How Many Hunters In The US In 2023?

How Many Hunters In The US

The short answer is a lot. However, putting an exact figure on the number of hunters in the US is a bit difficult due to many factors. We dug up as many statistics as we could to get a better idea of the current state of hunting in America, and we’ve laid it all out … Read more

US Hunting Statistics, Facts And Trends: Here Are The Numbers

2 Hunters In The US

The hunting community is a world all its own, and it can be difficult to fully understand its scope socially and economically without accurate statistics. At Deer Hunting Guide, we care about the future of hunting and wildlife conservation, for ourselves and the generations that come after us, so we wanted to do the research … Read more

10 Best Hunting Clothing Brands In 2023

Best Hunting Clothing Brands

The staff at Deer Hunting Guide all agree. Searching for hunting clothing has gotten a bit ridiculous. Online results spit out dozens of weirdly named brands with generic products clearly lacking in quality. We’ve found that the best way to narrow down your options is to only consider the top manufacturers. For us, these are … Read more

What Is The Hunter’s Most Important Item Of Clothing?

What Is The Hunter's Most Important Item Of Clothing?

From your boot’s first step into the woods to the rain falling on your hood as you sit in the tree stand, your clothes are participating in your hunt from start to finish. So what is the hunter’s most important item of clothing? It’s definitely hard to narrow it down to just one, but after … Read more

The Best Material for Hunting Clothes – A Guide for Hunters

Best Material For Hunting Clothes

Embarking on a hunting adventure requires not only skill and patience, but also the right gear to ensure success. The best material for hunting clothes can significantly impact your overall experience, from staying warm and comfortable to being able to move and perform efficiently. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of choosing the right … Read more

Best Place To Shoot A Deer With A Crossbow: Shot Placement Do’s And Don’ts

Best Place To Shoot A Deer With A Crossbow

Crossbow technology is advancing at an astounding pace. With several models boasting bolt speeds over 500 feet per second, these weapons have become especially popular with bowhunters wanting to make the most of the extended archery season. However, if you want to use this speed and power effectively, you need to understand appropriate shot placement … Read more

Different Types Of Deer Mounts Poses: Ideas For Your Next Trophy

Different Types Of Deer Mounts

At Deer Hunting Guide, we love finding the right combinations of mounts and positions to show off the trophy bucks we’ve taken and think you should too. From simple antler mounts to elaborate full body mounts, these are the different types of deer mounts and poses to give you some ideas for your trophy room.Let’s … Read more

Hunting Accident Statistics: Injuries, Fatalities, and Causes

Hunting Accident Statistics

As of 2021, 15.2 million Americans[1] hold hunting licenses, allowing them to participate in a time-honored tradition and treasured pastime. Because of the efforts of organizations like the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) and hunting and wildlife education programs, hunting has become even safer, and injuries have significantly decreased over the past several decades. We’ve tracked … Read more

How To String A Recurve Bow With And Without A Stringer

How To String A Recurve Bow

Hunting with the recurve bow is a throwback to more primitive times that many hunters enjoy. This practice can make you feel more aligned with the environment around you while keeping the atmosphere quiet. You may even want to start learning how to string a recurve bow without a bow stringer, for similar reasons. It’s … Read more

How to Focus Binoculars Correctly for Crystal Clear Viewing

How To Focus Binoculars

This is it: you finally bought a nice pair of binoculars to aid you during hunting season. Now, you can keep your eyes on the prize from a distance and prepare accordingly – only, the vision through your binoculars is blurry, and you can’t seem to get a clear view of the land.Many new hunters … Read more

When To Replace Bow String (Recurve-Compound)

When To Replace Bow String

Knowing when to replace a bowstring is essential to maintaining your compound bow or recurve. There are a couple of reasons why giving your bow the proper care is important. Safety is the biggest reason for keeping up with your bow’s maintenance and changing its strings regularly. If you don’t replace your bowstring in time, then … Read more

