I thought he was pulling my leg. Yet……

Mar 25, 2012 Scottish Highlands
by: Anonymous I am Scottish and moved to the Highlands of Scotland 5 years ago. We regularly have deer (mostly roe) around the house. I have heard a whistle right outside my house in the middle of the night on 2 occasions, one of which was last night. I went to bed with some beautiful tulips flowering at my front door. At 4.30am I was wakened by a loud whistling noise, exactly like putting your 2 fingers in your mouth. When I got up this morning my tulips were gone, eaten right down to the ground!

Feb 09, 2012 can someone get me a deer whistle
by: Anonymous I live In nd and was hunting in Mexico when the guide told me about it and I am intetested in getting one

Dec 18, 2011 FREE WHISTLE
by: Dr D My whistle is in the process of being marketed. You can learn to do what the Native Americans did. On the web type—HOW TO HAND WHISTLE– You will find this on Youtube. Learn and listen to the animals. Good Luck

Dec 13, 2011 Deer talk
by: Baggsen Yes a group of deer, especially juvinile ones will communicate sounding almost like a group of little kids moving through the forest.

Dec 04, 2011 I’am sorry K Tripple !
by: Brr Black I really wasnt poking fun because I totally believe you. I was just trying to be funny. I just have a twisted sence of humor. I have this image in my mind of an animated deer, skipping through the woods, whistling ” Walking through the woods one day in the very merry month of may” Like I said I’am an idiot ! I just never heard it, that doesnt mean it doesnt happen.I’am def in one ear ! I do spend countless days in the woods, as we have a 300 acre farm. I was wondering if you think maybe some deer make this sound in certain areas, and not so much in other areas? We do both live in the north-east,you in NY me in north central PA. Thanks for posting this awesome topic. I think it has generated more comments than any other story on this site !!

by: KARL TRIPPLE Hi Everyone. I am the guy that started the discussion about deer whistling. I am totaly suprised buy the amount of comment I have received. Most positive and some negative. I to this day have not come to any conclusions as to what I hered that day. But when you are deep in the big woods and know that you are the only one around and you here what I hered, it opens the door for speculation. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who has hered this whistle. For those of you who are poking fun I am glad you got a kick out of it. But with all of the other positive comments you may be missing out on something. Thanks again for your comments.

Nov 30, 2011 Dr D’s Whistle
by: Anonymous I am from Indiana and would like to buy a deer whistle from you as well.

Nov 29, 2011 deer whistle
by: To the Guy who makes the whistle in Michigan..I’m from Michigan and would like to buy one from you.

Nov 25, 2011 See what you have done Karl Tiple
by: Brakish Raskillian Black Dear Mr. Triple see the controversy you have started. After your initial story not so much as a peep.Yes, yes yes, My goodness I believe all you guys. As far as calling deer in I have been very successful using soft doe bleats, Gentle rattling, and using doe estrus.Maybe I’ll try the whistling thing. Like I said before does anyone have any video or audio of this, because Id like to add this to my arsenal.Been doing lots of hunting seeing lots of bucks and doe. Iam hunting one particular buck. Haven’t heard this whistling. Any particular tune I should know? LOL ! Maybe Guns & Roses “Patience” Kinda’ goes with deer hunting- Ah I hate that song! I rather prefer “Determined” by Mudvayne! Because thats what you have to be to get that one particular buck.I like to hunt, don’t care much for country music though, not that there is anything wrong with it.

Nov 25, 2011 The deer whistler
by: Dr D It is not the coo of a dove, the hoot of an owl, or the whistling of the wind, but similar. It is very low tone and drawn out. This sound seems to calm the woods. Just as the elephant and the whale (huge animals) have the ability to communicate for long distances (miles). This call penetrates dense forest and stands out from white noise such as the sound of running water or the hum of heavy traffic. It is very easy to ignore or give credit to other sources,such as (birds, trains, squirrels etc.)Other hunters have told me that they have had whitetail bucks whistle very loud and shrill. The same sound we produce with 2 fingers.

Nov 25, 2011 Dr D thanks..
by: Kyle D. Knoth I would be interested in your deer whistle technique. I have always had the best luck in the woods when I would hear them whistling. I usually join in with my doe bleat, grunt and antlers and sure enough, here they come. I know many people do not realize what they are hearing but it is real. I hope more people listen for the whistle…If you know what it is, it is unmistakable. Good luck out there!!!

