Best Hunting Chairs In 2024 Tested And Reviewed

Written By John VanDerLaan 


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Our team at has tested and reviewed all of the hunting chair options to help you find the right one for your needs.

We are a team made up of real hunters. We are outdoor writers, contributors, field testers and pro staff that put each of these chairs to the test and then rate and review them based on our findings.

Below you will find our top picks for the best hunting chair along with links to the best prices that you will find on the internet. 

Best For overall

Millennium Treestands G100 Swivel Hunting Chair

millennium g100

editor's choice

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Swivel Blind Chair

alps stealth hunter

Staff favorite

Primos Double Bull Swivel Hunting Chair

primos double bull

Our Top Picks

Let’s get on with the reviews.

Best Swivel Hunting Chairs

Millennium Treestands G100 Blind Chair

Best Overall

Millennium Treestands G100 Swivel Hunting Chair

Millennium makes some of the best tree stands on the market today, so we were very excited when they came out with a ground blind chair. This one quickly became a favorite of several staff members.

The Millennium G100 provides you with premium comfort and all the features a hunter could want.

The chair comes with a swivel base and tripod legs. Hunters generally find the ComfortMAX seat very comfortable.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame covered in ComfortMax fabric
  • Adjustable height 13” to 18”
  • Seat dimensions: 20”L X 17”W
  • Three adjustable legs with wide flat feet for uneven ground
  • Pre-drilled to hold shooting stick or bow holder
  • 7 pounds
  • 400-lb weight capacity

What We Like

  • Super lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Convenient option to attach accessories like shooting sticks or bow holders.
  • 400 lb weight limit makes it ideal for bigger hunters.
  • ComfortMax seat is very comfortable.

What We Don't Like

  • I wish it had 4 legs.

If you have ever used a Millennium tree stand, you know how comfortable their seats are, and the G100 swivel chair is just as comfortable and it is super lightweight.

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Swivel Chair

Editor's Choice

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Swivel Blind Chair

Are you looking for a chair that provides you with stability regardless of the conditions?

If so, consider the ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair—our number one pick for its comfort and versatility.

You can independently adjust each of the legs of this chair, and the wide footpads increase stability.

You can adjust the chair’s height, and its polyester material offers durability. In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Powder-coated steel frame with TechMesh material
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Four adjustable legs
  • Adjustable and removable armrests
  • 360-degree swivel seat
  • 300-lb weight capacity
  • 14"L X 22.5"W X 37"H
  • 14 pounds

What We Like

  • Large swivel feet prevent sinking into mud.
  • Adjustable legs accommodate uneven ground.
  • TechMesh seat fabric is lightweight, fast-drying, and easy to clean.

What We Don't Like

  • It is heavy.

If we had to choose one adjustable swivel chair to hunt from, this would be it!

Unmatched for comfort and versatility.

We Love Our Alps OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair!

Primos Double Bull Swivel Hunting Blind Chair

Best Hunting Blind Chair

Primos Double Bull Swivel Hunting Chair

We are big fans of Primos ground blinds and we have a lot of staff members that love to use this chair in their ground blinds.

This two-piece chair gives you all-day support in your hunting blind. 

You can adjust each leg, and the large feet prevent the chair from sinking into the ground.

It comes with a collapsible backrest, and you can easily carry it with the strap. The backrest folds forward when you want to carry it. 


  • Sturdy two-piece design
  • Seat dimensions: 19.5”L X 19.25”W
  • 300-lb weight capacity
  • Adjustable height 18” to 21”
  • Smooth 360-degree swivel
  • 16.5 pounds
  • Foldable with shoulder strap

What We Like

  • You can adjust the chair height to fit in any blind.
  • Four large feet provide stability in any terrain.
  • With a durable two-piece design, this chair is build to last.

What We Don't Like

  • Armrests do not fold down.
  • It is heavy.

This is one of our favorite ground blind chairs. Primos makes some quality hunting products that Will Primos and the boys actually use and stand behind.

BOG Nucleus 360º Swivel Chair with Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Best Lightweight Swivel Chair for Ground Blind

BOG Nucleus 360 Hunting Chair

When we tried out the Bog Nucleus, we were able to get the features we wanted in a lightweight ground blind chair.

The chair weighs less than nine pounds, thanks to the aluminum construction. 

You can adjust each leg on the Nucleus to find the perfect position in your ground blind.

