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by Jeff McLain
(Lowell, MI)

GPS & Compassess

GPS & Compassess

A Compass or GPS is one of the most important survival tools for many outdoor enthusiasts. At Outdoor Sports Depot, you can buy a discount compass including a Brunton Compass, Silva Compass, or Sighting Compass for orienteering, hiking, and military uses.

A pocket compass is a useful survival tool for any outdoor sports enthusiast. At Outdoor Sports Depot, we sell a variety of pocket compasses including small keychain compasses, sighting compasses, digital compasses, competitive orienteering compasses or mountaineering compasses, and basic handheld compasses. These pocket compasses come from leading manufacturers and include quality compasses such as Brunton Compasses, Coghlans Compasses, and Silva Compasses.

When to Use a Pocket Compass

pocket compass

A pocket compass can be used in a variety of situations in order to help your obtain your bearings or reach a target location. Compasses can be used in combination with topographic maps to provide a precise bearing between two mapped positions or without maps to help you take a bearing on a distant landmark. The following are some times when a reliable pocket compass can be an important, lifesaving tool.

  • Hiking or Backpacking in the Mountains or Dense Woods
  • Hunting in Unfamiliar Land
  • Rafting and Canoeing in Rivers or Streams
  • Camping in Remote Areas
  • Sailing or Boating in Lakes or on the Sea

How to Use a Pocket Compass


A pocket compass is the most basic survival tool. These reliable compasses come from only leading manufacturers including Brunton, Silva and Coghlans. The following provides a basic introduction to using a pocket compass for navigation when hiking, hunting, backpacking, or mountaineering.

Step 1: Finding North

Hold the pocket compass flat in front of your chest so that the needle can float freely. Your needle should immediately point toward the magnetic north. It is important to hold the compass flat in order to obtain accurate results during this stage.

Step 2: Aligning the Compass

Rotate the compass housing until the north pointing needle is aligned with the 0 degree or North marking on your compass.

Step 3: Targeting your Location

While keeping the compass needle pointing at the north mark, turn the base plate of the compass so that your direction-of-travel line points in the direction in which you want to move. Double check to make sure that the compass needle still points north in the compass housing.

Step 4: Finding your Bearing

Note the number of degrees marked on the compass dial where the direction-of-travel line intersects the compass dial. This number of degrees is the direction in which you should travel.

Types of Compasses


There are a variety of different types of pocket compasses available today.

These include basic magnetic compasses and advanced digital compasses.

In addition, some compasses are designed to be used with a map, while other pocket compasses can be used to measure your bearing toward a particular object.

Some compasses are designed to be extremely accurate, fast, and reliable for extreme orienteering or mountaineering.

In addition, some compasses are small keychain or pin styles.

Still other pocket compasses include a variety of additional features including thermometers.

At Outdoor Sports Depot, we sell a variety of pocket compasses designed for helping any outdoorsman navigate through the backcountry woods or across the mountain side.

These durable compasses offer superior reliability in even the most demanding situations.

Whether you plan on using your compass to scout a course or just want to bring it as a backup tool in case you should become separated from a marked trail, Outdoor Sports Depot is your place to buy discount pocket compasses.

As a leading supplier of discount outdoor equipment for hunting, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor sports, we carry only quality merchandise from leading manufacturers.

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