Cheezy House Guest

One hot summer evening about five years ago, I was relaxing in my family room watching TV. Just a typical summer evening, doing the usual channel surfing and snacking.

I had the main french doors open for an occasional breeze, but the screen wasn’t closed all the way.

I caught some movement over by the door and thought it was just my imagination, or maybe shadows from the clouds passing by.

As I set there going thru the channels, all of a sudden I heard foot steps coming across my deck to the opened door.

I jumped to my feet, spilling a bowl of Cheetos on the floor in front of the couch, as a full grown deer walked right into my family room!

The deer didn’t seem frightened of me at all, and I was even more amazed when it begin to scarf up the spilled Cheetos!

I wanted desperately to call my wife to come see our guest, but I was afraid that it might panic and tear the whole house up.

That deer ate every one of those Cheetos, and moved over in front of the television and laid down like he was a family dog!

After about five minutes or so, I went into the kitchen and retrieved the remaining bag of Cheetos. I took the Cheetos to the family room and began to drop them on the floor in front of the deer, as I made a trail toward the door, and tossing the remaining few out onto the deck.

The deer got up from his resting spot and started munching the Cheetos as he slowly worked his way back outside.

Once the deer had made his way back outside, I quickly shut the doors and stood there watching him eat the few Cheetos on the deck before he bounced off the deck and into the woods.

My wife has never seen the Cheeto eating deer, and still to this day tells me it was a combination of pain killers for my bad back and beer!

Comments for Cheezy House Guest

Nov 22, 2011 Cheetos !!!!
by: Brr Black Cheetos the ultimate deer atractor ! Ha ! Who da’ thunk’ it !

Nov 18, 2011 Still my favorite – !
by: B.R.Y. Still my favorite story on this site ! Including my own. Some of my friends say maybe its not true, but I dont care. You see deer busting into stores, diners and bars on tv all the time ! Thanks again !

Oct 05, 2011 Wow-!
by: B.R.Yanney Beer and pain killers or was it whiskey and LSD. Seriously that may be the craziest deer story I have ever heard!

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