Proper Archery Form for Shooting Recurve and Compound Bows

Proper Archery Form

Compound and recurve bows are growing in popularity for hunting and target shooting. However, selecting the right bow is only the first step of the process. You should also pay attention to proper archery form.Getting to the point of having proper form in your muscle memory takes a lot of practice. Don’t be surprised if … Read more

Bow Draw Weight: How to Find What’s Right for You

Bow Draw Weight

Whether you are a seasoned bow hunter or completely new to archery, you need to know your ideal draw weight. This figure plays an important role in many elements of bow sports, from picking your first bow to buying new arrows.If you don’t have your bow draw weight right from the beginning, you won’t have … Read more

How To Measure Draw Length So You Get the Right Bow

How To Find Draw Length

In bowhunting, consistent accuracy is everything. Without proper form, you’ll experience strain and poor precision. To achieve the accuracy you desire, you need to accurately measure your draw length. In most instances, measuring draw length is as easy as stretching your arms wide! You’ll need to determine your correct draw length to take the next steps … Read more

Longbow vs Shortbow: What’s The Difference

Man shooting a shortbow on horseback

From a historical perspective, both longbows and shortbows have been useful to archers over the centuries. Armies and militaries used these weapons extensively, and longbow use continues to this day among hunters, hobbyists, or tribal peoples living in remote locations. Despite the many benefits they offer, the age-old question of longbow vs shortbow still rages on … Read more

How To Sight In A Crossbow (With a Scope)

sighting in a crossbow

The great thing about a crossbow is that it’s consistently accurate even without much training or practice on an archery range. However, to take advantage of this, your crossbow scope must be sighted in correctly. Luckily, this isn’t a difficult process if you know what you’re doing, which is why we created this step-by-step guide … Read more

How To Grind Deer Meat And What To Mix With Venison When Grinding

Grinding Venison with Added Fat

In addition to providing you with great tenderloin steaks and chops, successfully harvesting a deer also means plenty of meat for grinding, which you can easily do at home with your own meat grinder. Ground venison is culinarily versatile and allows you to use your deer for tons of recipes, from sausage and hamburgers to … Read more

Inexpensive Way To Feed Deer

Inexpensive Way To Feed Deer

Feeding deer can be expensive, but we love to do it, so each of our experts weigh in on an inexpensive way to feed deer in the winter and year round.Habitat destruction, disease, weather, and predators are just a few of the factors that can affect the deer population. Food loss is one of the … Read more

Hunting Clothes Storage – How To Wash And Store Your Gear

Hunting Clothes Storage

When it comes to hunting clothing, there is no better way to ensure your gear is ready for the next hunt than to store it properly, but before we do that, we must devise our plan to remove odors. This article will discuss ways to store hunting clothes without damage. There are many different types … Read more

Kuiu vs Sitka: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best Clothes

Sitka vs Kuiu

Do you want to be on the cutting edge of hunting gear and technology? A good hunting jacket or pair of hunting pants is more than just slapping a camo design on any old piece of hunting clothes. It means addressing other specific hunting concerns like insulation, waterproofing, noise and flexibility.Two companies are taking this … Read more

Is Sitka Gear Worth It? Why Is It So Expensive?

Is Sitka Gear Worth It

If you’re a regular hunter, you’ve probably come to hear about Sitka gear. Over the nearly two decades they’ve been around, they’ve taken the hunting community by storm with their quality gear that’s designed for the specific situations that hunters face every day in the field. This sounds great, of course, but there is a downside … Read more

How To Clean Binoculars (Inside/Outside/Lenses)

How To Clean Binoculars

Cleaning binoculars can be tricky if you are not familiar with the process. There are several actions that need to be performed in order to clean them effectively. This article will give you a good understanding of the proper way to care for and how to clean binoculars. These tips and tricks should allow you … Read more

How Far Can A Crossbow Shoot? Ethical Deer Hunting Range

Hunter Shooting A Crossbow

Crossbows have improved over the decades to become powerful but consistent weapons that beginner bowhunters can use successfully without needing a prohibitive amount of practice first. Plus, they often let you take advantage of the longer bowhunting seasons.Whether you use a recurve, a crossbow or compound bow, there are ethical concerns. An inaccurate shot could … Read more