Nov 24, 2011 Finally someone else
by: Dr D I have been whistling to deer for over 30 years, and have developed a hand held whistle that mimicks a doe calling her fawn. It is also a long range call for a deer that may be displaced.I hunt public land in Michigan and have had deer answer and come running. In my studies I have learned that whitetail deer have human like vocal cords. I believe they have thier own language.I have witnessed two deer walking and carrying on what seemed to be a conversation. I first discoverered this low tone whistle on my uncle’s farm in Caro Mi. when I was a boy, but didn’t start testing and studying it until later in life.It was very hard to convince myself. But I feel safe to say Yes they do whistle many tunes.

Nov 24, 2011 Nope -!
by: Brakish Raskillian Black True No videos of squirrels or blue jays whistling , More like a chirpping sound anyway. Theres no way you could offened me. Iam un-affendable. Ha Ha! I’am just throwing this out there, Do think deer are more likely to do this whistling in some areas more than others? We live in north eastern PA. I posed this question to my 80 and 85 year old great uncles at thanksgiving dinner. They pratically where raised on venison.They shot there first deer together when they were 5 and 10 years old. They said they never heard them whistle but have heard them make the wheep kinda sound! My older uncle said he actually saw a doe do this ! So like I said I belive ya’ Dont be hate’en! Ha Ha. Ps- Did ya’ ever notice the squirrels in town make almost no calls, but the squirrels in the woods have dozens of differanr calls, some almost like a baby cryen’ ? Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2011 Brr Black don’t be offended.
by: Anonymous You can hear the same whistle all around you at night…I hear it when camping…almost sounds like a bird but it is deer. my dad and grandpa always told me the same thing. Do you have a video of squirrels and blue jays whistling while deer are around.

Nov 22, 2011 Holy cow that was fast !
by: Brr Black Yes this is the one and only Brr Black. Like I said I wasnt being a doubter, just wanted to know if there some video out there with this deer whistling on it? Man this is a controversial topic ! Did I spell that right ? Why is my first comment on here twice ? Why am I such a smart-ass ? So many questions !

Nov 22, 2011 Br Black
by: Anonymous …all I can say Br Black is that it does happen. I live in the woods and see it all the time…It is not anything but deer. I have seen it and it does happen…Its not a blue jay or a squirrel. It sounds like a shrill “wheeep”. I have heard old timers and people through the years say the same thing. Deer can whistle.

Nov 22, 2011 But did you see them whistle?
by: Brr Black I dont doubt your storys, but I have noticed squirrels and blue jays whistle when deer are close to them. Kinda signaling each other.I’ve watched a lot of deer videos and spent a lot of time in the woods, and I’ve never seen this behavior. Does any one know where I can see a video of this deer whistling? Again Iam not tying to be a doubter, I just have to see this for myself. Thanks !

Nov 15, 2011 response to Emil
by: Anonymous is Kyle D. Knoth I am sure you heard the buck you saw. I read a book many years ago when I was a kid called “Flag.” It mentioned how the first thing mother doe taught the young buck was to listen for the whistle in the woods and he would always know where she was… I have always listened for the whistle since reading this. It wasn’t long before I too knew where they were at. If you listen closely, you can almost count how many are out there driving their way through the woods discretely.Kyle D. Knoth Delphi,IN

Nov 14, 2011 Buck Whistling
by: Emil – ontario Today I was hunting deer with 2 buddies.After lunch in the woods I sat quietly in an area where we had spotted a buck in the am . Suddenly I heard whistling which I had not heard before. None of my companions had whistled. I did not see the buck but I believe he had made the sound

Nov 13, 2011 Tonights hunt
by: Anonymous No problem. I heard a series of whistling tonight before I harvested a nice nine pointer. I urge people to listen for this while waiting. It will definitely que you to keep your eyes open and join in naturally with the herd. I found my hunt to be more successful by grunting and rattling while this whistling occurs. Give it a try and I am sure you will have success in the field.

Nov 13, 2011 Deer Whistle
by: B. Scott I’m glad to know someone else has heard Whitetail whistle besides me. There’s a Buck hangs out in the woods around my house and I hear 3 sharp, high whistles when he is walking around. Everyone looks at me like I am crazy!B. Scott

Oct 19, 2011 I believe ya’!
by: B.R,Y. I’am sorry if I came off like an idiot in my comment. I totally believe yor storys. Just because I never heard them whistle, doesnt mean they dont.I was just trying to be silly.

