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Best Deer Hunting Stories From Our Readers

Chris Blackwell with a big South Carolina Buck and Spud

Big South Carolina Buck And A Dog Named Spud

Submitted by Chris Blackwell I slowly raise my grandfather’s .270 and put it on the gun rest and the rest dropped down, luckily not spooking or alerting this monster! I reset and put the crosshairs dead on his shoulder, I knew I had to move quickly because he was on a mission! I took a breath, let half out, as my father had taught me since I started hunting years ago.

Paul's Buck

Pure Sportsmanship

Submitted by Paul Zelinsky It was the last day of rifle season 2:30 in the afternoon. I was going to give up and go home. I had a disappointing season from hot, cold, rain, snow, sleet to a truck driving down the gas line where I sat one day. I figured I’d stay and I heard a noise!

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Luke Kontros Buck

Another Madison County Fencerow Buck

By Luke Kontras. Last year, I posted a story about a giant buck I shot on a fencerow in Madison County, OH on November 1st. This year was a little different, but the result was much the same on November 5th, on a fencerow about 2 miles from last year’s bow kill.

Dalton's buck

What I Live For

By Dalton Browning. It was Jan 5th, 1400hr as I grabbed my gear out of my truck with lots of excitement! It's the late season, fresh soft snow on the ground, crisp, cold 28 degree air being blown in my face from the North, “perfect” I said to myself.

2019- One More Year In The Life Of The Luckiest Hunter Alive

Crawford scores

By George R Naugle I left for camp the morning of Sunday, November 10. Dave, Larry, and Crawford were also scheduled to be there. Since this week should be the peak of the rut, we wanted to hunt the entire week, or at least until we did some deer harvesting.

Father Daughter Hunt

A Message Received…

By Kelly James In May of this year, I lost my dad after a four year long battle with cancer. I lost many things that day, one of them being my hunting buddy that I shared many hours with in the woods, waiting and watching in hopes of seeing deer in the area where we sat in the early morning or late afternoon.

Luke Kontras Buck

The Forgotten Fence Row

By Luke Kontras. It was October 30th and I was frustrated. I had worked all summer hanging trail cameras and treestands in an effort to bag a trophy buck. Bowhunting whitetails runs in my family. My dad, William D. Kontras, killed the Ohio State Record Typical Buck 

Dan Beyer Buck

September 27 Urban Archery Hunt by Dan Beyer of WhiteTail Solutions

Well I wasn’t going to let our local forecasters spoil another hunt for me so I planned accordingly. I packed my truck with all of my archery gear, set the alarm clock for 4AM and sure enough…they were wrong again.

mercer county buck

Buck of a Lifetime, Monster Mercer County PA Buck

By Alex Digregorio. On the morning of December 5, 2008, my dad took off work while I took off school. We went over to a family property of our uncles and cousins. It was known for some giant bucks. We arrived about 7:30 am.

Backward buck

The Backwards Buck

By Jesse Kontras. The day was November 13. I had hunted hard all season but to no avail. After classes in Findlay, Oh, I got in my truck and headed south to the central Ohio area. After arriving at home, I threw on my camo and headed to my stand.

Fathers Rifle

My Fathers Rifle

By SSG Robert Soucy. I’ve been hunting deer since before I knew it. At 5 yrs old I remember waiting for word of my fathers return from his hunting trip to Vermont. When he finally pulled into the driveway with a buck on the roof of the station wagon I would leap with joy and run around the house yelling for everyone to come out and see.

ted nugent buck

One of My Favorite Stories. Even if you don’t care about hunting.

Ted Nugent, rock star and avid bow hunter from Michigan , was being interviewed by a liberal journalist, an animal rights activist. The discussion came around to hunting. The journalist asked...

opening day

Bitter Sweet Opening Day

This story isn’t about winning a writing contest. There will be no descriptive encounters with a grey muzzled buck stepping out of a foggy mist. Instead, I hope you take away a sense of deep reflection on your time in the woods and those you share it with.