It also has heavier weight limit to accommodate larger hunters. 


  • Aluminum frame and nylon mesh seat
  • Extendable seat for customizable size
  • 360-degree swivel
  • 40” L x 20.5” W x 24.5” H
  • 8 pounds
  • Four individually adjustable legs
  • 400-lb weight capacity

What We Like

  • The super lightweight design is collapsible for easy transport.
  • You can adjust seat size for added comfort.

What We Don't Like

  • No armrests mean this chair can be uncomfortable for long hours in the blind.

We really like the Bog Nucleus because of its light weight. It is easy to carry and works great if you want to use one chair for multiple hunting blinds.

Hawk Big Denali Swivel 

Very Comfortable 

Hawk Big Denali Swivel Hunting Blind Chair

We recommend the Big Denali if you’re looking for maximum comfort. Hawk designed this chair to be wider than most hunting blind chairs, providing you with extra room and comfort.

Hawk focused on function as well as form when designing the Big Denali.

The chair comes with silent swivel capabilities, allowing you to turn 360 degrees to shoot from any angle.


  • Extra-wide seat and extra-high backrest
  • Foam armrests
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Four independently adjustable legs
  • 42"L X 22.5"W X 27.5"H
  • 24.7 pounds

What We Like

  • Extra-wide seat, ergonomic backrest, and foam armrests provide unmatched comfort.
  • Adjustable legs easily accommodate uneven ground.
  • Silent 360-degree swivel will never ruin your shot.
  • Extra wide duck feet do not sink into the ground. 

What We Don't Like

  • Assembly can be tricky and require two people.
  • At 24 pounds, this chair is heavy and not as portable as other models.

Let's face it, when we are looking for a good hunting blind chair, the number one concern has to be comfort and the Hawk Big Denali is like your favorite easy chair.

Comfort equals more time in the blind, which could mean the difference between you getting the buck you're after or eating tag soup. 

Guide Gear Big Boy Comfort Swivel Chair

Best For Big Guys

Guide Gear Big Boy Comfort Swivel Hunting Blind Chair

Guide Gear designed the Big Boy for big guys who want to stay comfortable while hunting.

The chair’s steel frame offers support to hunters who weigh up to 500 pounds.

However, you don’t have the option to adjust the height of your seat with the Big Boy. 


  • Oversized construction and DuraMesh seat for added comfort
  • 500-lb weight capacity
  • 360-degree swivel seat
  • 26.5”L X 22”W x 11”H
  • 19 pounds
  • Includes shoulder strap for carrying


  • DuraMesh seat will never flatten out like other seat pads.
  • Four wide flat “duck” feet prevent sinking.
  • Foldable design for easy portability


  • The seat is not waterproof.
  • It is very heavy.

If you are a large hunter, the Guide Gear Big Boy Swivel Chair should be on your list of ground blind chairs for your next hunting season.

BenchMaster Sniper Seat 360º Swivel Chair

Best Swivel Chair with a Gun Rest

BenchMaster Sniper 360 Hunting Chair

Are you looking for your best option with a built-in gun rest?

If so, consider BenchMaster Sniper Seat.

The arm extension serves as a gun rest, or you can use it to mount a spotting scope or camera.

If the arm gets in your way, you can remove it from the chair.


  • Powder-coated steel frame and adjustable gun rest
  • Seat dimensions: 16”L X 11”W
  • Adjustable seat back (up to 50-degree incline)
  • Standard chair design with four adjustable legs for any terrain
  • 360-degree swivel
  • 25.6 pounds

What We Like

  • Very comfortable with the reclining backrest.
  • Includes gun stand for comfortable aiming.
  • Comes with a three-year warranty.

  • Each leg is independently adjustable.

What We Don't Like

  • At over 25 pounds, this heavy chair isn’t ideal for long hikes.

The reclining back on this swivel chair make it really comfortable and the gun rest makes an accurate shot easy.

TIDEWE 360-Degree Silent Swivel Chair

Top Rated Swivel Chair

TIDEWE 360-Degree Silent Swivel Blind Hunting Chair

Get stability and support from the TeshMesh fabric used in the construction of this chair.

In addition, TideWe uses independently adjustable feet that make it easy for you to find the perfect position for a long sit in the blind.

We found this chair to be very comfortable and user-friendly.

