Theres Birds on Me ! -“How I got my 9 Pointer”

by B.R.Yanney
(Athens PA)

One year I was hunting from this permanent wood stand. Two days in a row I saw this 9 pointer pass about 50 yards away. So I put a hanging stand where I thought I saw this buck traveling.

So I’am sitting in this stand and I look down the trail at the ol’ wood stand, theres my 9 pointer sniffing the edge!

Being archery season I didn’t have a shot.

I could’ve yanked out my hair!

I tried to grunt him in, but I see him head up the hill to a bedding area. He didn’t seem interested in my calling, it was pretty early in the season so the rut really hadn’t kicked in yet.

So I am sitting there when all of a sudden I see this flock of small birds coming my way.

I think they where black and white finches but I am not sure thats what you call them.

So they ended up landing on me, I was fully camouflaged.

I had 2-3 on my bow a couple on my legs, and one on my head!

They where just singing and chirping away !

It was one of the coolest things that ever happened to me !

I really felt like I was a part of nature!

I think I even shed a tear of joy.

All of a sudden they just went silent and took off all together!

Then a few moments later this hawk came swooping by me just a few feet away!

I think I could actually hear him breaking the wind as he flew by !

I am like fly fast little birds!

They where out of sight so fast I don’t know if he got one or not!

Thats what I like about hunting, you never know what yer’ gonna see!

Anyway I never did get that 9 pointer in archery season.

I went to that old wooden’ stand the first day of rifle season, all I could think about was my little bird friends.

I look up at about 7:30 and I see my 9 pointer, I took him down with my fathers 30-06 (my dad had passed away a few years earlier).

I got out of the tree and walked up to my prize.

As I got ready to take care of him, I heard chirping and singing.

I look up in this pine tree, theres my little black and white birds!

I got a chill down my spine !

Now every time I see those little black and white birds I smile and say” Hello my friends !”

Comments for Theres Birds on Me ! -“How I got my 9 Pointer”

Nov 07, 2013 Thanks for sharing
by: Trevor This was a cool story I think it would be cool to have birds land on me.

Mar 15, 2012 Thanks Whitetail Hunter !
by: B.R.Y. Thanks for the comment ! I believe I had on leafy camo, ya know the one with actual fake little plastic leaves hanging off it. I don’t use it anymore as I got to fat to fit in it !Ha had to get some Xl real tree camo.. Thanks again I love reading all the stories and comments on this site.

Mar 14, 2012 Chirp Chirp, bye bye deer
by: Whitetail Hunter What an awesome story, birds chirping, deer shot, wow. To have birds land on you, how cool. I hunt for deer. I bet your camo must be awesome, to have birds land on you.

Feb 26, 2012 Thanks – !
by: B.R.Y. Thanks Bootheel Bucks.

Feb 24, 2012 None
by: Bootheel Bucks Awesome story! It would be amazing to be that close to nature. Always heard it was a good sign that there were deer near if lots of birds flew close to ya!

Dec 04, 2011 Hawks @ Eagles
by: B.R.Yanney I see red tailed hawks quit-a-bit. I love when they make that screetching sound! We have a nest of bald eagles across the river from my mom and step-fathers house. They have a telescope in the living room right on the nest so we can watch them coming and going. Used to see them all the time in Alaska but kinda’ rare here in PA.

Dec 01, 2011 Hawks
by: Olivia A Cool, I have never seen any of those kinds of hawks, I looked them up they were beautiful. Hawks are may favorite species of birds to watch. Here in IN we have a lot of red-tailed hawks.

Dec 01, 2011 The Hawk
by: B.R.Y. I think the hawk could’ve been a Gaus, Sharpie or maybe a Swansons hawk. It was a while ago, and he was moving pretty fast. I know he was smaller. I’am just glad he didn’t land on me. That would have been a totally different story!

Nov 30, 2011 Reply
by: Olivia Atherton O neat! I know that chickadees are known to be easily tamed…but I have tried and never could. I just can’t get over that they landed on you…totally cool!

Nov 30, 2011 P.S.-
by: B.R.Y. Did a google search for birds of PA and I think its a Chickadee. Thanks.

Nov 28, 2011 Thanks again !
by: B.R.Yanney Thanks again Olivia A. I am gonna have to get one of those bird books and look it up! You got me wondering what they are now. Waiting for ya’ to post your next story !

Nov 28, 2011 So Neat!
by: Olivia Atherton Oh My Lands! How cool…I’m such a bird lover, when I was younger I was an avid bird watcher. I have only gotten hummingbirds to land on my finger. From your description it sounds like a junco, maybe. WOW. You have the best stories…I just love reading them:) THANKS FOR SHARING!
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