Walk Back Tuning A Bow And Arrow Rest Explained

Walk Back Tuning

As you get more archery experience under your belt, you’ll probably start trying to make shots at longer distances. Unfortunately, you may find that something’s off. The arrows just aren’t landing where they’re supposed to. Even small problems in your bow’s tuning will lead to big effects on the arrow’s trajectory at long distances. This … Read more

How To Shoot a Crossbow For Beginners

How to shoot a crossbow

Crossbows caught on as weapons of war during the Medieval Period specifically because they were easy to use and required little training. This principle still makes them great options for target shooting or bow hunting today. A beginner can quickly start using their crossbow successfully as long as they follow proper shooting and safety methods. … Read more

70 Best Gifts For Hunters In 2023 (Unique/Father’s Day/Christmas)

Gifts For Hunters

September 06, 2023Shopping for hunters and fisherman can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our staff of hunters and fisherman share their top picks for best gifts for hunters this holiday season. These are the unique gifts that we would like to receive for Christmas or our birthday, Father’s Day, etc. There are over 70 … Read more

Crossbow Maintenance – How To Take Care Of Your Weapon

crossbow maintenance

Crossbows may have existed for thousands of years, but they are still sophisticated machines with moving parts that require care and respect on the part of their owners. Appropriate crossbow maintenance will not only keep your weapon functioning correctly for many more seasons than it would otherwise, but it will also improve bolt speed and … Read more

How To Uncock A Crossbow (Decock) – 5 Safe And Easy Ways

How to uncock a crossbow

Best case scenario, you’re uncocking your crossbow by shooting a deer or other game. However, any bow hunter knows the real world is often not that kind. Instead, you’re left sitting in your tree stand at the end of a long day, and your bolt is exactly in the same place it was when you … Read more

Different Types Of Crossbows Explained

Types Of Crossbows

In the market for a crossbow, but overwhelmed by all your options? Investing in your ideal weapon doesn’t have to be a complicated process.We’ve unpacked the major players, demystified the compound bow, introduced you to pistol and rifle crossbows, and explained how crossbow arrows work in our one-stop guide to getting started with crossbows.RELATED: Best Crossbow … Read more

Best Mineral Blocks For Deer(2023)Salt Licks–Protein–Antler Growth

Deer at a mineral block

January 18, 2023Mineral blocks are great for attracting deer to your property, but it is even more critical to the health of those deer you are trying to attract. Deer herd health is vital for breeding and also for harvesting meat. Mineral block ingredients can vary, but you will find the best mineral blocks for … Read more

How To Attract Deer To Your Property And Keep Them There

Deer feeding on attractant

By the time you finish reading this article, you will know exactly how to attract deer to your property and keep them there, whether you are hunting or you just want to watch deer in your yard. Attracting deer to your property can be a rewarding venture and can be just as enjoyable as the … Read more

Can A Felon Own A Bow And Arrow? How About A Crossbow?

Felon with a bow

If you’re adjusting to life with a felony conviction, you’ve probably got plenty of questions about how much of your normal life can be resumed, particularly when it comes to hunting season, like can a felon own a bow. Though federal laws will certainly leave you with some hunting restrictions – and the loss of … Read more

Do I Need A Right Or Left Handed Bow?

Archer shooting a right handed bow with both eyes open

There’s nothing you’d like to do more than pick up a bow, nock an arrow, strap on your bow release and head for the nearest target, but there’s one major stumbling block stopping you from doing so. You have no idea whether you need a right or left handed bow. It might seem like an … Read more

19 Must Have Bow Tuning Tools For Your Home Archery Shop

Bow Tuning Tools

Archery isn’t just about shooting targets and game. It’s just as fun to tune your bows and design arrows that get you the highest speed, most power and greatest accuracy. To do that, you need a fully stocked home archery shop that has all the bow tuning tools you need to address every detail of … Read more

Parts Of An Arrow Explained

Parts Of An Arrow

When you really dig into the anatomy of an arrow, there is a lot more going on than many folks realize. Each part of an arrow has a specific job and comes in a vast array of sizes, weights, colors, and materials. These components work together to create a lethal delivery system that, God-willing, helps fill … Read more

Different Types Of Bows For Archery and Hunting

Types Of Bows

Going to an archery supply store can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many types of bows made of so many different materials, which are you supposed to get? While a certain amount will come down to your personal preferences, most of it will depend on what you want to do with the bow. … Read more

JerkyGent Reviews – Is It A Great Snack For Your Hunting Pack?