Rexs Roost Circle

Rex’s Roost – A Hunting Story From Long Ago

By Rex Holmes, Jr. It was 48°, pitch black and not a star in the sky, as the overnight shower finally slowed. Every raindrop dripping from the trees, sounded like a far off gunshot as it hit the wet leaf-covered forest floor. I shivered slightly because I was damp from walking in the light drizzle the mile and a quarter from camp, to this perch on the slope of a steep side hill.

Youth Weekend Hunt with kids

Youth Weekend Hunting With Kids

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since the last youth weekend in Tennessee and our participation in The Kids Hunting For A Cure event. This hunt was just as special as the first we participated in.

Why Men Kill Deer

Why Men Kill Deer

By Larry Oakley. “We kill them because we love them.” At that early age I had not yet isolated the fact, although I had seen it’s signs, that hunting is a lonely sport, that a hunter is essentially a lonely man, more often than a “lone” man; and the bigger the game, the lonelier it gets.

Black Bear Responding To Rattling Antlers

Unexpected Result: Bear Responding To Rattling Antlers

Hunting Story with a twist By Brian Bontomase. One of the coolest hunting experiences that we have heard in a while. Brian tells the story of when he rattled in a black bear during archery season!

Locked antlers

Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer Locked Antlers

By Mathew Oloughlin. I found two deer locked together by their antlers. One happens to be a whitetail & the other is a mule deer! I am trying to find out how rare of a find this truly is? 

a guiding life

A Red-Neck Country Boy Bares His Red, White & Blue Soul

Part Ernest Hemingway, part Grizzly Adams, and part downhome philosopher, Mark Shepard is 100% American. His story of near-death experiences, hunting adventures, tournament fishing competitions, family bonds, and an
overarching love for the outdoors will entertain, inform, and inspire everyone.

Kentucky Record Buck with Crossbow

2nd Chance Booner

By Denver R.Crouch. I’ve been a die hard compound bow hunter for 29 years but, due to shoulder replacement surgery on July 26, 2010 I thought my 2010 deer season would be lost. But after talking it over with my Surgeon he gave me the OK to use a crossbow, which I have never owned nor even fired.

Jessica Mcconnell Buck

My Very First Buck!

 Hi my name is Jessica Mcconnell and I am seventeen years old, I wanted to tell you about my very first buck I killed in Jefferson county, Ohio. It's not very big but I was happy for my first kill. Here is my story!

this is why you kill coyotes

This is Why You Kill Coyotes

By Larry Oakley. The photos attached to an email that I received on December 15, 2011 may look like a murder to some people. But to me the real crime was the subject line of the email. It read, “This is why you kill coyotes.”

First Deer

My First Deer

By Alex Hitter. It’s often hard for my friends to understand the exact joys and “fun” of hunting. I typically get the same response, the “Aww, why would you want to kill a deer?” It must be something to do with the fact that I’m a girl, and at first glance people would not consider me as “tough.”

Buddies First Buck

Buddies 1st Buck

November 20th 2016. Snow storm to blow in over night bringing 2 inches within a few hours, crazy wind blowing in our face all day (perfect for our back stands) handful of “expert” level hunters telling us that we were crazy. My buddy and I set out to prove everyone wrong.

Big 7 Point Buck

Go With Your Gut

A few years ago I went hunting with my dad on my birthday. I was very excited because I had just finished my hunters safety course and couldn’t wait to put it into practice. Well on that day it was probably 50 degrees out and cloudy.

Big Bucks on the Rosebud

Great Big Bucks on the Rosebud

By Scott Winston. Use caution if you decide to hunt the great big bucks on the Rosebud. Caution, not in the sense that you will find yourself in danger, but caution, in that the mystique of this country will take root in your soul and it will be very difficult to break away.

Mule deer bucks

My First Mule Deer Hunt

It was 5:30am and my alarm jolted me out of a slumber. Today was the day!! A few days earlier my brother, dad and I had boarded a airplane in Boston and flew to Denver CO. We met up with my uncle the next day to hunt mule deer.

Winston County Buck

Winston County Deer

By Richard Burton. I have lived in Winston County 45 years. I spent 20 years hunting deer in Pickens on 500 acres that was a dear paradise! I sold my interest in that land and now hunt exclusively on 200 acres that I own in Winston County, between Haleyville and Double Springs.

black cat

Westchester NY Big Cats

I live in the suburbs of Northern Westchester, and my property adjoins Blue Mountain Reservation. I saw two big black cat sightings in the past few months, as well as a mountain lion or cougar on my driveway. The big black cats looked like black panthers.

