Deer feeding times

Does anyone believe in planning hunts according to major deer feeding times? I usually hunt whenever I can get away from work, but if I’m planning a special trip to hunt for multiple days, I usually look at the feeding chart to pick a weekend. I just found a new website that seems pretty good: Solunar Forecast.

deer feeding times

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Aug 10, 2015 Always plan hunts with deer feeding times in mind!
by: We always use the solunar forecast to determine the best times to be in our stand. We also use the Moon Guide. These are just some of the tools that we use to stack the odds in our favor. Are they always spot on? No, but any advantage that we can get is worth taking! There is definitely an influence from the moon and sun and it can be seen in fish feeding behavior as well as deer feeding behavior. I have been researching this for an in depth article and I have been very intrigued by the data that I have collected. It is extremely difficult to determine if the deer feeding activity can be directly attributed to the moon and sun because of the constant influence of other factors like weather fronts, barometric pressure, hunting pressure, predators, etc. Even with all of those extenuating factors, I am amazed at the accuracy of the solunar tables and their ability to predict the peak times of deer activity. I would suggest that you get your own Moon Guide, or use the link above to check the tables for your area. Make yourself aware of the predictions and do your own research to see if they pan out in your area. I think you will be surprised at how accurately they can predict the major deer feeding times.

Nov 30, 2015 Awesome resource!
by: Anonymous Similar to the Moon Guide! Top Times are when the moon is under foot!

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