It includes both a compression strap and a shoulder strap that make transporting the chair easy. 


  • Metal frame and TechMesh seat
  • Seat height adjustable 17.5” to 22”
  • Four large independently adjustable legs with swivel feet
  • 360-degree silent swivel
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and chair compression strap
  • Include free seat cover

What We Like

  • Metal frame is covered in noise-reducing sponge.
  • The swivel screw knob design is quieter than other chairs.
  • Adjustable swivel feet make setting up in the blind a snap.
  • The seat cover is a nice addition for protecting against squirrels chewing and ruining the seat.

What We Don't Like

  • At 18 pounds, this chair is too heavy for some hunters.

We found that this chair was very highly rated, so we bought one and put it to the test.

We were very impressed with the solid construction and silent operation, but it is a little heavy.

Best Tripod Hunting Chairs

Rednek Blinds Adjustable Portable Tripod

Rednek Blinds Adjustable Portable Hunting Chair

Rednek uses a special square tubing for the legs of this tripod chair. This design and the structure of the legs provide extra stability to the chair.

This portable chair comes with padding on the backrest and seat. You have the option of removing the padding to wash them, and remove any scent that would scare the deer.


  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • High-density foam seat
  • Three-leg design with adjustable feet
  • Seat height adjusts 18” to 20”
  • 16 pounds
  • 350-lb weight capacity
  • Includes nylon carrying strap and bungee for secure transportation

What We Like

  • Lightweight foldable design collapses in seconds for easy carrying.
  • Self-leveling feet make this chair perfect for uneven ground.
  • Adjustable seat height is perfect for different sized blinds.

What We Don't Like

  • Only swivels 180 degrees, not a full 360 degrees.

ALPS Triad 360º Tripod Hunting Blind Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ Triad Swivel Stool

The ALPS OutdoorZ triad stool provides you with stability and comfort during your hunting trip.

The chair comes with an angled backrest that you can remove if you feel more comfortable without it. You can adjust each of the legs on the stool individually.

ALPS used a powder-coated steel frame for the OutdoorZ Triad, giving it increased durability.

In addition, the chair comes with a shoulder bag that makes it easier to carry the chair to the ideal hunting spot.


  • Powder-coated steel frame; polyester upper backrest and triangular seat
  • 18"L x 20"W x 33.5"H
  • 360-degree swivel
  • 9 pounds
  • 300-lb weight capacity
  • Includes shoulder carry bag

What We Like

  • Lightweight yet durable at only 9 pounds—perfect if you need to hike with your gear.
  • This chair works on any terrain with the adjustable seat height and adjustable legs.
  • We like the carry bag for transporting to the blind.

What We Don't Like

  • Seat is not as comfortable as other hunting chairs.

Primos Double Bull Tri-Stool 

Primos Double Bull Tri-Stool Hunting Chair

The Double Bull Tri-Stool provides hunters with a lightweight hunting chair that is easy to transport to the blind or hunting area. 

The chair has two fabric bands that provide support for your back.

The lightweight Double Bull is easy to carry in and out of the woods, but it does not come with a carrying bag. 


  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Camouflage-print seat and backrest fabric
  • 300-lb weight capacity
  • 7.1 pounds

What We Like

  • Steel frame is durable but lightweight.
  • Tri leg hunting stool design allows for mobility and promotes blood circulation.
  • Upper and lower backrests provide even, ergonomic support.

What We Don't Like

  • Not very comfortable on long hunts.
  • Not adjustable.

Best Folding Hunting Chairs

Browning Strutter Hunting Chair

The Browning Strutter is our staff pick for best turkey hunting chair.

The Strutter provides you with all the features you want if you plan to hunt turkeys.

The chair’s low profile keeps you very close to the ground, allowing you to hide while you wait for your prey.

The Strutter comes with three pivoting feet, making it easier to sit on uneven terrain. 


  • Powder-coated steel frame and polyester fabric seat and back
  • Foldable design
  • 22"L X 14"W X 24"H
  • 300-lb weight capacity
  • Includes padded shoulder strap and 8” X 28” carry bag
  • 7 pounds

What We Like

  • Low-profile design is ideal for predator hunting as well as turkey hunting.
  • Quick-dry fabric is ideal for hunting in wet weather.
  • The backrest design is more comfortable than tri-pod-style stools.
  • It comes in Comfort and Wide models.