JerkyGent Subscription Box

Today we are going to share JerkyGent reviews from our staff of hunters as well as from our readers, so you can decide if you should add this to your hunting pack, or as a gift to your favorite hunter.What is JerkyGent?JerkyGent is a beef jerky subscription box, where they send you a box of … Read more

How To Choose A Recurve Bow Buyers Guide – With Size Chart

Woman Shooting a recurve bow

For thousands of years, the elegant design of the recurve bow has enchanted civilizations around the world. Simple but powerful, these types of bows are fun for beginners and experts alike and suitable for both target shooting and bowhunting. To get the most out of recurve archery, you have to choose the right bow and … Read more

What Is The Best Wood To Make A Bow

Osage Orange Bow

Do you like archery? Do you like woodworking? Have you ever considered putting them together? Bow making, sometimes called bowying, is becoming an increasingly popular hobby that’s fun, relaxing, and turns out a tool that you can use for your other favorite hobbies like archery or bowhunting.Whether you’re a new bowyer or an experienced one … Read more

Compound Bow vs Recurve: Which is Better for Hunting and Why?

Compound Bow Technique

The compound bow vs recurve are two viable choices for bowhunting. Both styles have their respective areas where they excel. A “best choice hunting bow” will depend on your individual goals.With thousands of years between them, the compound bow and recurve are examples of two weapon innovations separated by an immense span of time. The … Read more

Crossbow vs Compound Bow – Which is Best for You?

Crossbow vs Compound Bow 2

Crossbow vs compound bow; these are two great archery options for hunters. But which one is best for you? Maybe both.If you’re trying to decide between a crossbow and compound bow for your bow hunting rig, you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, the great debate between the two can make it hard to decipher … Read more

Dry Firing a Bow – What Happens and Why Is It Bad?

Dry Firing A Bow

A snap, a twang, probably a curse word. Even if you haven’t dry fired a bow yourself, you’ve likely seen this sequence of events play out if you practice on the range in the off season. Dry fires are a common occurrence among archers, and not just noobies either. Even the most experienced bowhunters can suffer … Read more

10 Best Deer Hunting Books in 2023

Best Deer Hunting Books

There is nothing better than curling up in front of the fire with good deer hunting books after a day in the woods. This is the finest collection of deer hunting books available today. You can learn from each author’s years of deer hunting experience, helping to eliminate some of the mistakes that most of us … Read more

Single Cam vs Dual Cam Compound Bows—Which Is Better and Why?

single cam vs dual cam

It took you long enough to decide on a compound bow vs recurve. Little did you know, it’s not that simple. Now you have to choose between single cam and dual cam—and all the different types of dual cam!Most likely, your buddies, the guy behind the counter at the archery supply store, your mom and … Read more

Blessed to Be a Deer Hunter

Blessed to be a deer hunter

I came across this video of Brian Holloway talking about how blessed we are in this country to be able to deer hunt. Watch the video and let me know what you think. Brian Holloway is a Pastor and a proud American and he puts it all in perspective in this short, but inspiring video.

Food Plot Progress

Protected Soybeans in Food Plot

All that hard work putting in a food plot is starting to pay off! As I wrote about in Spring Food Plots for Deer,  I use Imperial Whitetail Clover and Eagle Seed Soybeans for my plots. The clover in this plot is 2 years old and it is looking great! While the deer really like the … Read more

Spring Food Plots for Deer

spring food plots

Now is the time to begin preparing spring food plots for the upcoming deer season! It may seem a little early, but with the warm weather that we have been having, now is the perfect time to begin preparing your site for a food plot. While it is a good time to begin preparing the … Read more

Ohio Deer Hunting Report

Ohio Buck

I just returned from a successful deer hunting trip and wanted to fill you in with an Ohio deer hunting report! The first week that I was there, the weather was terrible. I’m talking highs near 80 in the first week of November! Definitely not conducive to deer movement and while I was seeing some … Read more

FREE Flashlight!