Big Whitetail Buck


What is the deal with all these hunting clubs that have set their standards so high a member never kills a buck. I have deer hunted in Alabama for 35 years and can count the 130s on one hand. Whats wrong with killing a deer when you spend your time and money hunting them?

Gray November Woods

The Cold, Gray November Woods

By LW Oakley. You are often alone, silent and still while hunting in the cold, grey November woods. Being alone with your thoughts in a dark secretive place gradually heightens your sense of awareness.

Woman Hunter

Ready For November

By Stephanie. I was introduced to wonderful activity of hunting later in life. The first time I ever shot a gun I was 19 years old. No one in my family hunts or even owns a firearm besides me. I was introduced to hunting by a former boyfriend. Well he's long gone, but my passion for the sport is stronger now than it was before.

Bull elk

Perfect Elk Hunt at Banded Peak Ranch

I have been waiting for my elk hunt since last September when I had to leave Colorado earlier than expected to make it home for my anniversary. I obviously got married before I became addicted to elk hunting, since my anniversary is September 20.

Texas Buck

Passing the Buck

By Dewaine Waak. I started chasing whitetails in 1972, I suffered from “buck fever” early on, my dad tried to work with me to calm down and concentrate on a target, instead of just seeing the rack.

Hunters on horseback

Opening Day Deer Season in Virginia

By Robert. We set out for our favorite public hunting land. We got there around 9am to get ready and set in. As there are a lot of hikers and horse back riders on the trails it wont hurt us to be walking in at this time.

Orange army

Ohio Tuff

Every year, it never fails, we follow, we watch we address all problems that we can control and think that might happen in the places we hunt, which is public land. In yes the hottest places in Ohio, Muskingum County, Coshocton and a few others, and it never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of some hunters.

Ohio Buck

Ohio Buck Down

By Patrick Marion. It was the afternoon of November 5 and I was hunting public land in Vintion Ohio. I was siting on the edge of a cutover and open woods with a hard funnel for deer. I had set this same spot the previous year and seen a real brute but never got a shot on him.

Minnesota buck

November's Thrill - My Hunting Story

By Darryl Hutchinson. Hi, I’m Darryl and this is a story of my most tense deer hunt to date. It was the middle of the first 2014 firearms season in southeastern Minnesota. I pulled up to the edge of the cornfield that wrapped the woods where I would be hunting that evening.

Buck on the ridge at sunset

Not Once, But Twice

The following hunting story happened this year in Kentucky and what a heartbreaking one it is. After hunting in Kentucky last season and not seeing a single buck I got connected with a farmer down there in Harrison Co. After many conversations over the phone I finally convinced him to let us hunt on his property 

illinois buck

Illinois Deer Hunting Real Estate...Boone and Crocket Property

John was kind enough to let me share with you a parcel of property that I have owned for over 11 years. If you have access to loopnet you can visualize the property and some of the Deer taken from the property.

Meditations on Hunting

Honouring The Dead

By LW Oakley. When you pull the trigger you don’t hear the BANG either or feel the gun jolt against your shoulder. You only see the deer. Your lives collide in that moment but have been connected from the day you began your search to find him.

kentucky buck

Deer Hunting Tip From Kentucky

Hunt the BIG rubs! Find a funnel that has BIG rubs and offers enough concealment to make the big guys feel comfortable passing through. This will increase your odd’s of bagging a bruiser tremendously in the pre-rut and rut.

Do deer whistle

Can Whitetail Deer Whistle?

While hunting in the Adirondacks this weekend I had a very strange thing happen. I tracked a large buck for over a mile when I came upon an area of thick cover. I did a few grunts and rattles but to my surprise I got not one but several whistle back.

Black Panther

Big Black Cat!!!

