Grampa is fast!

by Darren
(Seattle, Washington)

This is my favorite story my Dad used to tell us when we were out deer hunting in Eastern Washington, I was only able to hunt with my Grandfather a couple of times before he passed away.

Back in the early seventies my Dad and his Father were hunting Mule Deer in our favorite spot in Eastern Washington, a wide open hilly landscape with only tall grass and sagebrush as cover.

It was opening morning and Grandpa was sitting atop this peak as the sun was coming up watching for deer.

All of a sudden he sees a nice 4×4 buck coming up the hill toward him about 80 yards away coming straight for him, he pulls his rifle up and takes aim, due to the sagebrush and the fact that the buck is coming straight for him he decides to take a head shot since that’s all that is presented to him.

He fires and boom the deer goes down, Grandpa walks down the hill and quickly tags the nice buck and gets his knife to start gutting the big boy out, as soon as he attempts to start gutting the buck jumps up and runs off.

Next thing you know my Grandpa hears a shot ring out and down goes the big buck, my Grandpa runs up the hill after the deer and he also sees another hunter quickly walking up the hill towards the buck.

Both of them arrive at the deer and the other hunter tells my Grandpa that it’s his deer and that he shot it, my Grandpa looks at the other hunter and says yeah, but it’s got my tag on it, the other hunter looked down and saw the metal band on the buck’s antlers and said well if you’re that god damn fast you can have him.

To this day my Dad loves telling that story, apparently my Grandpa’s shot only knocked the buck out but it makes for one of our all time favorite hunting memories of him.

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Jan 31, 2012 awesome stoty
by: Mike central WA My younger brothers friend in Oregon did something similar. He shot a little forked horn buck and it wasnt quit dead, and he was fresh out out of the army airborn rangers, and decided to just kill it with his bare hands. Well the little buck trashed and kicked the crap out of him, slicing his shins and beat the tar out of him on the ground before he finally backed away and did the human thing and dispatched the young buck. Bucks don’t give a crap about macho.

Nov 24, 2011 Told this story !
by: B.R. Yanney Told this story at Thanksgiving dinner. Laughs all the way around. My cousin said he ran up to his first doe and just as he reached her she jumped up. Her head hit him in the face and blackened his eye and busted his lip! She ran about 20 yards and fell over dead.He never told me that one. Thanks again!

Nov 21, 2011 Funny !
by: Brr Black When my father was 14 he walked up to a deer he just shot with a 22, illegally. As he pulled out his knife the doe jumped up, he grabbed on to her with his left arm around her neck and stabbed her to death with his right. She was kicking him around like a bucking broncho. Kinda dark story, but his parents where dirt floor poor and alcoholics.His parents were on a bender and spent all there money on booze. As he hadnt eaten’ for 3 days he needed to put food on the table for his younger brothers and sister. When my Father told me this story he started to cry. He made sure we never wanted for anything, God rest his soul !

Nov 20, 2011 Now Thats A Deer Story !
by: B.R.Y. That may be the best hunting story I have ever read. Oh my god I laughed until I choked up ! Thank you, and God bless your Dad and Grandpa.I hope you dont mind if I tell other people that story. I’ll tell them Its from Darren from Washington! Thanks again you made my day !!!

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