What We Don't Like

  • The short legs and low-to-the-ground design may be difficult to get in and out of.

ALPS OutdoorZ Enforcer Predator Hunting BackPack Chair

The ALPS OutdoorZ Enforcer Predator BackPack Chair is our staff pick for best backpack chair and is ideal for hunting turkeys and predators.

Make it easy to set up and hunt from anywhere with the Enforcer backpack chair.

ALPS designed this chair to work for predator hunting.

It comes with a fold-down seat and two legs that you can adjust slightly to handle rocky or uneven ground.

The Predator also functions as a backpack, allowing you to store items you want to carry with you for easy retrieval.


  • Wearable backpack design
  • Kickstand frame with adjustable locking legs
  • 7.5 pounds
  • Memory foam fold-away seat
  • Includes 6 shotgun shell holders, 12 centerfire shell holders, and removable front pockets

What We Like

  • Removable kickstand frame, built directly into the pack, allows you to set up anywhere.
  • You can store up to one days’ worth of water in the built-in hydration pocket.
  • Plenty of pack space for extra accessories and gear.
  • The ultimate in portability.

What We Don't Like

  • Placing and removing the hydration pouch can be difficult.
  • Seat is not waterproof.

Hunting Chair Buying Guide

Hunting chair in a homemade deer stand

Before selecting a chair for hunting, consider what kind of hunting you do and what you want from your seating arrangement.

Will you be hunting out of a tree stand, elevated deer blind or ground blind?

Are you interested in hunting predators? If so, a lower-profile chair that you can set up quickly might serve you better than a more comfortable model. However, if you plan to sit in one place for a while, you might want a chair with four adjustable legs and a specialized backrest.

Types of Hunting Chairs

360-Degree Swivel Chairs

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Swivel Blind Chair

Swivel chairs give you the freedom to rotate in a full circle. Complete rotation allows you to monitor the entirety of your surroundings without getting up and moving, which can disturb animals in the vicinity.

Advances in technology mean that many modern swivel chairs have a backrest, providing extra comfort on long hunting trips. However, these chairs usually weigh more than other chairs and have bulkier frames.

360-degree swivel chairs are more likely to support more weight, as many of them have four adjustable legs that distribute weight.

Tripod Chairs

Millennium Treestands G100 Swivel Hunting Chair

Tripod chairs only have three legs instead of four. As a result, they often feel more comfortable for hunters because they provide more legroom. Many of these chairs also weigh less than four-legged chairs.

Typically, you have the option to adjust the height for each leg individually, making it possible to sit on sloping or uneven ground. Many also come with wide feet that provide better balance.

Folding Chairs

Rednek Blinds Adjustable Portable Hunting Chair

You can select a folding chair if you want a lightweight option. We’ve found most of these chairs to be very compact, meaning you can transport them easily. In addition, many folding chairs have a low profile, making them ideal for predator hunting or use in a blind.

However, what folding chairs offer in terms of ease of transport they usually lose in comfort. They support less weight and provide less support, which may prove uncomfortable if you plan to stay in the same place for an extended period.

Hunting Stools

ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MC Stool Hunting Chair

Stools provide you with a place to sit down and sometimes little else. Stools generally don’t have a backrest or other features you would expect from a full chair. However, they are very compact, lightweight and easy to maintain.

Most companies produce an adjustable tri leg hunting stool, allowing you to change the height of the legs to increase your comfort. They often come with shoulder straps for carrying. Consider a tri leg hunting stool if you want something light, simple, and inexpensive for your trip.

Choosing the Ultimate Chair for Your Type of Hunting

Selecting the most comfortable chair available may help you relax while you’re hunting, but that doesn’t mean it’s the correct choice for your situation. Different forms of hunting require different chairs. 

When searching for the ultimate hunting chair solution, consider how you plan to use the chair, how frequently you want to hunt, and the conditions you generally experience when out in the wild.

Hunting chairs make great gifts for hunters, keep these factors in mind while you consider your options to find the right chair for hunting.

Best Chair for Ground Blinds

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Swivel Blind Chair

Ground blinds provide you with protection from the elements and keep you hidden from your prey. You can set them up in high-traffic areas and wait for your prey to come to you.

For these reasons, many hunters spent a lot of time in their blinds. If you stay in the same position, we recommend picking a comfortable chair with solid back support. Select a model with adjustable legs to fit the height of your blind.