By B.R.Yanney. OK this is something most hunters don’t believe when I tell this story. I live here in northeast PA. I wasn’t going to share this story, but recently on the animal planet I saw a show about it, so here it goes.

boy hunting deer

Hard Earned Deer

By Mike Mitchell. I grew up in the southeast corner of Minnesota, down near the Mississippi River. Through my early childhood I would revel in talking to grown ups about any deer experience they had throughout their lives.

Memories with dad

A Chance Of A Life Long Memory Dedicated to my Dad with love

When I sat down to write this story, I never imagined how clear the memory would be until I began. My father and I have always been close through out my years of growing up, mainly on the ballfields. We ate, slept and lived softball. As I grew older into my late 20’s, I decided to experience a new sport.

First Buck

My First Buck!!

By Trent Knutson. It was the day before the first shotgun weekend here in Illinois. My dad had to skin and cut up all the meat from his forkie he got a week ago, so I was on my own. I got to my favorite stand, known as the end stand, say around 3:30. For the longest time I sat there just waiting to see if anything would move by itself.

Clay's buck

My First Deer Story 2013

By Pennie VanWinkle. My son Clay is 13, he shot his first deer (A 12 point with a palmated horn, older deer, once in a lifetime kind of thing!!!!!!) in Willis TX at my Aunt and Uncles property also known as the “Is She Blue Ranch”.

Two deer

The Unexpected Deer kill

By Caleb. It was the second day of rifle season in central Michigan when my dad and I decide to go out for the morning hunt. My dad drove me to my spot that I would hunt that day. The fog was so thick that it was impossible to see more that thirty yards in all directions.

Man and woman hunting

Advice For a Newbie...Girl

I’ve got a terrific boyfriend and an interest in joining him in his favorite pastime, deer hunting. He’s a bit skeptical, but I’m determined to make a good showing and not humiliate myself. Please help with any tips/tricks

whitetail buck in the rain

Wet and Raining Day

By Dan Lingevitch. I had been looking forward to the opening day of deer season for months. As the day approached I checked the weather channel to see what the weather would be hoping for bright clear skies but what they weather prediction was 60-70% showers overcast with a high in the 60s.

Dad and son Hunting

First Time

By Kelly James. I remember everyday I’ve spent in the woods as though it were yesterday. The memories are some of the best in my life, most likely because it was time dad and I got to be father and son.

Smoke Pole Hunting

The Old Smoke Pole

By Jacob. One cold afternoon my dad and I had just gotten to our hunting spot. We had never been to this farm before, so we didn't really know where to set up. So we just set up in the best spot we could find. As we sat in our chairs for about 1hr 30min I spotted 3 big does coming from our right at about 80 yards.

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First Year Buck

First Year First Buck

By Hunter. I had begged my parents to take me hunting since first grade. They are not much for hunting, so I did not get my wish until my uncle invited me when I was 15. He set me and my dad up in a shooting house in November.

Muzzleloader deer hunting

A Bad Ending To A Crazy Year

By Mark Trent. I have a few hunting stories to tell, just some crazy things that happened to me this year. First hunt starts a week later of the Ohio gun season, which I was successful in harvesting a mature doe, but this day I had a feeling that it was going to be a good day.

Jefferson County Buck

Jefferson County, Ohio Deer Hunting

I have been invited to go hunting in Jefferson county, Ohio this season. Is this a good area for a chance at harvesting a trophy buck, and what is the best time to be there?

Half rack Buck

My Half Rack

 I just turned 12 so I couldn’t get my adult license, but I got a mentored youth program license. It was a very bitter morning. It was snowing and I was very cold. We hadn’t seen a deer all year so I didn’t know how it was going to turn out.

Deer Noise

Deer Noise

Hunting Story by Kim Fontenot. I was recently hunting in Missouri when I had a 10 point chasing a doe. Every now and then he would make a deer noise that I had never heard a deer make in the wild or on video. I have heard this similar sound from a barnyard goat.. It is like a sneeze..

Chicadee in hand

Theres Birds on Me! -“How I got my 9 Pointer”

Story by B.R.Yanney. One year I was hunting from this permanent wood stand. Two days in a row I saw this 9 pointer pass about 50 yards away. So I put a hanging stand where I thought I saw this buck traveling.

