Best Deer Hunting Times

Written By John VanDerLaan 

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best deer hunting times

How can you determine the best deer hunting times so that you can make the most of the deer movement today?

We all know that, with the exception of the rut, deer are most active at dawn and dusk, but there are instances when we see deer activity at odd times of the day.

What is it that makes deer more active on some days than others?

According to some experts, the moon has a very strong impact on deer activity, and we can accurately predict when the deer are most active by studying how they move according the phase of the moon and whether the moon is overhead or underfoot.

Enter the solunar tables. These tables forecast when the deer will be most active and then we can accurately forecast the best deer hunting times.

Using a Solunar table to determine the best deer hunting times.

The idea that deer activity and deer movement today is influenced by the position of the moon was first presented in 1926 by John Alden Knight and is known as Solunar Theory.

Research has shown that the major activity periods coincide with when the moon is either directly overhead or directly underfoot. These are the best deer hunting times.

If we couple the moon being overhead or underfoot with sunrise or sunset, these are the absolute best deer hunting times to be in the woods!

Using the Moon Guide to determine the best deer hunting times.

Another great tool for determining deer movement today and when to be in your tree stand is the Deer Hunters Moon Guide.

best deer hunting times

The Deer Hunters Moon Guide was introduced in the 1990’s by Jeff Murray, a writer and hunter from Minnesota.

The Moon Guide quickly gained recognition as many hunters claimed to be able to predict deer movement today and had great success by being in the woods during the best deer hunting times according to the guide.

One of the hunters that claimed he was having amazing success using the guide was Adam Hays from Ohio.

Adam wasn’t kidding! He has taken 9 bucks over 170 inches using the guide! Including 3 over 200 inches!

Adam contacted Jeff and the two became friends and hunted together on a number of occasions. Murray became sick and unfortunately, passed away in 2010. Without Murray, the Moon Guide fell by the wayside until the family contacted Hays about the possibility of resurrecting guide.

The Moon Guide is now in the hands of Adam and you can get your copy at the best price here.

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