Many hunters prefer 360-degree swivel chairs for use in a blind. These chairs allow you to see all directions while you wait. In addition, chairs that provide silent swiveling enable you to move without alerting any surrounding animals to your presence.

Our top pick is the ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair.

Best Deer Hunting Chair

Millennium Treestands G100 Swivel Hunting Chair

We generally recommend a 360-degree adjustable swivel chair for beginner deer hunters. However, part of your chair choice depends on the kind of hunting you plan to do. 

Some deer hunters prefer to stay in a blind, while others take steps to drive deer towards other members of their party. If you plan to move a lot, a lighter chair may make your progress easier.

Our top pick is the Millennium Treestands G100 Swivel Hunting Chair.

Best Turkey Hunting Chair

Browning Strutter Hunting Chair

Turkeys stay aware of their surroundings, making them complex animals to hunt. To increase your odds of success, select a silent chair that keeps you low to the ground, ideally with a camo design to blend in.

We recommend lightweight chairs if you plan to go turkey hunting. Consider sticking with folding chairs that you can set up quickly. Chairs with built-in storage help you keep your hands free while you hunt.

Our top pick is the Browning Strutter Hunting Chair.

Best Portable Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MC Stool Hunting Chair

Spot and stalk hunters will require a portable chair.

Portable chairs give you a chance to get up and go quickly. If you want a portable chair, select a model that’s easy and quiet to fold up. The more noise you make, the harder it is to complete a successful hunt.

When purchasing a portable chair, keep weight in mind. For example, a ten-pound chair that feels light at the beginning of the day may feel far less manageable after trekking through the woods.

Our top pick is the ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MC Stool Hunting Chair.

Best Chair for Bowhunting

BOG Nucleus 360 Hunting Chair

Bowhunting requires a tremendous amount of skill and precision with each shot. Bowhunters must be able to shoot freely without anything getting in the way of their aim, so select hunting stools or backless chairs.

Arms or a back on the chair often get in your way when you bow hunt. While backless chairs take a hit on comfort, they do provide you with a better ability to make a shot.

Also, consider what type of deer stand you will be hunting out of and choose your deer stand chair accordingly.

Our top pick is the Bog Nucleus 360.

Best Chair for Rifle Hunting

BenchMaster Sniper 360 Hunting Chair

Rifle hunters use relatively heavy weapons for their hunts. To address the gun’s weight, consider chairs that come with a shooting stick or a bench rest. These features help keep your rifle steady as you prepare to take a shot.

Some of the options come with shooting stick functionality. You purchase these shooting sticks separately and install them on your chair. 

Our top pick is the BenchMaster Sniper 360 Hunting Chair.

Best Chair for Crossbow Hunting

Millennium Treestands G100 Swivel Hunting Chair

Crossbow hunters require less space than bow hunters. A 360-degree adjustable swivel chair with a backrest often works well if you plan to use a crossbow on your hunting expedition. Consider selecting a chair with a bench rest for extra stability as you take the time to aim.

Generally, the experts recommend avoiding a shooting stick for crossbow hunting. Instead, use a bench rest to keep your aim even and true.

Our top pick is the Millennium Treestands G100 Swivel Hunting Chair because it is pre-drilled to accept a gun or crossbow rest.

Best Predator Hunting Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ Enforcer Predator Hunting BackPack Chair

Predator hunting requires a different style of chair. Generally, you want something with a low profile if you plan to hunt predators like coyotes. Sometimes, a simple cushion works in this situation. Consider a pack with a fold-down seat if you want increased storage.

Fold-down backpacks also serve as a gun rest if you want one during a predator hunt. Look for water-resistant models, as the cushions will rest directly on the ground at some point during your hunt.

Our top pick is the ALPS OutdoorZ Enforcer Predator Hunting BackPack Chair.

Best Chair for Ground Hunting

ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MC Stool Hunting Chair

Ground hunting gives you a chance to move around and stretch your legs more than staying in a tree stand or blind. If you plan on ground hunting, try to select an excellent location to start and set up an easy-to-move chair at that location.

You want a lightweight chair because many people move around when they ground hunt. Heavy and complicated chairs may wear you out or get caught on the underbrush, making too much noise.

Our top pick is the ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MC Stool Hunting Chair.