Oct 14, 2011 Deer Do Whistle
by: Anonymous I read most of the comments left and I am here to tell you that deer do in fact whistle. It is not a snort, blow, wheez, grunt, or anything of that nature…100% whistle…like a whheeep! This my is my scenario from my hunt this evening:I was in my groundblind with my back facing south. The wind blew east to west. I was facing the thicket located between a hay field and clover field. I watched four deer enter from the north heading south. They spread out like soldiers driving through while whistling to each other as they slowly came across to the south side of the thicket. I knew where each of them were only because I saw them split up. I watched them as they made it through the wooded area with out even visually seeing each other. It was amazing.Deer do this when they gather and enter a cross wind because it is how they communicate discretely.Think about it…the indians taught us many things about hunting…

Oct 05, 2011 Are you serious.
by: B.R.Yanney Maybe it was Bigfoot! Ha just kidden’.I have heard them wheeze-snort, grunt, stomp , blat, and rattle. But I dont’ claim to be the all knowing hunter dude.Maybe he/she an abnormal sinus cavity. Maybe it was a bird? Just as long as it wasnt whistling that anoying guns and roses song patience! lol.

Sep 10, 2011 Deer whistle
by: Anonymous I have had a doe whistle at me while hunting.It was a strong exhale through the nose.She did it repeatedly while standing in brush between me and her fawns.

Nov 17, 2010 yes they do
by: Anonymous Yes they do, its not a whistle its a called a blow. And i was sitting in my tree stand and this doe was right under me and my phone rang and the doe looked straight up at me and stood there and blew at me for like 2 minutes and then ran away blowing. Or if a big buck is trying to fight a buck or intimidate another buck its two fast blows and then a long one one second later.

Sep 24, 2010 Whistling Deer
by: Mary in Ohio I was outside last night, and I heard a deer whistle. It sort of sounded like a high pitched loon. My hubby & son who is an avid deer hunter kind of laughed at me, but now I have proof with your experiences too. Thanks.

Mar 18, 2010 deer whistling
by: ava a doe had twins. she brought them with her into the bottom field. she grazed while they lay near her in the grass. i heard a whistle, and after watching her several days, i realized it was the doe, but why? was she talking to her babies? i live in southeast, mo.

Nov 11, 2009 Deer whistle
by: Anonymous Yes, I have heard white tailed deer Bucks whistle on several occasions. This has always occurred when the Buck appeared nervous. He either could see me but not smell me or could smell me but not see me. The whistle is quite loud and lasts for only 1 to 2 seconds. In all cases the deer turned and ran away.

Oct 30, 2009 i heard them whistle
by: yes i have heard them

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4 thoughts on “Can Whitetail Deer Whistle??”

  1. I stopped my car one early evening when I spotted an adult deer near the road. It was whistling, to my amazement, since I had no idea that deer could whistle. Then within maybe 30 seconds, two fawns came running to the deer and began suckling: Clearly this was their mother.

  2. I was just sitting at my campsite when I heard a strange sound like air exhausting and looked behind me to see a doe walking in the woods. Then she did it again and this time I saw her do it! She sounded like a whistle coming out of her behind. It almost looked like it was vibrating. I’ve never seen anything like that and I see deer all the time.

  3. Culpepper Co, VA. Hunting on a friends property in mid-December, getting close to end of legal shooting hours. Saw a fawn, then 2 does not far behind. Heard one of the does whistle repeatedly, believe the previous posts about calling the young Whitetail were on point.

  4. 2009 hunting in the swamps of Louisiana with my younger cousin . We got separated and not wanting to whoop or yell his name I called him on his cell told him I would whistle and have him whistle back to locate where he was . So he is on the phone I say are you ready he replies yes so I whistle shew we weet . I asked him in the phone did you hear me? He says no so I do it louder and hear him whistle back . I ask him to whistle again so I can locate him and he said he never heard it . So I tell him I will whistle again let me know if you hear me so I do it and get a whistle reply back again . So I tell him he isn’t far away on the phone and he said he never heard me whistle . Back and forth I keep whistling getting a reply back every time getting closer. thinking it was him fooling around or another hunter . I whistle for the last time and hear water splash behind me . I quickly turn around and have a three point charging me . I shoot and the deer drops at my feet scared the crap out of me . We meet back up after he hears the shot an came to the conclusion the deer was whistling back at me thinking I was another deer in his territory he was communicating with.


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