Free flashlight

Hey Everybody, I wanted to share this amazing FREE Flashlight offer with you! A good friend of mine sent me this offer and I ordered my FREE Flashlight right away! I’ve got to tell you, this thing rocks! It’s the perfect size to fit in your pack and it’s super bright when you need it. … Read more

Deer Hunting Jokes

deer hunting joke

Our collection of Deer Hunting Jokes! There’s nothing better than deer hunting humor to bring a smile to your deer hunter’s face! LOL!!! Feel free to share each of these deer hunting jokes on facebook, twitter and wherever else you would like! Image related Deer Hunting Jokes! “Whats the cheapest type of meat?” “Deer balls, … Read more

Best Deer Hunting Times

best deer hunting times

How can you determine the best deer hunting times so that you can make the most of the deer movement today? We all know that, with the exception of the rut, deer are most active at dawn and dusk, but there are instances when we see deer activity at odd times of the day. What is … Read more

A Buck named Scar

A buck named Scar

A buck named Scar. Sometimes it takes an obsession, and aggressive, risky tactics to put a big old buck on the ground. Check out this buck named Scar!

Ohio Deer Hunting Lease

Ohio Deer Hunting Lease

I just returned from my Ohio deer hunting lease. I have 93 acres in Miegs County. It is an awesome piece of ground with a couple of funnels that are sure to produce during the rut. I was out there for a few days to hang treestands and cut shooting lanes, as well as, check … Read more

Trail Cam Pics

trail cam pic

The #1 Source For Trail Cam Pics On The Internet. There is nothing like looking at pictures of trophy bucks to get your adrenalin flowing! These trail cam pics have been submitted by our readers as well as by our pro staff. Are you working a good buck? Send us your trail camera pics and we … Read more

Urban Deer Hunting In Connecticut

Urban Ct Buck

Joe Tucker’s Urban Deer Hunting Buck I was just about to put another log on the fire when the phone rang, startling my old retriever Buddy from his January slumber. It was my good friend Joe Tucker from Whitetail Solutions llc. “Got a good one this morning.” Joe said matter of factly. “How big?” I … Read more

Ohio Deer Hunting – Muzzleloader Record Buck

Ohio Muzzleloader Record Buck

Ohio Muzzleloader Record Buck New Ohio Muzzleloader Record Buck Could Have Longest Main Beams Ever Recorded. Comments for Ohio Deer Hunting – Muzzleloader Record Buck Aug 19, 2010 SWEET by: Dylan I’m pretty sure I saw this in a recent issue of Field & Stream, this is ONE NICE BUCK. Jan 17, 2010 WHERE’S THE … Read more

Free Waterproof Firestarter! While Supplies Last!


Hey Everybody, We have a limited supply of these. Waterproof, windproof. Get them while they last! Click Here! Comments for Free Waterproof Firestarter! While Supplies Last! Mar 22, 2015 This is awesome! by: John Everybody should have one of these! Simply click here to return to Deer Hunting Stories.

Deer Hunting Video Clips

Deer Hunting Video Clips

Below you will find deer hunting video clips that we have filmed throughout the season. It starts with a deer we called Droopy as he walked right underneath our tree stand and then you will find video clips of us harvesting deer during the season, including one video clip where kill two deer in one … Read more

Deer feeding times

moon guide

Does anyone believe in planning hunts according to major deer feeding times? I usually hunt whenever I can get away from work, but if I’m planning a special trip to hunt for multiple days, I usually look at the feeding chart to pick a weekend. I just found a new website that seems pretty good: … Read more

Alabama Hunters Helping The Hungry

Alabama hunters helping the hungry

How Alabama Hunters Helping the Hungry Works Hunters field dress the deer and take it to a processor participating in the Alabama Hunters Helping the Hungry program. The hunter is not charged to donate the venison, but hunters may voluntarily pay processing fees to provide more venison for food banks to distribute. The deer is … Read more