Best Backpack Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ Enforcer Predator Hunting BackPack Chair

Backpack chairs allow you to carry your seat with you. However, suppose you select a backpack chair. In that case, it limits your ability to carry additional supplies, so we suggest that you find a chair with sufficient carrying capacity.

You may also want to select a backpack chair with at least two legs for stability. Consider the comfort of the chair and the strap design to determine if you can carry it for an extended period.

Our top pick is the ALPS OutdoorZ Enforcer Predator Hunting BackPack Chair.

How We Chose The Best Hunting Chairs

Dad and son hunter carrying hunting chairs

I have been hunting out of a chair for more than 40 years. It all started back in the days of homemade deer stands with just a milk crate or 5 gallon bucket to sit on. Today's hunting chairs are much different, and thankfully, much more comfortable.

I reached out to all of our staff members and my hunting friends and asked them what their favorite chairs are for hunting out of a ground blind, or just on the ground.

I also reached out to our readers through our email list and asked them the same thing.

Once I had a list of everyone's favorite chairs, I gathered them all from fellow hunters, manufacturers and retail outlets.

I then tested and rated them on each of the criteria below.


You may end up spending a lot of time sitting very still in your chair. This factor makes comfort a primary concern for many hunters. Boost your comfort by looking for a chair with:

●      Lumbar support

●      A flared backrest

●      Padded arms

360-Degree Swivel Seat

Getting a good view of your surroundings helps, no matter what kind of animal you hunt. A 360-degree swivel seat allows you to take in your surroundings without getting up or changing the position of your chair.

Adjustable Height Legs

Adjustable Height Legs

Adjustable height legs help you stay balanced regardless of the terrain. Look for a chair that allows you to adjust each leg individually. We recommend this functionality whether you select a chair with four legs or three. Keep in mind that low-profile chairs usually do not have adjustable legs.

Seat Height

Selecting the correct seat height for your chair helps you stay more comfortable. Pick a chair that allows you to adjust the height of your seat to fit your legs comfortably

Overly tall chairs also come with problems. Many hunters feel off-balance if they try to take a shot from a chair that’s too tall.


Stable Feet on a hunting chair

Stability prevents your chair from wobbling while you sit or take a short. Four-legged chairs often provide greater stability. However, even tripods with large feet give you a stable base for your hunting trip.


Some hunters want more portability out of their chairs than others. If you plan to do a lot of walking, purchase a lighter chair that folds up conveniently.

If you have easy access to a hunting blind, on the other hand, you may select a heavier chair that takes more effort to move and set up.

Materials and Construction

The materials used to build your chair contribute to its weight, durability, and comfort. Powder-coated steel frames are durable, but aluminum is lighter. Check company reviews before you make a selection to ensure that you buy from a reputable company with a history of high-quality products.


Some materials, like aluminum, tend to last longer than others. Taking proper care of your chair outside of hunting also extends its lifespan.

I left the chairs outside for an extended period of time to see which ones would rust or make noise after being exposed to the elements.


The weight of your chair impacts how easily you can carry the seat. Heavy chairs often come with more features and are more durable. However, they can wear you out if you need to hike a long way to get to your stand or blind.

Weight Capacity

Choosing a chair designed with a low weight capacity may cause the chair to wear out more quickly or even collapse. Some companies make chairs specifically for heavier hunters.

Noiseless Setup and Use

Hunting Chair Folded up for transport

This was the most important criteria in our testing and eliminated a lot of chairs from making our list.

Any noise in the woods may alert your prey to your position. Look for chairs designed with quiet in mind. Look for a chair that:

  • Folds open easily
  • Doesn’t click during setup
  • Doesn’t have a crinkly fabric
  • Swivels silently


Armrests provide increased comfort while hunting. However, some people find them uncomfortable or restraining. Other hunters (especially bow hunters) find that they get in the way when taking a shot.

We advise you to test out a chair with armrests to see how you feel about this feature. If you aren’t sure, look for designs with removable armrests.

Final Thoughts

There isn’t a single chair on the market that fits every hunter’s needs, so take into account your hunting habits when selecting your chair.

For instance, if you were in a ground blind where you you were helping a beginner to learn bowhunting, you may want smaller chairs without armrests so that the two of you have more room to maneuver.

We have given you our top picks for best hunting chair in every category and for every hunting situation.

Now it is your turn to pick one that will work for you and put it to good use in your blind or deer stand.

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