Two Deer

Double Surprise

It was the last day of the season that my father and I could hunt together, and we needed meat. Sunset is upon us, so in a last ditch effort my father calls me and tells me to position myself for a two man drive in which he would walk a ridge and hopefully run them down to me.

Jack o lanterns

Trick or Treat – 2008 Halloween Buck

By B.R.Yanney. I had seen this giant buck I had dubbed El’Toro. I’ll tell you right know I never did get him. My uncle got him in rifle season. But he taunted me all archery season. I’d see him at night when I was walken’ out of the field. Or I’d see him spot-lighten’ the fields at night.

hunting in the snow

Hunting in the Snow

By Johnny Blackmon. A look at the thermometer shows it to be 29 degrees out. A look out the window reveals a serene picture of a moon lit night illuminating the area around the camp and the pond causing a near daytime illusion as the moonlight is reflected on the snow covering the ground and surrounding forest.

mule deer

Grampa is Fast!

This is my favorite hunting story my Dad used to tell us when we were out hunting in Eastern Washington, I was only able to hunt with my Grandfather a couple of times before he passed away. Back in the early seventies my Dad and his Father were hunting Mule Deer in our favorite spot in Eastern Washington

Doe in the snow

The Late Season Hunter

By Kasey Werner. Autumn will soon be over and the challenges of late season hunting will begin anew. At this time of year when many hunters feel there is a lull in the number of deer roaming their routes, it is up to the late season hunter to find his niche. 

whitetail doe

A Tough Hunting Season

By Shawn Kondash. Well the first day of rifle season was a cold drizzle day, not much deer activity but plenty of hunters walking out of the woods. I enjoy being out in the woods every chance I get. I’ll sit in my tree stand as long and as much as I can.

big buck

BIG Wepster Co. BUCK of 2010

By Kenneth Mott. It was November 28, 2010 and it was cold that morning. It was 20 out and I went and asked my dad if I could ride off to East Center Point, the other piece of land in our hunting club with my best friend Ronda and he said ya sure thats fine.

Big Buck

Second Season Buck

By Jeff. In Illinois, one of the few states to hold record whitetail bucks, there is the Bow season which runs October 1st and into the deep cold of late January and the gun season that is split into two separate seasons. Often, during bow season is when I see more B&C bucks either in pattern or in the pre-rut.

7 point buck

The Monster Seven

By Trevor Smith. It was the 2006 youth hunting season and it happened to also be my birthday, September 23rd. I had one hour of hunting before my football game, so my father and I headed for our stand. We were sitting there for about 10 minutes and we started seeing shadows and hearing footsteps.

deer smelling

Tell me About Your Crazy Hunts, Here Are a Few Of Mine

 By B.R Yanney. You're all probably tired of reading my hunting experiences and comments on this site. I am bored and temporarily unemployed. I just wanted to summarize some of the strange things that have happened to me while hunting.

first muzzleloader deer

My Sons First Muzzle Loader Season and Deer

By Robert. Hunting public land can be frustrating but persistence and patience can pay off. Opening day was frustrating. My son and I planned a week of hunting and opening day was not the way to start. 

first mule deer buck

My First Mule Deer Buck

By Michael Lockard. I was 20 yrs old when I killed my first Mule Deer Buck. I was born and raised in Lander, WY and hunted deer since I was 14. I hunted with my dad through the first 4 yrs of my hunting experience. I was working up in Yellowstone in 1996. I had just bought me a new Ruger M-77 MarkII 30-06.

first buck

My First Buck!!!

By Alex Tombaugh. On the first day of the Pennsylvania deer season, my dad would always hunt one specific draw. This draw epitomizes most of the Allegheny National Forest. When I was 12 years old my dad took me to this draw to hunt with him.

Father and son hunting

My Father the Hunter

By B. R. Yanney. My dad strapped me to his back when I was 6 months old and took me rabbit hunting. I don’t remember but my mother told me .That was 65′. We moved to Alaska in 69′. We hunted rabbits, grouse, ducks. moose, bear etc. He taught me to shoot and fish. He told me once when we were hunting that the forrest was his church, and if there was a god this is where he lived.

Chain in tree

Be Careful Moving Your Tree Stands!