Ohio Deer Hunting

Ohio Deer Hunting

Ohio deer hunting continues to top the list of trophy whitetail destinations due in large part to an excellent deer management program. Ohio’s deer management program is designed to control the state’s deer herd by harvesting does, while maintaining a very conservative buck harvest. Deer hunters are allowed to harvest one antlered deer in Ohio … Read more

Connecticut Deer Hunting

ct deer hunting

Connecticut deer hunting continues to shine as an extremely long archery season with very liberal bag limits, and a peak rut gun season make the nutmeg state a great place to bag a trophy buck. The general trophy deer hunting hotspots are the northeastern and northwestern parts of the state, due largely to an abundance … Read more

Alaska Deer Hunting

alaska deer hunting map

Alaska deer hunting is limited to the pursuit of the sitka blacktail deer in the coastal regions of the state. The Sitka black-tailed deer is smaller, stockier, and has a shorter face than other members of the black- tailed group. The average October live weight of adults is about 80 pounds for does and 120 … Read more

Alabama Deer Hunting

alabama deer hunting

Alabama deer hunting continues to top the list of hunter friendly destinations. With a deer herd topping an estimated 1.75 million animals and one of the most liberal seasons in the country, is it any wonder that hunters love this state. The Alabama deer hunting season covers 108 days annually and hunters may harvest both … Read more

Still Sick

by Randall (Houston) I was hunting the rut in Junction, Texas and had only seen a few small bucks. A couple of doe came within 60 yards of my stand when I saw movement in the corner of my eye. The biggest buck I personally have ever seen was angling toward me and the doe … Read more

New Product Release! Slumper Seats Replacement Treestand Seats

slumper seats

by Admin Slumper Seats Replacement Tree Stand Seats Whether your tree stand seat has been chewed by the squirrels, got weather worn or is just plain uncomfortable. Slumper seats are the seats your backside will be happy you have installed onto your stand. Made in America and using only the highest quality fabrics to keep … Read more

Alaska Deer Hunting Season

alaska deer hunting season

Alaska deer hunting season is limited to zones 1 thru 8 on the states southern coast. Alaska deer hunting seasons are subject to change and sometimes are closed abruptly due to the adverse affects of a particularly severe winter. Be sure to check with the Alaska Fish and Game Department before planning your hunt. Below … Read more

Alaska Deer Hunting Guides

Alaska Deer Hunting Guide

Alaska deer hunting guides go through a rigorous licensing process to be sure they are capable of handling the types of situations which can arise on an Alaska deer hunt. The guides listed below are licensed and fully equipped to handle all of your Alaska deer hunting needs. The best way to find the right … Read more

Still Trying To Fill the Doe Tags

by Shawn (Schuylkill haven Pa) Hello there everyone, it’s the hunter from Pa. I am still trying to fill the doe tags and not having very good luck. Since the last time I wrote we have got 2 good snow storms and lots of deer signs in the cut down corn fields and under my … Read more


by Garrett Harness (Arkansas) Stickers is a monster white tail buck that me and my dad has been hunting for 2 years.Finally one day i went out on a Thursday morning deer hunting it was youth season and there were 2 does out in the field about 900 yards away we tried to sneak up … Read more

Hunt To Feed – Donate Your Deer To Feed The Hungry

hunt to feed

by John VanDerLaan (Connecticut) Hunters helping the hungry in Connecticut through Hunt To Feed! Despite news reports to the contrary…You can, in fact, donate the deer that you harvest in Connecticut to local food banks! The deer management consultants at Whitetail Solutions have started a program called Hunt to Feed. This innovative program allows Connecticut … Read more

stuck in a rut

by matthew (corydon, in. ) i live in indiana are season opens oct. 1st. i had seen numerous bucks 150 class and up … nothing … i know bucks have a home core area they stick to before the rut , then move…. and travel far off… what id like to know is will they … Read more

