Westchester NY Big Cats

by emily
(Westchester, NY)

I live in the suburbs of Northern Westchester, and my property adjoins Blue Mountain Reservation.

I saw two big black cat sightings in the past few months, as well as a mountain lion or cougar on my driveway.

The big black cats looked like black panthers.

One was walking into the forest; the other was running with some kind of either prey in it’s mouth or maybe it was an offspring of this cat.

There was no mistaking it was a huge cat.

I have also seen black bears but it was much more like a cat.

I was astounded, and very curious about what this was.

I looked it up and from what I gathered, it was a fisher cat, which is not a cat after all, but it’s body looks like one.

Dangerous and vicious.

Comments for Westchester NY Big Cats

Feb 14, 2015 fisher cats
by: Emily I will try to get pictures but they are so fast!

Feb 14, 2015 Emily’s blk cats I Westchester NY
by: David in SC People have seen black panthers in SC but the Wildlife Biologists say there are not panthers. Emily, see if you can get pictures & show them to the game wardens there.
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