By B. R. Yanney. In the pre-season of 09′ I was taking down a stand I left in a tree from the year before. Its’ chain had grown into the tree. I was up there about 15 feet , tugging on it with no safety harness, When it gave way. Down I came, broke my right wrist and right leg. It all happened because I was impatient and getting a little angry.

Alaskan guide

Hello from Alaska to My Fellow Southerners!

By M. Scotty Lamkin. As a former professional hunting guide in Alaska that came from Kentucky 30 some years ago, I have always preferred the hunters from the South. They are just good hunters, that’s all there is to it! Most of us were raised on farms and all of us have had our britches torn by going through bob wire fences.

girls first buck

Another Girl’s First Buck…

By Olivia Atherton. It was my first year out. I hardly knew what to expect. Days passed. In the woods I heard the shots as my three brothers and Dad each got a deer but the deer seemed to be avoiding me. Maybe the idea of me hunting was a mistake, I thought.

hunt to feed

Hunt to Feed Charity Banquet draws sell out crowd in Connecticut

By Dan Beyer. Hunt to Feed Charity Banquet draws sell out crowd in Connecticut. On Friday September 5th the Hunt to Feed program held its first awareness banquet to a sold out crowd at John J. Sullivan’s Restaurant in Ansonia, CT. This event was primarily held to raise the awareness of this program prior to the September 15th commencement of hunting season.

Hunter and Son

The Good Old Days

By Marathon-man. My 1st deer season in which I could legally carry a gun was in November 1978. The whole week prior to opening day I was a day dreaming fool. I would often have visions of the monster 12 point creeping through the Balsam, while trying to digest some crazy geometric theory my teacher was trying to drill into my head

Travis buck

Travis Finally Took Down a Good One

By Paul Compton. After a week of hunting this nice buck, my father and I had decided someone else must have taking him, so we moved on to our next spot where my brother-in-law Travis and myself loaded up on some does opening weekend.

My grandfather's rifle


I was 12 years old, fresh out of Montana Hunters Safety class and very eager to get a nice, tasty, “trophy” mule deer that would let my Dad and my brothers know I was a real hunter. Not to mention that in those days the extra meat in the freezer also meant that Mom would be happy because the family would eat that much better all winter.

Rifle Range

Getting Sighted In

Took my son to the range this past week end. He bought a scope for his black powder and was itching to get out there and sight it in. We took our time and started close. When we got out to 100 yards he took one shot and pow right in the bull. He then just hit one after another.

Corn Field

First Day of Archery Ditch Buck

by Bryan R. Yanney. I was glassing my uncles farm, and I noticed a group of mid sized bucks. Every evening in September, they would come from various areas of the woods and group up, before heading into the corn field. They would walk single file through an open field, right along a drainage ditch.

natural cover scent

Cover Scents

by Bryan. I spent years buying cover scents from Wal-Mart, BassPro, etc. and they always smell nothing like they are supposed to. Last year I made my own cedar and acorn cover scents and they worked like a charm. I made Acorn and Cedar cover scent. Has anyone else had any success doing this?


Compasses, GPS & other Electronics & Instruments

by Jeff McLain. A Compass or GPS is one of the most important survival tools for many outdoor enthusiasts. At Outdoor Sports Depot, you can buy a discount compass including a Brunton Compass, Silva Compass, or Sighting Compass for orienteering, hiking, and military uses.

Deer Eating Cheetos

Cheezy House Guest

One hot summer evening about five years ago, I was relaxing in my family room watching TV. Just a typical summer evening, doing the usual channel surfing and snacking. I had the main french doors open for an occasional breeze, but the screen wasn’t closed all the way.

Father teaching son to hunt

Beginners Luck or Know How

Beginners luck, Think about it. Is this really what it is. You take your son or daughter out and try and teach them everything you know about hunting. You teach them to respect the weapon of choice. You teach them to respect the outdoors and you teach them to respect the game they are going for.

apple bubble gum buck

Apple Bubble Gum

By Landon. It was the night before opening day of hunting season. I’m getting my gun polished and everything ready to go. My 22-year-old brother comes home for the opening day. I thought I was just about done packing my hunting stuff, but he told me I was forgetting something.