Still the Same

by Dianna Ware (Galveston, Texas USA) As a child my father would go deer hunting in Hondo, Tx. I was the oldest of 3 Daughters. So I would get to go out hunting with him. Back in those days their weren’t blinds to hunt out of; if their were I never seen one. We would … Read more

Still trying to fill the doe tags

by Shawn (Schuylkill Haven) Well Happy New Year everyone. It’s me again, the Pa white tail hunter. It’s January 2nd 2011 and tomorrow I am going out to try to find that doe that is calling for the open space in my freezer. It has not snowed very much and what snow did fall has … Read more

Super Deer

by Jared Peglow (Defiance, Ohio) I am 14 years old and this happened when i was 11. My neighbor told me to come hunting with him sometime. Then a week later i called my neighbor up and we went early the next morning (btw i didnt have a gun). So we set up in a … Read more

Big Game Logic

big game logic

by Jeff Schmitz (Wisconsin) Big Game Logic is an interactive deer tracking resource that enhances the traditional scouting process and increases your chances of harvesting that dream buck this hunting season. Big Game Logic provides you with an innovative format for virtually tracking herd movement, journaling hunts, and privately storing treestand, trail camera, and food … Read more

Hot Logic 400 Macrowave 4-Shelf Ultimate Slow Cooker Oven

hot logic 400

by Jerry K. (Wisconsin) Hot Logic 400 Macrowave 4-Shelf Ultimate Slow Cooker Oven I recently had the opportunity to field test a product called the hot logic 400 oven from www. After testing the hot logic 400, I thought to myself this would be a great product for all the hunters, fishermen, and campers … Read more

Deer Hunting opportunity of a lifetime in West Central Illinois

Illinois Fam Buck

by Jeff Schlehofer (Dallas City, Illinois) I have been an avid sportsman for quite some time and have enjoyed hunting one of the most beautiful farms in west central illinois that I own. There are few farms like the 378 plus acre farm that I have in Henderson county and there are Bucks running the … Read more

Illinois Deer Hunting club forming in jersey Co. Illinois (limited members)

Illinoise trophy buck outfitters

by Eric Howard (Calhoun Co. Illinois) Illinois Trophy Buck Outfitters is forming a new Illinois deer hunting club for the 2009/2010 Illinois deer hunting season and beyond that will consist of 20 club members total per year. The club is offering partial and full memberships. The club will have many benefits which will include … Read more

Ohio Trail Camera Pictures

ohio giant buck

The #1 Source For Ohio Trail Camera Pictures On The Internet. We have just recently retrieved some great Ohio trail cam pics from our Ohio deer hunting lease and we have also included Ohio trail cam pics sent to us from our readers. What an amazing scouting tool these trail cams can be, we’ve used … Read more


Red Deer Stag

by JULIO SAMEK (Argentina) Dear Friends, In this year that has just begun, we are going to realize your hunting dream. How? Inviting you and your friends to have a great time at our hunting safari “Hunters Cave” in La Pampa, Argentina. We would like for you to send this e-mail to anyone that you … Read more

Missouri Deer Hunting Outfitter

iron duck hunting buck

by Daniel Guyer (Missouri) Missouri Deer Hunting Iron Duck Hunting specializes in Whitetail deer hunting adventures. Our locations are in North West Missouri. They run from Smithville 7200 acre lake area to Mound City Missouri Squaw Creek National Wild Life Area and surrounding areas. Lodging and meals provided with three and five day rates. … Read more

Any tips on hunting AEP’s land in Zanesville Ohio for deer/gun?

AEP Lands

I plan on hunting AEP’s land in a few weeks for deer/gun. I have never been there before. Are there tree stands? Where is a good spot? Where should I park? Is it really crowded? Tips to be safe? What time to go out? Can I use a deer attractant? Response from “First off, … Read more

Deer Hunting Journal 2008

Huge Whitetail Buck

Opening Day 2008 September 15 2008 I could see the buck coming through the thick underbrush. He moved carefully…deliberately…His senses on high alert. My heart was racing as he slowly closed the gap between us. 30 yards…25 yards…20 yards…I drew my bow undetected…just as he was about to step into my shooting lane…the alarm went … Read more