Nebraska, Tracking wounded deer at night

(Genoa, NE)

Imagine this.

In Nebraska, you shoot a deer say, 15 minutes before sunset.

The deer runs off into the trees.

You go follow it’s blood trail, bringing along with you a flashlight or hunting headlamp, your knife, your weapon, and all the other essentials.

You hear a pickup pull up next to your deer stand.

It’s the game warden, and you are out after sunset with a gun and a flashlight.

As you probably know, it is illegal to night hunt in Nebraska for deer(this is commonly called spotlighting).

What the game warden saw (you walking around after dark with a flashlight and a gun) is illegal and if you can’t convince him you were trailing your deer, you can get fined, and possibly lose your PRIVLEGE to ever hunt deer again.


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Feb 16, 2012 peartreegameranch deer farm
by: SCH This is a hunting blog for real hunters. Take your lies and advertising somewhere else. No one wants to hunt on your pick your deer and kill it ranch.

Nov 23, 2011 Isnt that ironic, dont ya’ think , Its like—-
by: Brr Black You can hunt pigs, racoons and coyotes at night with flashlights and night vision gear. But if your tracking a deer- thats illegal! Makes no scense to me. Its probably because some jack-asses hunt illegally at night for deer.Making it a pain for the rest of us. Hey- bad guys, knock it off! But then again if the game warden could actually see the blood trail you were followin’it seem like he/she would let you finish what you started. Like the other fella’ said on the comments, he left his deer over-night and it got eaten’ by coyotes. Ive heard similar storys from other hunters.

Nov 07, 2011 The One that Almost got away…
by: Spike I saw the deer in my scope. I pulled the trigger. he was shot, but went running into the sunset. I looked for 3 hours. Gave up and went to find him the next morning. Turns out he was 450 yards from the lodge at Thank you very much, deer.

Oct 07, 2011 coyotes-!
by: B.R.Yanney A few years back I hit a buck a little farther back than I would have liked, in archery season.I tracked him about 400 yards untill he hit a soybean field. As it was getting dark I decide to wait untill morning.As I had seen hunters do on various TV shows.When I found him in the morning all I had was the front legs and head. I thought maybe it was a bear, because there was one in the area.But All around the seen there was coyote tracks.

Sep 19, 2011 Why Not Wait?
by: Bowdog If you’re hunting gun season, chances are the temperature is below 40 degrees at night. Why not let the deer lay until first light and pick up the tracking job then?

Sep 17, 2011 Craig s
by: Anonymous I’m with
you its the same in Ohio

Jul 12, 2011 special lights
by: Hog Hunter There are special spectrum lights you can buy to help track the blood form the wounded animal.

Jul 07, 2011 why the weapon??
by: dave you have shot the deer and you cant shoot it in the dark even if it is still alive,after i make a shot and confirm the hit i go out to my truck lock up my wepon (gun or bow) and get my draging stuff and lights and head back in..problem solved..

Jul 04, 2011 tracking
by: Robert as I hunt public land in fear this every time. I have been in a bit late tracking a bow deer. Also dragging out a just befor quiting time gun deer. I hunt several miles in so it is late after I get out with a deer. I have seen the warden on my way in a few times and have told him how far I go in. I hope he will take that in mind if and when he does see me come out late.
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