Disabled Hunter

A Hunt To Remember

By Ed. First let me tell everyone that I have been a deer hunter for many years, ever since I was 16, I am 45 now. This story starts about six weeks ago when a real close friend and hunting partner for the past 12 years came to my house and told me that since I had gotten my disability pension that he had signed me up for my first disability hunt.

Nebraska Game Warden

Nebraska, Tracking wounded deer at night

In Nebraska, you shoot a deer say, 15 minutes before sunset. The deer runs off into the trees. You go follow its blood trail, bringing along with you a flashlight, your knife, your weapon, and all the other essentials. You hear a pickup pull up next to your deer stand. It’s the game warden

Vapor Trail Scents

My First Hunt Using a Video Camera and The Vapor Maker

by Rex Holmes, Jr. In 2009 a couple of hunting buddies, Joey and Ross and I decided we would go on a 10-day deer hunt to Wyoming. In addition to the experience of the hunt, our purpose for going was to get video footage using The Vapor Maker®, a scent dispersal product I had just debuted at the 2009 Buckmasters Expo.

First buck

14 Year Old's First Buck

by Jordan Cadwell. It had been a frustrating 2010 gun season in Wisconsin. I had been hoping to get a nice deer that year because the previous year I hadn’t even taken a shot at anything. After hunting for five days with my dad, (I’m 14 btw)and not seeing a single thing, I began thinking that this year might be the same as last year.

10 point ohio buck

2010 10 Point Ohio Buck

by Jesse Kontros. My work for this buck started in May of 2010. My brother Luke and I put in a great deal of work in the off season setting scouting cameras, putting down mineral licks, and tilling food plots. We had two pretty good bucks on camera all summer.

Kentucky 9 point buck

My First 9 Pointer in Kentucky

by Terry Yonce. It was a cold morning in Bath county on the park where I was hunting with my step dad and his kin. We all got up and they were busy fixing breakfast and I had a long walk ahead of me to where I wanted to hunt. 

buck of a lifetime

A buck Of A Life Time

by Bill Diggs. How many hunters can say they got the Buck of a Life time? Well my story is a journey that spans a life time or seems like it anyway. Thirty years ago at the age of 34 I decided to hunt deer. But my story begins many years before as a small boy.

Tennessee Buck

Small Town Tennessee Hunting

by Michael Ellis Potts. My Dad and I have hunted together for as long as I can remember and man the memories we have made and the laughs we have shared . It truly amazes me sometimes when I remember back on some of our hunts together.

First Archery Kill

My First Archery Deer Kill

By Trent Knutson. On oct. 2nd I got my first deer with a bow. I have been hunting bow and arrow for awhile now but I could never get one until this year. My dad wakes me up @ 5:30 and makes an excuse because he really didn’t want to go out. 

trophy buck

Father-In-Laws First Trophy Whitetail

By Paul Compton. It took almost three hours to get this 175 lbs 15 point buck out of the thickest timber cut woods around in Breckinridge Co, Kentucky. This is his first trophy whitetail ever taken, so he waited by the nice buck until someone would bring the four wheeler to him in fear someone else would find it.

7 point Tennessee buck

Tennessee 7 Point Buck

By Justin Scott. Well, it was December 5, 2009 at about 6:45 in the morning. Me and my grandpa was hunting some of our neighbors land in Wartrace Tennessee. I had first saw a doe, and I knew at that point that it was going to be a good morning.

half rack buck

The Half Rack Buck

By Trevor Caskey. It was early bow season and I’d been hunting bow season hard for about 3 years. At this point it was October 17th and I’m sitting in a stand we had put up in the summer, about 3 months before bow season. So here I am in my stand that night and I texted my cousin to tell him I was in my stand (like we always do).

Whitetail Buck

The Answered Prayer Buck

By Chance. It was a cold Saturday evening of the year 2012. Me and my dad had been waiting for the first opportunity to get in the woods possible. It was the first day of youth season and dad took me out on an evening hunt. He said we were gonna hunt the a stand called ” The River Road Stand” 

mule deer buck

My First Mule Deer Comes With a Story

By Ashley Westra. It was last year, 2009, and it was my 4th year hunting with no luck of shooting my own deer. But this year was going to be different. That is what I had to tell myself every morning and afternoon that I left the warm cabin to go hunting.

