Trick or Treat – 2008 Halloween Buck

by B.R.Y.
(Athens PA)

2008 I had seen this big buck I had dubbed El’Toro. I’ll tell you right know I never did get him.

My uncle got him in rifle season. But he taunted me all archery season. I’d see him at night when I was walken’ out of the field. Or I’d see him spot-lighten’ the fields at night.

I mean he was big I think he ended up being around 160-170 class.

I did get a big-ass doe the first morning of archery, so I let a few smaller bucks get real close without taking a shot.

I had this real nice 6 pointer right under my stand around the middle of October, I let go in hopes of gettin’ a shot at ol’ El’toro.

So Halloween morning comes around and I believe it was a saturday. Needless to say I think I went out that friday had a few at the local watering hole.

So I woke up a little late. It was about 8:30 when I finally headed out to my tree stand.

It was a spooky morning , the fog was rolling of the river, and it was still a little over cast. Your typical Halloween day.

Any-who as I was walken’ out to the field I see ol’ El’toro kicken’ this smaller bucks butt. He had this 6 pointer pinned right to the ground!

The smaller buck finally broke free and as he ran the big buck was right on his tail.

El’toro finally chased the little buck off. He then trotted back out into the field and I watched him stop right in front of one of my tree stands!

Thats the trick of trick or treat.

I then seen him turn and head for the river. I missed the chance of a life time because I was out to late the night before!

I dropped my binoculars in disgust and kicked my-self in the butt, and said a few curse words.

Anyway I headed to my ol’ faithfull stand where I always see deer. So I start rattling and grunting. Here comes this buck who just got his butt kicked by El’toro.

I could tell it was him because he had 4 points on one side and 2 on the other with one of those being broken. His hide was all muddy and ruffled up.

He had a big body so I guess he was around 3 years old. He gave me a nice easy shot at 15 yards, and ran about 80 yards, stood there for a 5 minutes, and dropped right there .

I thought what the heck, I wasn’t sure for a minute there if I hit him. It was a good double lung hit.

He was just a tough ol’ bugger.

I know maybe I should have waited to see if ol El’ toro showed up, but there is 3 other people who hunt the farm. I figured one of us would get him.

My 77 year old uncle got him, I am glad I didn’t get him.

I still have a chance to get that buck of a life-time.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Comments for Trick or Treat – 2008 Halloween Buck

Nov 22, 2011 Do you need A. A. ?
by: Brr Black You got drunk, so you missed the buck of a liftime.Pretty funny !
Nov 11, 2011 Saturdays the day !
by: B.R.Y To Oli’ good luck tomorrow 11/12/11. Hope your brother gets a buck too. I was 29 before I got my first buck. Our rifle season doesnt start till’ the monday after Thanksgiving.My 15 year old son Waylan is pretty excited.Good luck to you and your family !
Nov 09, 2011 I’m Excited!
by: Oli Firearm season begins on Saturday here in Indiana…I’m so excited. This morning I saw a six point buck out in the field I will be hunting in 🙂 You all can’t hunt on Sundays in PA, that’s a bummer! I hope I get a buck this year also, but my older brother(28)is hunting again this year and has never gotten one so I really want him to get one. I hope your son gets one also…there is nothing like the first one, is there?
Nov 01, 2011 Oh its Olivia!
by: B.R.Y. Olivia – thanks for the nice comment once again.Hope you get a big buck this year , gotta’ out do yer’ brothers! This is what I love about hunting. No matter our gender or age we are all hunters, we support and encourage each other !We had some nasty weather here saturday oct 29th. We cant hunt here on sundays in PA so me and my youngest son Waylan glassed the farm and saw 7 bucks with one of those being a whopper 8 pointer. He was so excited as this is the first year he has wanted to hunt.I hope he is as lucky as you where last year! Thanks again and good luck!
Nov 01, 2011 That’s Awesome!
by: Olivia Atherton I was disappointed that you didn’t get El’Toro, but seeing that your 77 year old uncle did made the ending great. I hope you get your buck of a life time 🙂
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