My Father the Hunter

by B. R. Yanney
(Athens PA)

My dad strapped me to his back when I was 6 months old and took me rabbit hunting. I dont remember but my mother told me . That was 65′. We moved to Alaska in 69′. We hunted rabbits, grouse, ducks. moose, bear etc.He taught me to shoot and fish. He told me once when we were hunting that the forrest was his church , and if there was a god this is where he lived.In september of 79 I got my first big game animal ,a black bear,”That is a whole story onto itself”. In 1980 we moved back to PA. In 81 I got my first doe with his 30-06, I think that was the most proud moment of my live. I dragged it back to the truck. I could tell how happy he was. In 82 I got shot at and quit hunting. My father begged me to go back hunting with him. Noveber 27 1990 he was hunting with my uncles, he was telling my uncle about the buck he got the day before. He fell dead right in the forrest -his church. When they told me I was in the drive way I ran right through 2 doors and fell in the back yard, with my hole family holding me down.He was only 52.He was old school and I was a long haired metal head.Some-how I think we drifted apart over the last few years of his life, I always thought we would re-connect after I grew older, but I never had that chance. Fast forward to 95. My uncle had bought a 250+ acre farm, so now I had some place safe to hunt. A friend had recently taught me to shot a bow.My uncle built a tree stand where he had seen deer coming out on the edge of a field.A 4 pointer came out and I was able to arrow him at 30 + yards.I could feal my fathers spirt with me. I followed the blood trail, I remember looking down the field and seeing that buck. I ran down to him with tears in my eyes.I got down to him and with my bow in hand I screamed to the sky like some kind of mad-man, FATHER ! FATHER ! are you proud of me now! I was re-born that day. I know he was only a 4 pointer but he is my most sacred memory, I keep his antlers on the wall just like he is pope @ young buck. My sons never got to met him. In 07 I watched my oldest son arrow his first buck.We got out of the tree and I saw the awesome shot my son had made”he only ran 20 yards” Well I was jumping up and down teering up. The things he taught me , I passed onto my sons.Once again I could feal my fathers spirt with us!

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Dec 15, 2011 great story
by: my half rack authorthis story was very good. i had some of the same experiences with bob. next time im in the woods ill think of your father.congratz on the buck. im still searchin for a full rack. also, thank you very much for your comments on my story. i really appreciate it. great story and happy holidays!!!

Dec 15, 2011 really good story
by: author of my half rackthis is a really good story. im sorry that your dad died so young. i had some of the same experiences with bob. ill think about your dad next time im in the woods. congrats on the buck. im still searchin for a full rack. thank you very much for the comments on my story. merry christmas!

Dec 15, 2011 Awesome Story
by: Kelly JamesFirst, thanks for leaving your comments on the story I posted. I liked reading yours as well and I hope everyday you walk into your dad’s church, you can feel him as much as I feel my dad. Until Cinco de Mayo hits next year, the day my dad died, it will be a year of firsts. My son is a hunter too but we don’t get as much opportunity to go together because of his tight work schedule. Somehow, we will have to fix that. Happy Hunting!

Nov 26, 2011 21 years
by: B.R.Y.Nov 27 – you’ve been gone 21 years. It seem like it was yesterday. I had a dream I was on a Mountain top, and I couldnt get over the last ridge. I looked up and you where there with your hand out. You pulled me up to safety. I could hear your voice just as plain as day. You asked me where I’ve been. You pulled me in close and hugged me , I could feal your heartbeat. . Then I awoke. I cried just like the day you died. You died when you where hunting. Tommorow is the 28th the first day of rifle season. I know you’ll be there with me Dad, Your always with me.

Nov 01, 2011 you may not believe this !
by: B.R.Y.Dear Greyghost you just freked me out. Back in the 70’s when cb radios where popular. My dads cb name was Greyghost. Because of his bad-ass 66′ chevy pickup. Oh’ my god thank you for that comment you made me cry! Thanks you.

Oct 31, 2011 Spirits
by: greyghostAwesome,I also feel like others that have passed are with me. You are lucky to have that kind of love for your father and to know that he had that kind of love for you. my favorite quote hits on this very subject: ?If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.?
― A.A. Milne

Oct 13, 2011 Thanks
by: Olivia Atherton …thanks you’re so nice. I think your sons are fortunate to have a dad like you too! I enjoy reading all your posts, they’re very informative!

Oct 12, 2011 Thanks Olivia A.
by: B.R.Y.Your that kool gal that wrote “Another girls first buck” I like the part about your brother being more nervous than you. Thats how I am when I hunt with my sons.My sister hasn’t hunted since 1975, I wish she did we are very close. There isn’t a day goes by I don’t think about my dad.So go give your mom and dad a big hug ,they have obviously done a goog job raising you and your brothers!

Oct 10, 2011 Wow!
by: Olivia AthertonThat made me cry…thanks for sharing that.
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