Rifle Rack

Finally a Rifle Rack That’s functional!

By Sandy. In the middle 70s I was witness to a horrible hunting accident involving a friend. He had a rifle rack installed over head in the cab of his truck. In haste he got out, reached in for the rifle and grabbed it by the butt to pull it out, his hand was on the trigger and either it wasn’t on safety, or he knocked it off safety or whatever or however, the rifle fired.

Whitetail Buck Running Away

Cell Phone Buck

Well I got in the stand on Sunday afternoon right at noon and realized I forgot to turn my cell phone ringer off. I thought it would be best to turn it off! While I was trying to figure out how to turn it off, it was ringing and I heard a noise in the leaves below my stand. Well guess what was looking up at me, this ten point buck. 

Young and Old Hunter

First Deer, First Buck, New Friend

In the 1960’s there were few deer in our area.The local hunters had to travel to find deer. As a teenager, I went along on a few hunting trips and had no success. I joined the Navy after high school. After the Navy I started hunting again. I hunted a different area each year for several years with no success. 

Boy and His Buck

First Buck!

By Jake. It was opening morning of Kansas gun season. The previous year I had shot at a monster 11 point on the run that I had jumped out of its bed. So this year I had bowhunted and saw only small bucks and the BIG GUY one time. So only being 15 I was ready to shoot any buck. I hit a twig on a shot with my bow on a 130 class 8 point during rut. 

first deer shot 10 point buck

First Deer Shot 10 Point Buck

By Adam Duff. My name is Adam Duff I am 16 years old and live in Marlette, Michigan on a farm. I have been hunting for three years and this is the story of how I shot my first deer. On November 18, 2009 I was walking back to the house at about 5:20 PM when I saw a big buck.

Virginia 6 point buck

Virginia Hoss 6 Point Buck

By Kenny Cosby. This is a friend of mine, Donnie that I work with on the left and his brother. The 1st day of Virginia deer season came on Saturday. They got the surprise of their life when this big 6pt buck came running by.

Bill Cress Buck

True Adrenalin

By Bill Cress. I hunt in southern Indiana where the river bottom deer are giant. I have been hunting this twelve pointer for a while. I watched him all summer on the game cameras and saw him two weeks before season when i was hanging my stand. October first had came and gone without a trace.

Father and son hunting

First Deer on Sunday Morning what a shot!

By Ricky Watson. On Saturday morning me and my dad saw a 8 pointer at about 8:15 and my dad shot and missed and about 40 minutes later I called in a massive doe and it was about 40 yards away and my dad missed again. That night we went out and about 135 yards away was a little doe my dad hit it but we couldn’t find it.

big 15 point kentucky buck

My Dads Big 15pt Kentucky Buck

By Hunter. My dad has been hunting in these Kentucky woods for over 20 years. Word got out about a monster buck up through there. Finally word got to my dad that there was a big Kentucky buck there. My dad got to the woods he has been hunting at for over 20 years and there were a lot of trucks there, they were after that buck.

Justin Mishler Buck

My Very First Deer

By Justin Mishler. I was 14 and I really never went hunting before but I really wanted to. So around 2 o’clock my dad and I walked to our hunting spot just behind my house. We sat for about an hour and I just set my head down and closed my eyes for a few minutes. I raised my head to look around, I looked to my left and then I looked to my right when I saw the most beautiful buck I have ever seen.

Missouri youth buck

Missouri Youth Hunting - The Eleven pointer killed on the Coleman farm

By Aaron Shewmaker. It was me and my brother in law, Wes Coleman and we woke up just about 5:00 A.M. We got our camo on and we drove out to his mother's house where she owns some Missouri hunting land. We set down by the pond bank where we could look out over the field.

Super Tree Farms Buck

Trophy 10 Point Buck in 08

By Denny Hicks. My first year of hunting at 40 years of age with my son in Union Springs Alabama produced a 130 inch perfect 10 pointer at Super Tree Farms. A life long friend of mine’s dad owns the qdma managed property. I was in a stand they called the driveway box about 3:00 in the afternoon.


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